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False advertising EE to DD

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Was happy to find a EE cup good looking woman on Blonde-Escorts (Mel - 23 South American - Her own pictures show that she is actually a brunette from Brazil but that's the site she was on). When she arrived i asked about her EE's but she replied that she had an operation back home in Latin America to reduce their size to DD because she found it hard to find a boyfriend!!. When I asked why she hadnt changed the photos or description she said that she thought she would get more customers this way...................

Now DD is still a nice handful but it certainly wasnt the promised mother-load so I wasnt happy.

Against my better judgement I proceeded with the experience - decidedly average punt, nasty looking tattoos to disguise scars and off she went with my 250 almost before I had ahem finished.............

Havent done an FR yet because my last one is still awaiting clearance, I guess because I am a newbie. Will do one once I am cleared - just wanted to vent.

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