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Violent assault Northern England:

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This info has come to our attention, and is being posted on behalf of the WG concerned with her knowledge and consent.

The incident described occurred some time ago (3 years plus), but given the seriousness of what happened, the information may well still have current value.

What is described happened in the North of England, and regrettably there is no phone number available. There is however a good physical description, so please read this and take note.

The person concerned was 5ft 8" to 5ft 10" in height, full head of grey hair, full grey beard at the time, short, thick, trimmed neatly, like your friendly grandfather look. He booked under the name of Ian, wore glasses and was in his mid to late 50's at the time.

The client/offender was seeking a "very submissive girl", but what followed went way beyond that, and was done without consent.

A brief description follows:

On entering the room he proceeded to grab me by the throat, he threw me to the bed, overpowering me. He twisted me onto my back, then pushed me face down into a pillow and sat on my shoulders, barely allowing me to raise my head to breathe, let alone scream.

He then produced a crop/cane and brought it down in hard blows all over my back and bottom. I have no idea how, but at some point he overbalanced and I managed to throw him off. He told me to 'obey' and went to whip me again. I caught the device, breaking a finger in the process but that was my least concern. I told him to get out or I would call the police. He did leave, but left a bag beside my bed; inside this were ropes and another cane.


It took the WG quite a few weeks to recover from the physical injuries, and she was understandably unable to work throughout that time. Even now she still gets bad dreams due to this traumatic experience.

If anyone has experienced anything similar with this client, please PM me as it may be possible to share additional info.

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