Safe WG or Black Widow?

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Having just watched Crimewatch http://www.bbc.co.uk/crimewatch/solved/howtheycaught/black_widow.shtml it strengthens my view that it's better to be single and safe in the knowledge that one's night of sex wasn't going to cost you your lifestyle or even worse your life. At the very least you can walk away from a punt knowing that she knows nothing about you and the deed was done. You got your rocks off and she got the dosh. Much more safe than falling for a bird that's going to poison you for your assets. What worries me is that I think I've come across several "black widows" in my past, and thankfully being the mis -trusting person that I am have got out before I became a victim.

Anyone else had a potential "Black widow?

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I'm sure it happens, but probably not as much as we think.

And mostly in less extreme forms:

Remeber the Isle of man girl who preyed on rich heirs ?

It is just Darwin at work.

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In the early days of North Sea oil Yarmouth, Peterhead & (to a lesser extent) Aberdeen were sort of frontier towns. There were plenty of women who made a mint out of marriage then emptying the joint account while the mug was offshore, on a serial basis.

Not in the same league as burying them but much more expensive that WGs!

"I'm not so wise as the lawyer guys, but strictly between us two --

The woman that kissed him and -- pinched his poke -- was the lady that's known as Lou"

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