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I don't have much time left (because am getting married soon), so I thought to go on this venture of punting - with a challenge. Finding authentic Koreans who speak fluent Korean. I have read many forum posts about the challenge of finding Koreans. The last updated field reports date back to 2014. Nowadays field reports of trying to find Koreans result in B&S scams.

Am pretty new to this punting-business but here's what I learnt so far from experience.

Fake agency websites:

  • if they show pictures that look like models
  • if they blur the faces

(I'll screenshot and insert example pictures later)
I was convinced to avoid these "doll" to-good-to-be-true websites and advised to try independents.

So searching for independents led me to trying these:

However, a lot of them again are scams. If they are titled "NEW" or use fancy ASCII art. Some are believable since some use "non-model" photos, and claim to be "independent". However even though they claim they're independent, it's an agent setup B&S scam. 

(I will post screenshots of my text messages I had which made me believe and fell for :(   )


I tried messaging past forum posters about whether they had successes and a lot of them "gave up".

So am hoping this post will encourage and keep people trying to find these hard to find escorts.



In my last 2 weeks I have left I will visit/try more places and report back with field reports. I can speak fluent Korean.


Please post your experiences - more to follow.

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