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Hi all. I'm looking for recommendations for tie and tease anywhere in the south east or London. I'd also travel further afield if sufficiently motivated :)

I want to be tied spreadeagle, then stroked off very slowly and teased with a vibrator, lots and lots of merciless edging, maybe some prostate massage in there too, and finally be made to cum really, really hard. No sex or oral required. All hand, vibe and other, um, props. :)

I prefer young, slim, toned, petite women with a confident, lively, naughty personality.

Can anyone recommend ladies who can do this really well?

I've searched the FRs but not found anything recent that appeals. And, If Hod/Annabellas etc see this, I'd love to have recommendations from you.


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Look up rose wood she might be right up your street 

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