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Social Networking for The Adult Indistry

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Im the first to admit Im not really a fan of the whole social networking thing so perhaps Im missing something. I can however see that for the mainstream it can be of use (dating and meeting new people, keeping up to date with old friends) and that parts can be used and of use to the escort industry; twitter an example of that.

I have just seen today its an adult industry version of facebook and its this I really dont understand. Admitidly its aimed at the adult industry rather than more specifically at the paid escort industry but includes everything from escorts to webcammers to porn stars etc. The system itself is impressive, it carries all the features of facebook including live chat but does this sort of thing really cary any benefit to the paid escort industry?

Adult dating, again yes I get this, but how can social networking actually be of benefit to straight forward escorts looking to meet clients, surely its a whole lot easier and less time consuming to place a few adds and meet some client directly. With the intorduction of the community thing on **, I cant help but wonder what it is that Im missing, am I alone in thinking this sort of stuff is just a giant waste of time and falling behind the technical times.

I get the idea of forums completely, but are things moving on and into social networking, are clients expecting more of escorts these days. I cant get past the idea that it simply increases a girls exposure to timewasters wanting shared content or to just make friends rather than stick to point of a paid business transaction. Do clients really want to browse girls mixed in with hundreds of pictures of mens genetialia flapping in the wind or standing proud and to attention. Does this sort of thing have a place or is it just the adult indsutry gone a bit mad and an advancement of adult friend finder and alike with a complex adult social dating/porn site?

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