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hotels in Mayfair

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Hi - does anyone know of a hotel that will take cash bookings in Mayfair


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Most hotels will take cash. You need to leave/ swipe your card - but be very clear to them that you will be divorced if they put anything on your card. They are used to this thing.

The only problem is you wont get an 'internet rate' which works out expensive.

If you want a good rate - call the hotel directly (once outside the hotel), ask for a price then say you will pay cash & go straight in and pay them with cash.

They like to sting the cash payers as they know they are desperate.

I was looking at providing a service for discreet hotel bookings using my card + 10% commission.

There is one chain I know that take bookings over the phone but you can pay cash when you get there - and no indication on your card - unless you don't turn up then you are in the S88T.

I will charge £30.00 to give the chain.

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