Seeking adivce for a short trip in Ger to visit a FKK

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First time here.

I'm french and not fluent in english, hope i still be understood :)

I'm seeking for some help to plan a short trip in germany to visit a FKK for the first time.

For what i read, Frankfort seem to be the best choice for the landing town.

My issue is that i can't drive, and i dont wish to use cab, it's maybe stupid but i'm concern by my privacy, so i need to find the easy FKK to go in public transport, like train or tube.

Ideally a FKK that you think is a good one :P


My goal is to do a trip for 2night-2days certainly in the middle of the week,

First night : arrive at the airport in the evening, check in the hotel, maybe visit the town by night, a good sleep to be ready for the fkk the next day.

First day:

  • In the morning, check the public transport for the fkk, buy tickets, little visit of town, etc. Eat something for lunch.
  • Afternoon (depending of the opening hour of the FKK): travel to FKK and enoy some good time
  • Evening: Depart from the FKK around 10-11pm to go back to my hotel.

2nd night: a good sleep to recover of this nice day in pleasant company :P

Last day: fly back to home


I'm not affray to walk a little, so it's ok if i need to walk from the train/tube station to the FKK.


Please let me know some of your advice for the FKK, transport, town part for the hotel etc.

Maybe frankfort is not the best option, if you think it could be easier with another town, please advice :)

Thank you for your help.

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No idea why privacy is an issue using a cab but anyway, relying on public transport reduces your options quite a lot as many of the clubs are in the sticks and won't realistically be accessible. You'll be able to see which ones are in the cities and get directions with this Google map

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