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Jeremy Vine today?

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Did anyone hear the discussion on prostitution in Luton on the show today? I missed the beginning but caught most of it.

The majority of people seemed to be against the woman who was ranting against it and there were some sensible comments about legalising it and taxing it properly! At the same time of course ensuring it is cleared from the streets.

Someone talked about how much more sensible the policy in Germany is for example.

I don't suppose any politicians are listening even at the only time every few years when they pretend to. :D

Despite some sensible comments there still seems to be the stereotypical view of the prostitute as a pimped, crack whore, stalking the streets and accosting any passing male willing or not.

It seems no one can understand that many women are independent, educated, balanced individuals working from safe premises of their own free will.

The woman who came on and admitted to being a wg for the past nine years sounded educated and well spoken, however she did confess that it was alcoholism and shopping addiction which had caused her to turn to it. This will probabaly only feed the prejudices of the ignorant.

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