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Stalker in Bristol

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I was contacted by a guy who had got my number from a "friend" he made a booking with me and we sorted the arrangements.

An hour before the meeting he called me over 7 times asking many different questions, sounding rude and very much "up his on arse". He claimed he was unlike the others etc etc.

I am sure you have heard it all before girls!

He claimed he was a boxer, he doesn't get out much and he needed a friend.

I have to say I got nervous then and went with my gut instinct, I canceled after he asked if it was ok to put our booking on a tab. But it was too late as I had given him my postcode and name of apartments. Luckily not my flat number!

He sounded quite young, well spoken, articulate and very confident.

He said his name was Shane.

Anyway I canceled and he threatened to leave me negative feedback for wasting his time so I agreed with him I would meet with him on a non work level (yes, I know!) but would contact him when I was free.

The next day I was bombarded with texts, emails and phone calls. He even made a phoney booking on the other site to leave me negative feedback.

I contacted him and asked him what was going on....he replied with...I am outside your block of flats, I just saw you with a neighbour.

I turned my phone off and blocked his emails. Maybe he was harmless, but I was scared.

He is a very good liar and manipulator. Don't fall for his emotional blackmail. He emailed me with a story about how he had an accident on his neck and now see's life differently. He now wants kids, marriage and a home with a girl. Shane also stated that if we ever got together he wouldn't mind me working.

Anyway sorry for all the detail. Thought it might come in handy.

Here is the number he used the most 07*72345510 but he also used 2 other phone which he said were work phones.

I'm not the only girl who has been bothered by him. Stay aware girls.

x x x x April Mai x x x x

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