Beginners Guide to Saunas and Massage Parlours

by Traveller

Updated 13 August 2002


This tries to describe the way the massage parlours and saunas operate in Great Britain. As this covers a wide range it can only be fairly general but it tries to cover the basics of the range of places available in the UK.

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What is a Parlour

Why go to a parlour

How to Find one

The Receptionist

How do I Pay

What Happens when I get there

Getting In



The Communal Lounge

What Happens in the Room

The Dark Side

Other Useful bits and Pieces


What is a Parlour

A Massage Parlour ( or Sauna, they are almost interchangeable ) is a place where several girls work at the same time, nominally offering massage. It will normally have a shop front type presence and will cater for casual, walk in, customers, although in some places you can make advance appointments if you wish.

A Sauna will normally have a communal changing room, lounge and sauna area as well as private massage rooms, while a Massage Parlour may not have a lounge, just the private massage rooms.

It will normally be run by a receptionist who does just that and will not normally provide a massage or service in the room.

Why go to a parlour?

Usually it can be done on the spur of the moment, little planning is needed, and you will usually get a selection of girls to choose from.

How to find one

Local papers usually carry adverts, there are the sections in Yellow Pages for Health Clubs and for Saunas as well as the usual internet sources such as the field reports on this site and the various links available from here.

Phone up before you go to get a description of the place and the girls from the receptionist. This will tell you about the prices and the girls they have working that day, remember more girls = more choice. You will also get some information about the facilities and the opening hours, normally 11 am until 10 - 12 pm, although some places in some areas do stay open later and some close at 7pm..

However don't believe all that the receptionist tells you especially when she is describing the girls. They are invariably described to be thinner, prettier and younger than they really are and the nationalities are usually false.

It has to be remembered that the receptionist's job is to get as many punters as possible to come in and this leads to the distortions and evasions that occur. If you remember this it becomes a lot easier.

Some places have web sites where you can see the pictures of the girls and the interior of the place. Again these are all designed to be flattering.

The Receptionist

The Receptionist is probably the most important person in the parlour running the place. They are usually a woman, although in Scotland the receptionist may well be a man, don´t let this put you off as he will have seen it all before.

If you want a specific service ask the ask the receptionist, she will have heard it all before. However you may get an answer ' you will have to discuss this with the girl when you get here'. What she is actually saying is that she doesn't know who you are and isn't going to provide information that could lead to problems with the local do-gooders. Just go along and ask the receptionist when get there. She may suggest that you see a certain girl so follow her advice. Alternatively ask if you can have a private word with the girl you want and ask her directly.

Be careful because if the receptionist says that 'you will have to discuss that with the lady in the room' she probably means that all that is on offer is for the girl to massage you, oral with a condom and standard sex!

How do I pay.

Most places charge an entry fee, 'door money'.  This is usually in the range £10 - £25, and paid at reception before you go in. It covers the cost of the room and the use of any facilities in the places, such as the Sauna. The cost normally depends upon the type of room and the length of time. Extras features that may push up the cost of the room are things like a Jacuzzi in the room.  You will then pay the girls separately for the services she provided in the room.

Some places offer all in prices and this normally includes the room fee and sex. You are usually told this when you phone up, or there may be a menu at reception. If you take this offer you may want to tip the girl separately if she gives an exceptional service.

What Happens

This depends on whether the place is a Sauna or Massage Parlour.

A Sauna is more likely to have a communal changing room and lounge while a Parlour will have a reception and you will normally go straight to the room. Some places, of course, are a mixture of both and if want a sauna you will use the communal changing room and lounge while if you want a massage you will go straight to the room once you have chosen your girl.

But all the places are slightly different. One thing however is constant, the receptionist will tell you what to do especially if you tell her that you have not visited the place before.

Getting In

In any case you will go in the door and see the receptionist; this may be in the lounge but in some places you will be in a small lobby talking to the receptionist through a grille.

If you are in a place with a lobby you will not be given a chance to see the girls until you have gone in, but if you go straight into the lounge you will get a chance to see the girls and you may be offered the opportunity to see round the place before you make any decision.

Once you decide to stay you will have to pay for the room.


Places with saunas usually have a communal changing room and showers, although there may also be showers or Jacuzzis in the room. You will be given a towel and a locker key and usually a bag to put your valuables in. If you are given a bag make sure you put your wallet in it as you will have to tip the girl in the room. If you are not given a bag, leave your wallet in your locker and you pay the girl when you get dressed. Some places Aquarius in Glasgow and Chesterfields in Manchester for example, now have lockers that take £1 coins.

