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working girl(s) view on this?

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Just wanted to check opinions,  I guess from working girls.

My background is I originally started seeing working girls in soho, I have enjoyed many amazing companies, the number is a little high and I am now entering into my 40's so I guess I am trying to slow down a little.

So as you do I started disliking the brashness of soho and started going to shepherds market, I used to like Lulu but every time I tried to see her I got a blank for some reason I had a big thing about going down on her and face sitting and I think eventually she had enough of my over the top attention but any way, I next found a lovely thai type girl in sheperds market, I think her name was kate or some thing, again too much telling her how pretty she was and playing her Julio Iglesias whilst getting ready once didn't go down well? what ever.

I have a large positive feedback now on adult work and with the right girls I normally like to give a nice massage of them actually before leaving and try to leave making the girl feeling as nice as I do. Sexually I am pretty undemanding only really liking face sitting as my fetish.

Ok any way I am elaborating un-necessarily here but basically I'm a normal office worker dude that has kept himself single for maybe too long but I am happy with my own company and living out my days.

Ok so I don't want to give too much detail for obvious reasons but since I am quite found of adult work now I am a little lazy about traveling, my first punt was post a Friday cyber session with a girl in Paddington, and I went down to see her of a Saturday morning and from there I have seen many girls via cam and around 6 girls in person including multiple visits all with positive feedback.

I normally search for proximity 1, and my post code, say n4, I did this and found many independent girls a stones throw away. two are quite close, like under 8minutes from leaving my door..

My most recent punt I called, got told to go to say Finsbury park, went out on the way took out my phone and  found the normal text of the post code girls will send once, only issue is it was my post code which I didn't notice at the time, same house/block etc

I was more than in the mood and found one of the girls extremely attractive, black hair not kirsty gallacher but this kind of look and the others were fine. I ended up with another girl that took the lead I guess she was in the mood she was def hot in the right place.

The visit was excellent, the sex was amazing, but they are on top of my home lol, like if I was to take a tennis ball and throw it and it was to pass down through the wall it would take 0.15seconds to enter their front room.

This is awkward as

1- I definitely want to go back to bang this super fine looking girl that my DNA is nuts about the look of her.
2- I don't want there to be any concern  like wtf is this guy doing living above us is some thing going on?

I guess my main concern is if I bump into one of them because I am laterally with in aura space here lol, crazy.
I was also thinking should they be so close to me because one of the working girls I saw near by which I told my rough location mentioned there are johns in that block?

When I am next in the mood coupled with  red wine since they show available 24/. its going to be hard to stay away from the honey pot but post honey pot I have to go 10 feet if that away from them on the other side of a wall, at this time I have to guess they don't know I am here but who knows women are intuitive.

This is going to make it difficult to masturbate also because I know there are fit girls so close at £40-15min /£60-30min

My home is basically a study / games pad for an overly found of computers guy.

As a working girl, would  your preference be the guy does not visit again ?

I would hope that most working girls have people to take care of them if some morons don't treat with respect. I don't want some one asking me wtf am I doing and need to get an answer out of me, I have been here for four years.

Ok thanks, I guess I could just make a out call booking to the black haired girl and give my address lol  :-)

Any one gone for a punt and been given pretty much their own address?

















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And I thought that I over thought this hobby!

Of course they know that there are "Johns" within a stone's throw - it's London - and why should it bother either them or you?

If it makes you uncomfortable, look elsewhere. there are probably hundreds of escorts within a mile of you!

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are you the one that used to drink too much coffee? and ride your bike to punts?

You should perhaps be concerned that somebody may see where you go and then they know that you are a punter? maybe one of your neighbours... but if you don't care about that then just respect the girls right to anonymity if you pass them in the street or on the stairs or whatever...

also like you say... temptation can be expensive.

sheperds market... thai girl julie... was this recently? is that thai walk up still open? what's she like and what days does she work? thanks.

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Hi ralhar hows it going I hope you are doing good.

She was super fine I really liked the look of her, her name was not kate but it had katie on the door but her name was Lucy or some thing, its the walk up with two floors (1st with all the girl pictures and lights) between the restaurants nearest the pubs at the bottom, so left through that walk way bit with the telephone box. Sort of looked like jessica Bangkok, I love that kind of look, she was a beast I really liked her, again I made the mistake of going there burnt out after work and yes again on triple or more espresso coffee, I felt a little weak afterward and the last time I saw her she was looking into the mirror and I know she was like what is wrong with this guy. She was really nice thou I miss being able to see her, she reminded me of lulu which is a compliment because this girl was fine and had a wonderful personality, bubbly, more than able to talk for her self and really great sex.

