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Board Rules - read before posting

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This board is exclusively for use by service providers (ladies and establishments) to warn others about dangerous punters. Please follow these rules when posting:

1) This is only to report genuinely dangerous punters - not to complain about timewasters, no-shows, or other relatively harmless idiots.

2) When posting a punter's details, the last two characters of their phone number, car reg, etc. should be replaced with **. Also, no full names should be posted.

3) Do not post any replies to messages unless you have personally had an experience with the same punter.

4) Every message here should contain valuable, new information for the safety of other ladies. This is not a board on which to have conversations.

Because of the sensitive nature of the information being posted here, all postings will be moderated.

These rules are subject to change as the board evolves. Comments and suggestions are welcome, but NOT on the board itself.

Other sites are welcome to use the RSS feed of this board. This is the URL to use:

It is recommended that warnings about dangerous clients also be posted on SAAFE (Support And Advice For Escorts) - the more places this information appears the better.

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