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Dr Belinda Brooks Gordon who is brilliant at lobbying for our rights has aksed that the following be circulated. I have cut part of it because some of her message is aimed at IUSW lobbying. This is the time that we need everyone involved in the industry to write to MPs and to the government. The next few weeks are critical.

Note if the female escorts could write to female conservative members of parliament it would be particularly useful. Avoid the labour anti brigade like H H etc it is pointless.

Also email individual MPs and the Lords now with information. Keep your information short and strong - don't make it an academic treatise. The ones submitted for the so-called HO consultation were perfect in length and tone. They can be stronger now because it is not going directly to government but to opposition parties as well. Those who are theorists can state how the provisions are wrong in principle, Empiricists can illustrate how research shows that the provisions would be dangerous and counter-productive, and those in the industry can state how these provisions would affect you, and your life, your liberty, freedom to associate, and your safety.

On the Scrutiny Committee for Lib Dems will be Evan Harris and Tom Brake. I spoke to Chris Huhne and Evan Harris about it last Saturday as well as David Howarth, and as you will have seen on TV's coverage on parliamentary channel Chris made it clear that they would fight it.

We have worked hard with the Tories since their conference in Birmingham and I had heard at Portcullis House last monday night that the were likely to fight these clauses and they were true to that in Tuesday's debate, speaking of their intention to oppose it. However, I know they are getting opposition from backbench Conservative women (who are furious they are being asked to support 'women selling themselves'). I will know more on this later this week when I speak to Theresa May's team.

On Thurs night I am speaking to a transgender group to explain why they should oppose the Bill (some are shakey on this) - it was one thing for them doing the anti-Bindel nomination demo at the Stonewall awards but sex work is another issue for them so am working on this. There were good links built up over the demo so will keep you posted as to where they are on this. If anyone wants to come along they are welcome.

To those outside London, although there is little output on this list there is masses of activity going on down here but it is happening in meeting rooms, face-to-face and on the phones. And takes up so much time there is not much time to send out big full emails of things happening, but thanks to everyone keeping me informed of their lobbying meetings in texts, and phone calls.

I've set up a Facebook account and adding people so I can send out rebuttals on erroneous reporting/ MPs speeches that go straight into MPs and some media inboxes. For those with the time to do this, it is a good thing that can be done from outside London. If Suzanne wants to set up an Facebook group on defeating this Bill (or even pushing it to a free vote) that would be good.

To recap sending evidence to Scrutiny Committee:

Send to Chris Huhne, David Howarth, Evan Harris, Tom Brake (important to send to the Whips' Office:, Chris Grayling, Dominic Grieve, Damien Green, David Davis, and Theresa May (plus Tory Whips Office very important). Send also to John McDonnell, Brian Iddon, and Lynne Jones. The email sent out last year with all the names of sympathetic members of parliament has useful addresses on it, but just use your common sense. For example, I personally think that it might be worth lobbying Peter Mandelson (he knows, following his relationship with Reinaldo Avila da Silva, that all migrant sex workers aren't trafficked) so may be amenable that all sw should not be punished on erroneous belief that punishing sex workers helps trafficking victims. If Peter sees some of the opposition to this Bill he is one of the ministers powerful enough to talk PM into a deal/dropping clauses. Also, although Chris Bryant has declined to speak out about this when he was HH's PPS (let's face it I tried), now he has a cabinet post he might feel able to speak a bit more on these issues now - those in harm reduction could point out the impact of these provisions on HIV reduction as Chris is sincere about that). Anthony Steen good on Tuesday (quite Cicero thought) so definitely send to him. And so on. Obviously send to your own MP.

Don't bother with Denis McShane or Fiona McTaggart (it will only get used against you). What did Fiona look like in her fluffy red cardi with that drippy cat brooch? It looked like pigeon droppings on her shoulder (said my partner a vet and cat lover) and did not make her ranting seem more reasoned. Do not waste time sending to anyone in gov. that you have tried with before and failed unless they are your own MP.



ps because I haven't got a proper database list sorted please forward this onto anyone who interested in lobbying against the Bill.

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