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lap dance clubs on bbc news

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ok, i`ll only say this once, and i`ll find it strange saying it, but hurrah for peter stringfellow!!!

followed by this....

if stourbridge has more lap dancing clubs than coffee shops, surely it`s the fault of the councillors which makes stringfellows point....

but hey, why use already existing laws when you can waste more time and money making up new ones to generate even more money in fines and stealth taxation? woo hoo!!! if only i`d thought of this scam!! i`d be stinking rich, living in whitehall and wondering why everyone fucking hated me.

if scotland becomes an independant state, will gordon "emigrate" there and leave us with the £1 trillion debt he amassed for us?? just a thought....

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I am new to this forum, all the stuff about these new laws seems to be unheard of by the WGs (as it were) out in the field.

I have had a run of punts all with multi-girl parlours and NONE of them have any idea the new law will affect them.

Only one girl said she "knew all about the new laws" and her take on it was that foreign girls are to be made illegal.

Seeing as this law exists elsewhere in europe no reason for it not to sweep in here especially with the media presenting all WG's as being trafficked.

Anyway apart from the WGs who post here DO ANY WGs know about the forthcoming changes in the law ?

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