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CCAT Petition - Policing and Crime Bill

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I subscribe to the enemy - CCAT, who are lobbying amongst other things to criminalise men seeing wgs.

I just thought that I would forward on their mailing and encourage whoever wishes to the names at the bottom of their newletter.

"Next week, a House of Commons Committee will be voting on the new prostitution clauses of the Policing and Crime Bill.

Proposed new law

The Bill introduces three main amendments in regards to prostitution:

The Government will outlaw paying for sex with someone controlled for another person’s gain. This is aimed at protecting vulnerable individuals, for example those who have been trafficked or exploited in some other way. (Clause 13)

A change in law relating to kerb crawling, removing the need to prove that a person has acted persistently. This will ensure that kerb-crawlers can be prosecuted on a first offence.

New powers to close premises associated with exploitative prostitution - allowing police to close brothels for a period of three months. At the moment, police can only close premises associated with prostitution if anti-social behaviour or Class A drugs are involved.

The reform set out in Clause 13, signifies an important step towards social justice and gender equality in Britain. Clause 13 is the only opportunity currently available to address demand for prostitution, which perpetuates wide-ranging social harm, notably by contributing to the trafficking of women and girls into sexual exploitation within the UK. In addition to this clause, it is vital that the Government provides adequate resources to help people exit prostitution.

Your help is needed

Unfortunately there is much opposition to Clause 13 and there is an urgent need for projects and charities which support the proposal to write to members of the Commons Policing and Crime Bill Committee, who will be voting on the Bill next week.

Please consider writing to or emailing one or more members on the Committee:

Members: Mr Ian Austin, Dr Roberta Blackman-Woods, James Brokenshire, Mr Simon Burns, Mr Ian Cawsey, Mrs Nadine Dorries, Jim Fitzpatrick, Dr Evan Harris, Paul Holmes, Ms Sally Keeble, Miss Julie Kirkbride, Mr David Ruffley, Lynda Waltho and Phil Wilson.

All members can be reached at The House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA. Please ask the member to support Clause 13 and also mention the need for resources for projects which help people exit prostitution.

To email your own MP about this issue please visit

To view the Policing and Crime Bill please click on the following link


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its good to see that someone has infiltrated this group,if i lived in croyden i'd do the same and attend meetings! ive emailed this religious group to ask advice about setting up -croyden community against paedophile priests! wonder if i'll get a reply? !!

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Just got another newsletter encouraging readers to vote on the petition for clause 13 (criminalising men). So far there are 500 names. At a quick glance, there was only 10 guys names entered.

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