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Emily of Halifax

dangerous punter north east

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Hi this is my first post this only really applies to the north east I had a client today that when he arrived he apppeared to be drunk but quite pleasant booked for an hour then proceeded to try and haggle with the price to which I firmly stuck my ground at this point alarm bells where ringing so dialled my driver without hi kknowing so he was my last number redial, proceeded to the bedroom where he was a bit rough but told him to calm down and we could then have some fun which he seemed to accept afterwards he immediatelly fell asleep on waking he started to get very aggresive and was wanting me to go with him I explained to him i only work from home that he had paid for an hour and that as there was 20 minutes left we could have some more fun! at which point he was very aggresive started threatning me demanding his money back and had me cornered in the bedroom trying to grab my phone I pressed last number redial so my driver c ould hear but unfortunatelly he was stuck in traffic I told him that I would get him his money and moved out of the bedroom to the kitchen where he picked up a bottle and started waving it at me at this point I was really scared and gave him his money and he went his parting comments were I will kill you and your dog I am not sure how much detail I can leave here but he called from a newspaper ad has a sunderland accent calls himself Will last 4 numbers end 9808 if you need any more details pm me if I can work out how to use it I will get back to you x

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