Monte Carlo or Bust!

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Just been Skyping a good friend in Italy. He tells me that he paid Euro 5000 for a russian WG last night. By all accounts he had a fantastic time, but she didn't sound any diffferent to a russian girl that I can have for an overnight from Barracuda for £600. Ok, he's got a lot more dosh than me and maybe Euro 5000 doesn't mean that much to him, but isn't that just crazy!? But then something else crosses my mind, why the hell do they ( the Russians, East Europeans) come to London when they can command a much higher fee elsewhere?

Come to think of it , why do any Eastern Block women come to UK period?:D

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Maybe for the benefit system if it all goes wrong, the free house or flat you get if you have a kiddy etc, or maybe they find all the english guys too irrisistable to stay away:D

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