About these girls, I feel like a mouse been put in a new maze or some thing. I took some time out this evening to go work out skip a little and my thoughts are it is not nice to go back there even with best intentions we both have to live here and its a lot simpler to head out at least 8 minutes way.

Such a shame thou because this black haired girl is so nice, I really like the look of her she is sweet as any thing
Any one know any insatiable, thai/  jessica Bangkok looking girls 80£30mins in central ?








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yeah not bad thanks for your reply...

no the thai scene is really bad (last time I checked anyway)... I don't think you will find for that money... even at £100 you will struggle... check the relevant threads for up to date info... there girls aren't coming here like they used to...

I know the walk up you mean at shepherd market and saw a jessica bankok type there a couple of years back on a friday... didnt catch her name...

is that room still open? when were you last there?

personally I would steer clear of any whore houses that somebody I know might see me visit...


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85 minutes ago :-) because of this question, home now.

not sure if its the same girl I saw before little confused tbh

pretty. it kind of looks like her, but if it is, she has changed a lot and not relaxed, super on edge and took some convincing I just wanted to lick her out nicely after working down her legs, massage and make her feel nice, she was quite hot thou and gave a nice blow job and the TV changed from a documentary channel to porn with out any human intervention?

She was complaining about being two tight down there when the girl I saw there before was a lot more confident and sexually able.

I like all thai girls so far to date I really do. They are all very nice, today is the first time a girl complained about the size but then I actually believed her because of her kitchen size. I expect the typical oh its too big and jokes but then its fine, today not so, she was tiny, half in and she was filled up.

I like that walk up, its a tidy not scummy place. I also very much liked the Brazilian girl to the right walk up when you walk through that arch thing down into that shepards off the zebra. She had a lovely body and personality (black hair), almost wanted to make her a gf but that's super against the rules of punting imo. I went back there once and she was almost angry at me for not coming for so long, she was like wtf were have you been I had been going to other places just due to convenience.


what are you up to ralhar, I turned 40 in dec and was considering to go to a sex party to be with more than one girl at a time as I have not done that, I was going through a short to do list pre 40 including telling several girls form my past my true feelings for them, one returned the message (6months later lol) and had a date to catch up.

I was with a girl and a black male friend once which was kind of hot but he was dangerous in his sexual practises tbh, ie lets bed as many women bare as possible, I defiantly don't want to be around people like that, I see girls on adult work stating if you are clean bare back is fine etc... wtf.. crazy. one thing is girls that do bare for several years or months then remove that option after what ever... ideally all adult work girls should get free tests or some thing, it would be nice for adult work to have a feature in which girls that don't offer bb and get regular safety check ups can be filtered by.

Clean safe fun for all is important, and lots of respect for working girls, goal should be the girl is asking if you have a gf :-)

"personally I would steer clear of any whore houses that somebody I know might see me visit... "

My work place had a dinner event to the right of shepherds before I even knew it was there.

I went for a punt some time back there, and that pub down under that first arch that people stand along had keith Sutherland taking a free cigarette from a fellow drinker, he looked worn.

have to stop punting at some point and settle down












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Well thanks for confirming that walk up is still open... quite courageous how you went down there, much appreciated.

I think in the week they have some nice girls but they had an older women there saturday and sunday for a long time and she wasnt my type at all...  so I stopped checking the place out... you know when you keep finding the same women and walking out... it gets fucking awkward...

Yes Elena the brazilian is a nice girl, good punt too. She's still there there I saw her a few weeks back. Her days are Monday through to Wednesday... go and see her sometime... we need those walk ups to stay open...

no parties for me...

I run a mile from bare back girls or even the hint of bare back... don't use adultwork much... mainly use walk ups...

I am in my 40's and slowing my punting down because its not as exciting or accessible as it was back in the 90's when I started... back then there would be at 20 girls working out of walk ups in shepherd market and maybe 3 times that in soho... also lots of phone box fun and brothels etc

keep drinking that coffee geezer... thanks for the updates.

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