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The ECP open day in the house of commons on Tuesday

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I have seen very little publicity in the papers about the meeting organised by the ECP in the house of parliament.

At last here is an article from a local paper.

Two supportive MPs are named in the article.

Annette Brooke, Liberal Democrat MP for Mid-Dorset and North Poole, said similar legislation had not worked in Finland.

"I have visited Moldova to look at the whole issue of children being trafficked for the sex industry.

"I think it is an appalling crime," she said.

"However, I have great reservations about this legislation.

"I will support anything that cuts back human trafficking but I think we have got to scrutinise this very closely."

Christchurch's Conservative MP Chris Chope said: "The home secretary seems to want to outlaw the oldest profession in the world."

He added: "The actual problem they want to address, the problem of trafficked women, it's not going to deal with that at all."

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