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How not to advertise your business

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The slip of paper could, of course, have been dropped by a punter. The 'list' rather reeks of Soho walk-ups.

But the point that concerns is that it refers to foreign girls. It almost makes me want to add clauses to Gordon Brown's idea of Britishness and signing up to a charter: This is not how things are done round here.

I don't like it for two reasons. Firstly it tars all foreign escorts with the same brush. But secondly it underlines my concern that there are both punters and sex workers who come to Britain without any concept of the largely respectable tradition that has grown up in this country of discreet, respectable and considerate working girls and punters of the same ilk.

Most girls conduct their business with absolute discretion and consideration for their neighbours. One lady even insists that her visitors enter through the front door of the building and depart through the back door rather than directly to the main street.

Opinion is divided in the country over prostitution generally, though a large proportion support a tolerant attitude. This would change for the worse if sex workers (or punters) started behaving inconsiderately.

Opposition to prostitution is similarly unhinged in some areas. Instead of using the lawful means built up over generations to voice dissent, some neighbourhood patrols, usually of an extreme Islamic persuasion, take out their own private jihads to take the law into their own hands when harassing motorists. (If anyone has ever had their car stopped by mad islamists in the old Birmingham red light area you will know what I mean.)

I know there are parts of Africa where a mild Sharia law works quite well: but we don't need it here. Neither do we need such barbarism as documented in a recent post about the Pakistani who burnt a working girl with a cigarette. Both attitudes are born of hate and fear. 'Understandable' perhaps if someone of little moral fibre hails from a war-torn culture or a desperate backwater. But we do not need it here, and we do not need to tolerate intolerance and hate in the name of multiculturalism or to further a particular agenda. Criminalising ordinary considerate and consenting adults is a step towards reinforcing a climate of fear.

One of the antidotes to hate is kindness and consideration of others, and while maintaining firmness in one's own uprightness. The majority of sex workers and punters are the opposite of the loutishness that characterises tabloid 'exposures.' They have learnt to go about their business with the maximum of British discretion and consideration for others. Ironically, the decency to avoid flouting private acts of sex in the face of the public and even one's neighbours is the exact opposite of the motivation behind such tabloid stories.

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Typical Daily Ranger story. Did they manage to get an unrelated photo of some 17-year old flashing her cleavage on the same page?

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