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My Ideal Identikit Punt

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On a long boring journey home from a punt I got to wondering, of the various ladies I've seen, what each might contribute to my 'ideal' punt, i.e. if I could combione the best features of each of them into one girl. I know most gents would include other aspects of service, but I've covered the ones that matter to me.

Prettiest girl: Not straightforward as I tend to go for girls-next-door rather than Miss World candidates, but it would be Liverpool Lucy, who also winse sexiest voice. A cute elphin blonde with a cheeky grin and a sweet Scouse accent.

General body shape: Our very own Ladyofthemansion, plenty to get hold of bt not super-size. Just a pity she won't let you get hold of most of it! (I immediately apologise for the 'super-size' comment to BBWClaire, who I've never met but who looks lovely, and other ladies of similar charms. It's honestly not meant as an insult, give me big over small anytime, but it's just a case of diff'rent strokes for diff'rent blokes.)

Boobs: No name here, but it brings back bad memories of my last trip to London. Shame - nipples like thumbs.

Bum: A lot of nice ones, but Geri from Glasgow probably just gets it.

Pussy: A mature not-quite-full-service masseuse called Lily in London. Attractive to look at (despite being shaved, but then most are now) and very enjoyable to experience.

Legs: In aesthetic terms Geri had the most shapely legs, no question, but I'm going for Nel from Edinburgh - a lovely big pair of thighs to warm your cheeks!

Massage: The punts I enjoy are pretty much an excellent massage with extras. Although the extras in her case are limited to naturism, polite touching and a happy ending the winner here just has to be Jenny from London. She's the best. End of conversation.

Kisser: Lily again. I could suck on her tongue for hours.

O Levels: Susie in Aberdeen. Lots of attention to detail and CIM.

Company: A different Sue, from Glasgow. Born almost the same day as me, a nice, fun lady with a good line in chat.

Intelligence: Sandie from Birmingham. Yet another mature (see a pattern here?), a very smart lady who's travelled the world in her past life.

Value for Money: Lily again. A ridiculous £100 for two hours of bath, professional table massage and lots of on-bed services.

My all round favourite? I haven't found her yet, but bloody hell I'm having fun looking! :)

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