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Internet Connection Problems

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I'm a bit of a technical duffer and I'd appreciate advice.

Over the past couple of weeks I've had problems with my Internet connection. Frequently, sometimes as often as every five of ten minutes when I click on a website, or refresh a page, I'm getting timed out and I have to log off and log on again, upon which the connection works fine again for a while then the whoe rigmarole repeats itself.

As I said, it's only been going on for about two weeks - before that things were fine - but it's doing my head in. I'd like to know what might be causing it.

Is it down to my ISP, 3 Mobile?

Is it down to the web browser I'm using, Mozilla Firefox?

Is it that my netbook is knackered? It's an Advent 4213, bought new about 15 months ago.


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Presumably if your ISP is 3 then you're using a 3G (mobile) connection? It strikes me that this is the most likely cause of the problem. Even if you get a decent signal, you will be in competition with other people using 3G. Each cell has only a limited amount of bandwidth available and each connection to the cell gets a share of that: obviously, the more connections the slower the speed for each. Also, I'm not sure of the specific figures, but each transmitter can only cope with a certain number of concurrent connections; when that limit is hit your device may try to connect to another cell if one is within range, otherwise your attempted connection will just time out.

Are you able to try your connection in different locations to compare performance? Or try a wired connection, say from a friend's house?

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