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I know Riga is still popular with Brits so thought I would share with you my recent trip experiences to Riga in Latvia.

Mongering Riga Review
Flew from London Gatwick to Riga Latvia direct one way with Baltic Air flight time 3 hours cost under 100 euros.  Booked an apartment in the center of old city Riga through AirBnd 7 nights 250 euros.  Done quite a bit of research on Riga mostly negative reviews today
Check out my mongering map of Riga.

Radisson Blu Sky Bar
First evening hit the skybar in the Radisson Blu, was a week night, but very busy, no where to sit, but mostly old tourist couples, no freelancers to be seen

Victory Strip Club
Just up the road from the Radisson Blu is the Victory strip club so gave it a try.  15 euro entrance fee and a beer costs 5 euros.  Some really nice looking girls inside Victory from Ukraine, Latvian Russians even a black girl from Kenya.  The girls take it turns to to dance on the pole, some go topless some dont strip at all.  If they go topless they expect a tip, I slipped a couple of girls a 5 euro note.  The Ukrainian girl was gorgeous, 21 yo blonde with perfect body and was coming on friendly with me.  So took her for a private dance for 15 minutes costing 60 euros.  She stripped naked and not mind me touching, I kissed and sucked on her tits and erect nipples for a bit and she not mind me stroking her Brazilian hairline pussy, she would rub her legs into my erection but that was it.  Left the Victory 100 euros down and my balls a little heavier.

Kalku Iela(street)
Kalku is the main tourist drag in Riga.  A beer in a bar here will set you back 5 euros whereas a bar off a street near the Radisson Blu will be 2 euros, a bottle out of the supermarket 1 euro.  Its along Kalku some scams are still running, two young girls come up to me late at night along kalku and wanted to go for a drink.  This is a scam! go with them at your peril.  There were a few guys handing out flyers - most notably at the time - Blow Bar but I have read this is one to avoid.

LABI Erotic Massage
The next day I head straight for LABI erotic massage, the one on A.Kalnina iela 98.  

The reception gives you a menu of services and photos of girls working - there being two on today and one looked nice.  an erotic massage for 1 hour costs 60 euros and includes handjob. So I went for it and chose the blonde.  She looked every bit as good in person and gave a lovely topless massage and happy ending.   She wanted another 30 euros if I wanted to touch her, so passed on that.  I tried the other two LABI sex shops around Riga but the girls were fat old and ugly. I mean even their photo shopped images looked bad.  There is another erotic massage chain plastered all over the internet called Lalami but visited the addresses of these places but seems they have long gone.   I also visited Indigo AKA Barbaris, more like a brothel inside, 5 girls more mature pro looking so passed.

Friends Nightclub - Russian MILFS
One night I tried the nightclub in the basement of the Radisson Blu called Friends, its free entry, over 25s and not really get lively until midnight.  Around then you will notice some single women, mostly Russian MILF freelancers and you have to break the ice with them.  I started chatting to one stood beside me a Russian Latvian aged 32 cute blonde with big implants.  Initially she wanted 300 euros but dropped to 150 with some persuasion, dont think could have gone below this. Local taxi journey was 5 euros and back in the apartment she gave good service without any problems.

That was my experience mongering in Riga, not great, not terrible.  Where you can pick up the sexy young girls?  I not find any, there used to be nightclubs like Essential and Scandal but seems these have long shut down. If you are in Riga during the summer there are some nice beaches nearby to relax like Jurmala which is a 30 minute train ride and only 2.50 euro fare.

Riga is probably still good for a stag weekend, the old town is good for a pub crawl, visit to a strip club etc but hardcore mongers I think are going to be hard pressed. I not bother ringing around any escort sites, its not like Poland here.



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