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Dangerous punter in East London area

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I am posting on behalf and with the permission of a lady based in the Waltham Forest area - apparently this man has told her by email that he books a lot of WGs around there so anybody local, please be extra vigilant.

From SAAFE (posted May 30th):

"Had a client last night who is possibly the most disgusting human being I'll ever get the displeasure of meeting.

He arrived 20 minutes late and seemed incredibly nervous and paranoid. He kept asking me if I lived alone and if I had a boyfriend (his english is terrible - he is from pakistan and has a very strong pakistani accent and only knows basic english).

I told him I lived alone but had security next door to make sure im safe.

When we got to the bedroom he handed me the money which I counted and noticed it was £20 short so I demanded the full amount from him. He got extremely huffy over this and told me he didnt have it. So I told him because he'd been late and didnt have the full amount on him then he would have to leave after 30 minutes. I was very polite about it and tried to keep a friendly atmosphere going to stop things from getting awkward.

He then proceeded to light up a cigarette without asking my permission. I told him I didnt like people smoking in my bedroom. He completely ignored him so I repeated myself again. He then stubbed it out on my wardrobe door and chucked it on the floor. Before I could even protest he launched himself at me and pinned me to the bed. He was trying to kiss me and he STANK of stale cigarettes. I told him to get off but he had me firmly pinned to the bed. He then bit me really hard on the arm (he didnt break the skin but it was still incredibly painful and made me cry out).

After a bit of a struggle I managed to get him off me and he stood up and lit another cigarette. I asked him to leave immediately and reached for my phone to call my security to come straight over. He took his cigarette and held it against my cheek. The pain was unbelievable. After doing this he ran out of the house and down the road.

I called my secuirty and he came straight over and we called the police who have taken it very seriously.

I've been left with a nasty burn scar on my cheek which is going to take ages to heal. It looks awful and is too raw to cover up with makeup. I also have a huge purple bruise from where he bit me. Lucikly he didnt steal anything or take his money back but the whole thing has left me very shaken up. When he had me pinned to the bed I was completely powerless and couldnt move. He could have done anything to me.

He went by the name of Imran and his number is 078865257**

He looked in his late 40s and was from pakistan with dark brown skin and balding black hair. He was about 5ft 7 and normal build with a bit of a beer belly. He's a heavy smoker and his clothes etc smell very strongly of smoke. His english is bad and he called me "darling" in all of his emails. Oh and he's from the Ilford area."

I have heard from the lady concerned today and the police have told her that they are looking for this man and treating the incident as a serious assault, so if he is caught he could well be looking at some jail time. If anybody recognises anything from her story please get in touch with them straight away.

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