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New Zealand style politics and more?

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There is much talk about the UK having the New Zealand model for our Parliamentary System. Does this mean we would have the New Zealand model for prostitution. Some hope! Shame, the political situation has come too late to restore the relaxed atmosphere that punting enjoyed from time immemorial. "From Time Immemorial", meaning the accepted way, Labours' succession of draconain measures flies in the face of this. All their hideous measures were either that of vindictive spite or to run with the latest fad, not a way to legislate, the seriousness of this flimsy way of regulation has extreme consequences for those who are unfortunately prosecuted under these unrealistic laws. Hopefully the 2,000,000 - 3,000,000 punter vote helped deny Brown his majority, it would be nice to think so; hypocrite Pornofilm Smith, our once Home Secretary certainly got her cummuppence, what comes around - goes around.

We now have to live with Police State style atmosphere that surrounds the Punting scene, it is unlikely to be reversed, history tells us that once a law is on the Statute Book it is difficult to alter or scrap without a persistant campaign like that waged by the Countryside Alliance. Many backward looking measures have been a knee-jerk reaction to the Web, the Internet far from giving us the freedom to view and say what we like, has had the opposite effect in that it has reduced our freedoms and liberties.

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