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Sometimes one only becomes aware of something big happening under there, from very small signs on the surface. (A very few of us will remember a criminal trial, which was reported, but without the rest of the huge story even hinted at, which involved a Miss Rice-Davis and a forged driving licence.)

This morning, as is my custom, after reading one wonderful lady's blog, I went to the BBC's web site, to see what else had happened in the world. There is a box on the right of the page headed "MOST POPULAR STORIES NOW".

There, today, I find:

Prostitute users face clampdown

On clicking the link I find that this is: , which was last updated at 14:26 GMT, Wednesday, 19 November 2008.

What has happened to lead Joseph(ine) Public to seek out this page 17 months later?

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I noted this earlier and opened the story (adding no doubt to its giddy popularity.

Could be due to "Five Daughters" last night and people looking up Prostitution stories to remind themselves what had happened??

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