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Very interesting post on the forum in HK - about china sex industry

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Guy and lasses - I'm not know for a fluffy, but wanted to share this with you. One of the posters here went to great lengths to translate an article into English on this board, and the response to it has produced some interesting changes in perspective.

Sorry to say, it relates to the sex trade industry in China, with the interesting part being that although a lot of this starts very young (13-14 is common) the girls are kept until they are basically knackered out some 10 years later.

There is a part in this where, taken to a shop to buy her and friends a present, they wanted the barbie doll until they saw the price of it. "it costs more than me" was her response - she had been barfined apparently.

I have pasted the translation and link - I'm guessing most of you will not have the access level needed to read the link though.

Pages 2 and 3....

Beginning about 6 months ago Hong Kong mongers considered Shenzhen as sex capital with the availability of “$100 whores”. This publication investigated and found out that it all began with the sex industries and human traffickers worked together. The human traffickers from the northwest and further regions, especially poor areas, tricked young girls into coming to Shenzhen to sell their bodies.

Tricking girls to come to the Shenzhen area and Zhuhai has been going on for a long time but it used to be only because the tourists from Japan and Taiwan and their fond of virgins and young girls. It wasn’t very widespread. But lately people from Hong Kong have started to come for the same reasons and the problem is getting worse. Just in the Shenzhen there are over a thousand prostitutes. With the help of a trusted source we visited two girls, both 14 years old, and got their stories about how they were lied to and sold their virginities; and at the end of the road they had to sell their bodies to feed their family.

The two girls worked in a hair salon about 5 minutes from the Lowu border. Because of convenience they shared an apartment about 200 sq. ft., each paid 600 RMB a month. The reporter arrived at their apartment about 11AM one of the girl was still asleep because her customer wanted her for the whole night the previous night and did not come home until 8AM. Shau Mei opened the door; her eyes were red with tears at the corner of her eyes. She was writing a letter to her family. With her permission she let me read part of the letter. “Is little sister going to school?......Mom is a great cook…….nothing better than family.”

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Shau Mei was from the north (I don’t know how to translate where she came from), born to a poor family on the high plateau. She is the oldest in the family. Her father and mother worked as farmers with their monthly income of no more than 100RMB. Because of that she had not finish elementary school and was forced to stay home and help.

“Last spring an aunt visited my house and told me she could arranged for me to work in Dongquan and make 600 to 700 a month. My parents do not know where Dongquan is but agreed to let me go because they had no choice. So after the new year I followed the aunt and left……” Shau Mei was describing how she was tricked, with tears in her eyes.

“After I was taken to Xian I met up with seven girls, all 13 to 14 years old. We were led by 2 men. We were on a train for 2 days, then bus and finally arrived Shenzhen, not Dongquan.

The eight girls stayed in a very small rented house and was told they are to wait for work to begin. However there was always 2 big guys watching day and night. They were not allowed to go outside.. Finally one girls was taken away. About a week later it was Shau Mei’s turn. She finally realized that she had stepped into hell.

“They took me to a hair salon. The nasty lady owner scolded me and told me she paid 8000 for me and I must make 20,000 for her before I could leave”. Shau Mei was locked in a room with no food and was beaten up daily until she agreed to sell her virginity.

With an innocent face, Shau Mei said a Taiwan man bought her first night for 5000RMB, “this devil hurt me. He laughed when I was in pain and crying”.

The next day the lady boss gave me 1000RMB. I was holding the money, still feeling the pain, but was happy at the same time because I never had this much money before. The lady boss also said if I continue to work I could make that much every week. I could pay back the money I owe her and return home. I was only 13 at the time and would not know that this was a trap that I was stepping into…. Deeper and deeper.

After she sold her virginity her price lowered. She could only make 100 each time. She had to give the boss 4000 every month before she could keep any money. She had to learn how to solicit customers in order to make a living. She makes 2 to 3000 each month; enough money to send home to her parents and allows her younger sister to go to school.

Shau Mei kept the truth from her family and told them she is working in a factory. Up to the beginning of the year she estimate-if she paid off her debt she could go home. She happily told her roommate Ah Yan about her plan. Ah Yan poured “cold water over her head”, an expression like bursting ones dream, and said she will not be able to leave.

Ah Yan had similar experience and dream last year. She thought she could leave this nightmare behind. The boss lady summoned a big guy to the rented house and beat her up. Her arm still had the three burnt marks from the cigarette burns.

