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strange starts

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just wondered what strange starts to a punt or punting arrangements had been made

I once got into conversation with a woman who was standing by the door in a DIY place , she was drumming up feeds for a product and had all the stuff by her plus literature etc

Its was midweek on a very quiet afternoon in there, I had spoken to her the day before making it clear I wasnt interested in the product but her by means of eye contact etc, and she seemed very personable and made mention she was un attached and finding it hard to get jobs and look after her child etc etc.

She was late 20's cracking figure but a bit plain and frankly sounded a tad common (dont you know) which turns me on

Anyway next day I went back in there and after a further conversation that gave me the confidence to ask, I asked her outright if she could get away to come round my house and see if the 'product' would be suitable for my place and said I would pay her expenses.

She immediatly said cash in hand then ? I said yes and what about two hours? and we fixed it there and then.

Anyway she said can you come back at 2:30, I went back and she was waiting outside smoking a fag, she got straight in the car we went back to mine and I had 2 hrs for 180 it was a briiliant session.

She claimed never to have been a WG but her manner and so on suggested to me she obviously had probably in the manner I got her services.

I took her back afterwards to the store and she just went back into the work she had been doing ie asking exiting customers had they got XYZ and did they want a leaflet etc

Incidentally I gave her my mobile number and she rang me a week later suggesting I go collect her from where she lived which was 50 miles from mine, for a re-run, I said while I was keen a round trip of 100 miles was not what I wanted.

Thats was it , so it was a one off

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