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Did your first punt change your outlook

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My first punt, sorry no money changed hands directly and it was in Japan in 1968 changed how I view pay for sex.

I have only punted once in the UK, this was last year and it was ok but I think my experiences overseas make me prefer to meet girls in a bar and take the one I get on with to my room. Looking at photos and reading FR's is not the same.

Anway to explain the first line I was quite inexperienced and Japan in 68 was more like Bangkok now, lots of small bars with girls who made money from the drinks you bought. I did not go out with the intention of having sex. Anyway met a girl, bought her a few drinks, only enough left for a taxi and she suggests a hotel, I say sorry no cash so she takes me to a hotel, fantastic sex, next morning takes me to a international hotel to buy me english breakfast and pays the taxi driver to take me back to the ship. it was technically a punt because I spent my money buying her drinks.

Ok I know this was a one off but it gave me a wonderfull intro to working girls.

Almost similar happened the next year in 69 when after buying another girl in another town in Japan drinks I only had enough for the hotel but again she took me by the hand. Sorry but nothing like that in Japan now, all closed.

I went home and married and did not go looking until falling by the wayside in 88 in Brazil, again not looking for sex but good music dancing and beer with a good looking woman my will power gave out.

I have only started looking for sex in the last few years when I am in places where the girls are available in bars and hotels so you can talk to them and see if you click.

Just found out I will have one night in Dubai at the end of Feb and I know which club I will go to, anticipation just starting to build.

Anyway would anyone else prefer to pick up the girls in a nightclub type atmosphere if it were allowed in the UK and would any working girls consider that type of pick up?


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