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Scary Basingstoke `Richard'

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I have had the misfortune of being booked by him off a.w and I know he travels to see girls for incalls to London.

He is forcefull, dominant (against your will) and like to humiliate and force hard sports on wg's. I know this because of a near-miss I had with him myself, then his own confesssion that he likes to force hard-sports in the mouths of w.g's, and that he has been sectioned under the Mental Health Act on a few occasions in his life.

He also stalks celebrities at least via letters as he told me. He thinks he is some great singer/musician and may sing badly in front of you.

He lives in a fairly plush and modern flat in Basingstoke centre, close to the train station. He i stall, lanky, in his early 40's an dhas thinning, almost-shoulder-length brown hair. He has a soft, subtle Bristol/West Country accent. He may be fairly `normal' at first to test you, then try the nasty stuff on in subsequent meetings once has gained your trust.

His number ends in ....891, PM for ful number.

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