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Laura MacKenzie

Potentially dangerous client.

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** member 'blackmamber69' number 0795****202, young (early twenties I'd say) black male.

Nice on the phone, OKish when he first arrived, although stood on the phone for about 10 minutes and had rather a bit of self importance about him.

Onto the action, kept holding my head and trying to face fuck me, took a bit of strength to pull away. Should have ended it there. Moved onto a level, where he kept telling me 'that's enough, I don't like a lot of lube, that's plenty', thrust in very quickly, obviously causing me a fair bit of pain.

Would not stop when asked, kept going and as I was trying to pull forward away from him coming more forward. Telling me I'm perfectly fine and to 'relax'. Pull away more, neeearly there I think, when he comes down on top of me and I can't move.

At this point I, obviously, got very angry and after a minute he stopped.

Trying to catch my breath and, guess what? He's got the lube out telling me that 'it's fine, i've been in now, it won't hurt anymore'.

Obviously i terminated the meeting there but have been rather freaked by this incident.

Please beware of this man, I think my anger shocked him into stopping, who knows if he would have otherwise.

And please, please, please always listen to your instincts. I was going to terminate the booking at early stages and didn't, stupidly.

Take care girls.



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