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Beautiful Belle

New name!!!

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When I first joined this lovely little corner of the internet, I accidentally caused a little confusion. I really didn't mean to, but a few people got me confused with the lovely Brooke Magnanti/Belle du Jour.

While it was very flattering to be confused with such an august personage, I'm not her and have never pretended to be!! As a Blackpool-based BBW it would actually be somewhat detrimental to my image as people would definitely have the wrong end of the stick in terms of physicality if they booked in with me thinking of BdJ!

Someone thoughtfully suggested I change my name on here to avoid any such confusion and I have taken them up on that suggestion, changing my name on here to that which I use in a couple of other places on the internet.

Sorry to cause any further confusion - it's still me, I'm not her and I still waffle on just as much as usual. Many thanks to Galahad for sorting it out for me.

Beautiful Belle


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