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worth a complaint to IPCC??

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Complaint to press complaints commission - sorry for the typo in the header

discussed on another thread, but I would like to suggest everybody writes to the PCC challenging the article on point one of the code which governs accuracy

1)Exploitation is defined by the hooker herself and can be the fact she was made to work in cramped conditions or cheated out of wages, meaning thousands of men across Britain face the shame of appearing before local JPs.

The new offence clearly state that exploitation is "Force, Threats (whether or not relating to violence), deception or other form or coercion".....cramped conditions are not covered in any possible way.

2)The legislation effectively closes a loophole where men could freely visit a brothel for sex but were arrested if they picked up a hooker on a street corner.

No it doesn't. The offence does not criminalise anyone who visits a brothel. In fact brothels are not mentioned or even hinted at in clause 14. The offence is paying a woman who is being "forced, threatened etc."(as above). Visiting a brothel where the woman is not forced or threatened or deceived or coerced into being there is perfectly legal.

3)Detective Inspector Kevin Hyland, of the Met's Club and Vice Squad, said: "Previously men who paid for sex in brothels were able to get off scot-free unlike kerb-crawlers.

"These raids are a warning to them.

"Men who visit brothels and pay for sex are exploiting vulnerable woman and plying a trade of abuse. The new legislation means that people who pay for sex in brothels can be arrested and appear before the courts."

This quote is possibly accurate in that that is what the pillock said, however the content is misleading for the same reasons given in points 1 and 2.

The above is a link to clause 14 of the policing and crime act which should also be supplied in your complaint so that the IPCC can see for themselves.

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