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Scarred Face/leicester

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A regular punter suddenly turned aggresive, thought it was a one off as he had visited us many times before without any problems. He was seeing a different girl from his usual. He returned a week or so ago while I was away and again turned aggresive to another girl. He is now banned. Now we hear he has done the same at another parlour in Leicester. He is a delivery driver for a pizza company. 5' !0'' dark hair, foreign looking. Easily recognised by his scarred face/neck, has been burned from the chin down to his chest. Do not let him in, details have been passed to New Futures Project and police. The New Futures Dodgy Punters leaflet has highlighted this man so he may now try out of town. God help if he trys it on with an indie as he is very aggresive and frightening.

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