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Hi! I'm going on vacation to London, not sure if next week or next month, I'm just planning.

So I decided to check some forums to know how is all going there, maybe I have some time to do some vacational work ;) 

I found this one and I like it. I dont know if I'm writing on the right place, I just say: Hello! My name is Lana, I am a Catalan escort from Barcelona, and I'm happy to meet you :) 

I'm not sure if I can do some publicity here, I've read the Guidelines, but my English is not so so good. So I will not post my web just in case.

Here in Spain I do outcalls in Hotel Rooms by hours, but there in London I dont have any idea about Love Hotels. Any recomendation?

Thank you so much!


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Hola Lana,

Es un poco complejo pero es mejor que buscas a www.**. Es el sitio lo mas popular por chicas y no es muy caro.

Si quieres mas information, mandame un mensaje aquí.


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