You get changed in the changing room put your stuff in the locker, have a shower and perhaps sauna or steam, wrap the towel round yourself and go into the lounge.


If you are in a parlour you will usually just choose the girl you want and go straight to the room. The receptionist will ask the available girls to come and meet you, you make your choice and that´s it. Sometimes you will be shown pictures of the girls especially if the girl is busy and then you may decide to wait for her to come free. Its then a case of sitting in the lounge until she's ready. Be aware that the receptionist will always say the girl will be free earlier than she really will be, just to keep you there in case you don't fancy a long wait

If you want to have a sauna you normally do this first before choosing the girl and the situation becomes more like the places with communal changing rooms.

The Communal Lounge

The girls will be sitting around and you may be offered a drink, normally non-alcoholic. There will probably be a TV set on and some papers to read.

Normally one of the girls, or the receptionist, will normally introduce the available girls to you and tell you who is busy with a customer at the present and how long they will be.

There may well be other punters sitting round just like you wondering what to say. You can always read the papers, watch TV,  and at least one place, Chesterfields in Manchester, there is a pool table where you can play the girls. The other guys sitting there are probably as embarrassed as you but you all know one thing, you are all there for the same thing.

Sometimes, especially if the lounge is small, there will be a general conversation with the girls and the other punters which at times can be very mundane but other times can be quite entertaining. In places with larger lounges it is possible to have a talk to individual girls before making your mind up.

 Its then it´s a case of choosing the girl you want and she will take you to the room sorting the booking details out with the receptionist.

Be aware in some places, London Street Sauna, for example the number of girls exceeds the number of rooms and you may have to wait for a room to be come free.

What happens in the room

If there is a Jacuzzi you will normally have that first and usually the girl will share it with you.

Other wise you will normally be offered a shower to freshen you up, although the shower may not be in the room, but outside. Just get undressed, wrap your towel round yourself, take you valuables, have the shower and return to the room. You are not very likely to meet anybody else except the girls.

You will normally be offered a massage which can vary from good to appalling. The girl may get undressed straight away or may keep her clothes on if she has not joined you in a Jacuzzi..

At some stage you will be asked if you want ‘extras´ or 'have you been here before' or if she knows its your first time there 'have you been anywhere else'. The girl is just trying to make sure you know what's its all about and that you are not somebody who as come in for a genuine massage! Just ask ‘What is available´ and the girl will run through the services that she offers and the prices. These usually range from £20 to £80, depending upon the place and the service. Normally the prices are set by the house and are non-negotiable.

What is available will depend upon two things, what the rules for the house are and what the girl wants to do. Often house rules will dictate that oral will be covered and all sex safe and any girl found stepping outside the rules will either be fined by the house or will have leave. Other places are more tolerant and leave it up to the girl. The receptionist is a useful source of information if you want a specialist service.

The Dark Side

However there is a dark side to all of this.

- the house will normally take all the door money for the parlour.

- the girls will have to pay to work there. This can be a fixed fee per day or so much per client or the proceeds from the first client of the day.

- some workers in parlours ( not all, not even a majority, just a few, are intravenous drug users )
- some  parlours are run by organised crime elements, and are useful fronts for money laundering
- there is a growing problem in UK of sex slave immigrants being forced to work in parlours against their will. The trade in Thai girls in Northampton is probably over but now it is Eastern European girls in the South East.
- many WG's are made to "audition" with the owner before being employed
- freebies to owners associates can be prevalent.



Other Useful bits and pieces


Although many places say that they open at 10 or 11 they are not really expecting the first customer then. The first hour or so is used to clean the place up, for the girls to get changed and ready to work. Thus if you turn up as they open up you may not get the warm reception that you were hoping for. Also if you want to have a sauna or steam, using that it is available, the sauna and steam room will be stone cold having been switched off overnight.


In some places the same girls work all day, and can be quite tired at the end, especially if it has been busy. Other places work a shift system with the girls changing mid / later afternoon.


These places tend to have busy and quiet times during the day. Lunchtime / early afternoon is fairly busy, often there is a quiet period from 5 - 7 and then an evening rush.


Many places will allow you to make a booking in advance for a specific girl. As some girls are fairly unreliable it is always best to phone on the day to make sure that the girl is working and to make your booking then.



Just remember – Enjoy yourself


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