“They told me I could leave Shenzhen but will never be able to go home. They know where my home is and they will catch me” Ah Yan said. Even if she could escape her family will know that she had been working as a prostitute and will not be accepted back into the family. She had no choice but to continue working and save more money until she could figure a way out.

According to the girls interviewed there were about 10 girls working in the hair salon. After the interview the reporter continued the investigation and finally located a monger from Hong Kong. The monger said he made the trip north to Shenzhen weekly and after gaining his trust the reporter was taken to the prostitute headquarters.

Last Thursday (15th), the reporter followed the acquaintance and his two friends to “Wong Kwong” and took a taxi ride for about 20 minutes to a place with a sign said “Sha Mei Cheun”. This was the entrance to the “Prostitute Village”.

The whole village consisted of a few major roads and 10 or more smaller streets. All the buildings were built close to each other; 4 to 5 stories high. The hair salons s where the sex trade took place were located between buildings in narrow and dark alleys.

“How are you doing boss? We have many girls here. Come in to make your selection.” A 40ish middle aged woman saw us from a distance. She immediately came out of the alley and greet us. At the time there were 5 teenage girls in the salon; with no makeup on and their eyes fixed on the television. If it wasn’t for the yelling of the boss lady to tell them to greet customer one would not be able to tell they were prostitutes.

It did not take very long for other similar aged girls to come down from their sleeping quarters, all lined up in front of the customers to await being selected. The Hong Kong monger and his 2 friends picked 3 girls and immediately escorted to a building next to the salon. They went up to the 4th floor to an apartment with 2 bedrooms and a living room. The place was dark and smelly. The bed used for the act was lined with a bamboo sheet; spots on the bed sheet. Such horror.

The lack of cleanliness did not deter the mongers’ mode to play. They asked the girls to dress into the Japanese AV girl’s uniform. The short innocent looking girl responded immediately and put on the uniform and said, “I did not go to high school. It’s not bad that I can try it now…Ha-ha”. It was obvious she was used to the sex trade and conceded this way of life.

The boss lady, Ah Ying, said she takes care of her husband’s 3 hair salons. Proudly she said, “Our salons were the first to use young girls. The others are copying us now.” According to her Shar Mei Cheun was changed to the prostitute village in one short year.

She said, “Shenzhen has always been prostitution. But it was all spread out. The red light district was very strict. All the underage girls ended up here were sold by the organized group because we are sort of out of the way. A few years ago my husband met an organized group boss and he was told he could be provided very young girls for us. I figure I do not have to go find the girls myself and agreed to letting them be our provider. Who knew it would become so popular. Many hair salons opened up close by. There must be over 30 places now and over 200 girls here earning a living.”

“To tell you the truth I had to invest a lot of money with local authority, cloths, food and fake IDs for the girls. All of that cost money. I treat the girls nice. When they first arrive I always try to get a good price for their virginities. I have a lot of customers from Hong Kong that leave their phone number and asked that I call them if I come across any good merchandize.” She said shamelessly.

The dark alleys here were only the first stop for the girls. They worked at the hair salon until 17 or 18; and if they did not contract sexually transmitted diseases, they will be taken to nightclubs, KTVs or saunas. The prettier ones will even be arranged to go to Hong Kong, Macau or even Southeast Asia.

Ah Ying knew many of the sex trade groups. They had always been human traffickers. “Ten or so years ago they would go to the far away villages and kidnap girls and brought them to Shenzhen. The girls were strangers to a strange city. They were afraid to resist and surrender to whatever was arranged for them. Kidnapping one girl could bring around 10,000RMB. If they need the help of the village locals to trick the girls they would pay the locals 2 to 3,000 for the help.”

But lately there were more ways to make money; and the risk of death penalty they stopped kidnapping girls. And the local girls from the villages knew Shenzhen was the place to make a lot of money they were willing to pay the middleman high fees for the service; sometimes as high as 10,000RMB introduction fee. Of course once they signed the contract and arrived Shenzhen they could easily be controlled.

The reporter used the excuse of wanting to treat the three Hong Kong mongers and their girls to dinner, the girls were allowed to leave the premise. The girls wanted to go to McDonald for dinner. They were very talkative during dinner. One of the girls, Ah Tse, although dressed maturely, was chewing on the chicken wing and bone like a little kid.

After dinner the reporter took the girls to a supermarket and wanted to buy gifts for the girls. The girls, still young and innocent, picked simple things they liked and not expensive things.

