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Parlours robbed, Ladies look out!

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Police were called to a violent robbery this week, the maid informed them that they were a Brothel that had been robbed and securicty beaten up, they arrived in 3 minutes, took statements, fingerprints and were very helpfull and informed them that a flat had also been robbed the Saturday before. The robbers left with a small amount of cash, (it had been unusualy slow) mobile phones and bags, the ladies were shaken up but thankfully they came to no harm, unlike the poor security....

Discriptions, all three were about 18 to 20 years old, one black, the other two were lighter, mixed race, one of these had an eyebrow shaven, like two cuts, all three had knives. the area was southeast London/northwest Kent, untill I dont have any more info but if it comes my way I will post it here, I know these people personly.

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