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Hi guys

Ive been a long time on the scene in ireland but i am comming to london for the first time in June. Some of my mates on the Irish boards have reccomended what they found to be reliable services but i have found one lady who i really wanna see but i think that the price and everything is too good to be true.

I would appreciate any information if anyone has seen her or if they know of this particular agency to be good or not.

her name is Paige of Marble arch

she is listed here on cherry girls who i have been told are reliable

but her price of £110 seems to be a bit below the average.

she is also listed here

same price but seems to be an agency

I tend to stay away from agencies in ireland as they are usually unreliable but perhaps it is a different story in UK?

any info will be greatly appreciated

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Although I've never used playful-escorts, I did ring them once about their pricing policy. The £110 includes massage, OW and 2 pops. If you want OWO or A levels or anything else then these things cost £30 extra each. So a decent hour all inclusive would rack up to about £200. I think that is the same with cherrygirls. Good luck and let us know if you do decide to see her.

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cheers mate,

OWO or A levels dont interest me much so thats cool but im just curious as to weather or not it will be the girl in the picks turning up to my room. ive had bad experiences with agencies in ireland before

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