They were at the dolls section Ah Tse and her friends looked at the new Barbie doll. They really liked it; couldn’t keep their hands off it. They looked at the price, stuck their tongue out and gasped. “140 dollars? It’s more expensive than me. I don’t want it. Why don’t you use the money to visit me instead” Ah Tse said.

After pondering for a while the 3 girls all said they want new towels. “The towels in the hair salon are all dirty and smelly and not very comfortable for the customer. We want a big and soft towel” Leaving the supermarket, the girls all had a satisfying look on their face hugging the soft towels; prancing back to the hair salon like little kids and continue their struggle to survive.

Children are society’s pillar. But to these helpless and weak prostitutes they need the help of public authorities’ involvement. The punishment for the people that trick them should be severe so they can find a way to get out of the dark chapter in their life.

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Interesting article, especially in light of the recent publicity given to the 'parade of shame' that Chinese prostitutes have been subjected to by the local police in China over the years. Apparently this practice may well be abandoned, though it does sound so very 'Chinese' - remember the 'Red Guards'?

And the website itself could be interesting to any punter planning a Hong Kong visit. Have you used it, and have you found it useful? The photos are so 'shopped' that it is difficult to understand why there is such a huge range of hourly rates from one WG to another. It's been awhile since I was last in HK - how fluent in English are the current generation of WGs there? (Presumably, those who are fluent can charge higher prices, though western English-speaking punters may well be small in number compared to the local and other Chinese punters). As I said, interesting website.:D

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Very moving story. I wonder how much of it is true. We are very hard on journalists who write such stories here, and why should we trust a foreign journalist to be more accurate?

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Very moving story. I wonder how much of it is true. We are very hard on journalists who write such stories here, and why should we trust a foreign journalist to be more accurate?

It's what`s known as "selective journalism" in the trade :rolleyes:

I have no doubt concerning the veracity of the cases he outlines where the girls were tricked. To suggest that this is the norm sucks a rats ass :(

Am well acquainted with the scene in Shenzhen and Dongguan ;) Also speak Mandarin :D

Practically every girl I have ever been with there used to work in a factory in the above cities, long hours of monotonous work for 800-1000 RMB per month with only 2/3 dayz off. One or two used to work in shops or hair salons. There was one who lived at home and commuted to Dongguan when her mom thought she was working in a shop there. If any of these girls had been trafficked and was lying to me about it, they certainly didn't show it :)

The punters who flock to the area over the HK border at weekends are primarily from HK but also a helluva lot from Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan. A few Japanese and Koreans. Very few Caucasians, but a lotta bilingual yank, Aussie, Brit and Canadian Chinese who often hold management positions at the multinationals which produce their goods there. The mamis who pimp girls on the street usually only target foreigners. Too many cases of girls being kidnapped, raped and robbed by their compatriots :)

While people trafficking exists and is a problem, it is misleading and unhelpful to make the case prostitution = traficked

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Not really surprised there aint a hole lotta interest in this topic, we've all read articles like this b4 and China is a long way from home for most of us :) The article was placed on a punters board and probably professionally translated, which seems suspiciously like the work of some HK-based Christian NGO. Not that n e 1 really gives a shit who placed the article 

People-trafficking usually involves the smuggling of persons to foreign lands, after payment of an extortion8 sum of money, where the smuggled persons bcum illegal immigrants without official documents or much, if any, knowledge of the language of their new country. This puts them well and truly at the mercy of the snakeheads :)

In the case of China, the "trafficked" are still in their own country and can speak the lingua franca. There is nothing to stop any trafficked person from running away and going back to where they came from, unless they are being forcefully confined in the same room under lock and key. No need for a passport or ID, in fact, some of these girls do not even exist coz their parents never registered them at birth :) All it would take for a frightened young girl is to pour her heart out to a customer and sooner or later someone would help her or give her the money to get the train home - if she is still welcome home :D

This points to a more serious issue which goes beyond the idea of some local official/copper/gangster (all the same kinda barsteward) tricking some gullible peasants into sending their 13 year old daughter to Guangdong Province to a factory job that don't exist. Every village in the boonies of China has unofficial pipelines to factory jobs in Guangdong and there is even a labor shortage there again right now. It is unlikely that there is a need for any person, however ignorant, to use the services of some shady character unless they are in serious debt. In these cases, the parents often have little choice but to sell their own children - if someone is guilty of deception, it is the parents themselves. There will be a small few of them who don't really give a shit coz what they alwayz wanted was a son n e way but couldnt bring theirselves to throw their newly born baby girl down the well :D

13 year old village girls are no na

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