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I wasn't sure where to post this, and have avoided the Warnings section since it is not about a punter but another lady forwarded this email to me after she got it, and whilst I'm sure that most experienced or techy people would know to just bin it, she was worried by the threat of having her site deleted and after passing it on to our SAAFE techy lady she thought it ought to be flagged up to as many folk as possible.

Mods, please do move this to wherever is best :).

From SAAFE's technical department (she is very good, y'know ;)):

'These come around from time to time, usually trying to get you to renew via some overpriced service, but this is a new one, change 123-reg to whoever your domain is registerd with, and its the same scam, there has been NO law change, and if your host allows adult content, that is not changing, if it was, the information wouldnt be leaked, you would get the message loud and clear. So if you get this email, I would do as he says and don't tell everyone :(

"Dear [Doris],

I know you're an escort, that's why I contacted you.

Today when I was checking the files of our clients (I work at 123-REG), I saw your website was hosted by us.

Know that : in 10 days appear a law that afflict a severe punishment to hosting sites (like 123-REG) who host a like an escort girl websites who are in the UK, you can be 100% sure : ENTREZ remove your sites in 10 days.

I work at 123-REG, and I can tell you that your website [] will soon be deleted.

I also see that you have not been able to manage your website, your visitors are very rare so you dont have the benefit of choose the most wealthy of your clients .

I can make all this change, I can put your website in a very fast server in Egypt or Thailand, so that all people in the UK and in the world can see it without problem, and which will not be censored or removed like the other escort websites.

I can also make your sites appear in the first page of Google, which enables you to have at least 9 or 10 new clients a day (At least !!)

I help four escorts and you're the fifth.

WARING : Information regarding the removal of sites is confidential, I beg you not to tell anyone if you tell it to someone, all people know immediately that I am the source.


(sorry for my english, i'm French)"

If anyone gets it I would think the best thing to do would be report it as a phishing scam, but any other thoughts welcome :).

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That has SCAM written all over it.

But, it always pays anyone who has a website to download the site files directly from the server to your computer as a back up. If something went wrong with your current hosting at least then you could upload the exact same files to a new host so your site is back online.

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i'm suprised it does not ask for your bank deatils so they can transfer in the 100 million you have owing to you from the lottery they entered you for!

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i use and have not had any problems however i did once type into my browser .com instead of and norton quickly informed me that the site was not safe. i dont know if it was as i have never revisited the .com page it just seemed strange as they appear to be the same site.

may not be related to your incident but intresting anyway.

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This kind of scam is really common and not limited to escort sites/domains. They can get the details of the company that handled registration through a simple whois search... no brainer really... ;)


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