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Erotic massage Budapest

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Hi guys

Just got back from Budapest after the Hungarian F1

I had read up on various "massage" establishments and seeing as Japan Massage was only a 5 minute walk from where I was stopping thought I would give it a go.

Went Friday evening around 10.30pm, did not make an appointment, just rang the buzzer at the street door entrance to numerous apartments.

after a little broken English from them I was buzzed in. They are on the 4th floor and I was met by Lena (I think that was her name). You are advised of the prices and options etc. I went for the 60 minute fully naked massage with blow job finish. Cost 24000 Hu Feninks (around £75). You are able to pick the lady to massage you from a book of large A4 photos (assuming they are available) I actually choose Lena. I was led into the massage room, after taking my shoes off, undressed and had a shower. Then Lena proceeded to give me the best massage I have ever had, which was amazing. Lots of really forcefully but gentle manipulation using lots of oil or something similiar. At the end of the massage she started to arouse my little fella whilst I was still on my front and then eventually ahe asked me to turn over. She drizzled oil onto my little fella and started a very very slow hand job which then proceeded to oral withot condom. Eventually I came into her mouth and she swallowed the lot, and then proceeded to clean me up. Had a shower afterwards and paid and left one very happy man.

I repeated this again on the Monday dinner time around noon and this time choose a very petite Hungarian lady with enhanced breasts but I cant remember her name. Same procedure and her massage was if anything a little better than Lena's with the oral being a combination of hand job stroke oral with me partly cumming in her mouth and partly not.

I have to say that for £75 a time I thought the services were superb and if I could get the same somewhere around Sheffield I would be in heaven.


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sounds good. i am going next week so may give this parlour a try.

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