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No. 55336 - Published 21 Jul 2005

Review of Shanelle of Shanelle, Hertfordshire

Details of Visit
Author:Dr Steve
Type of Visit:Incall
Date and Time of Visit:22nd June 2005 16:15
Duration of Visit:1 hour
Amount Paid:130

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Details of Service Provider
Profile Name:Shanelle - click to view profile in a new window
Notes:Formerly of St. Albans
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The Premises
Very pleasant semi set in leafy suburbia. Shanelle has a tactic for alleviating the concerns of nosy neighbours which is certainly interesting, though to be honest I was rather slow on the uptake.

The house is close to the M10, M25 and A1(M) and convenient to get to, once you've worked out what you are doing. The action took place in the bedroom is nice, has a great bed and a well positioned mirror, but is a trifle cramped and a little gloomy. It would have been nice if we'd only had lace curtains drawn since Shanelle's body would look even more stunning in natural light. Shanelle had good quality porn playing in both the bedroom and the living room, but she certainly didn't suffer in comparison with the actresses.
The Lady
The description on Ultimate is I think a little misleading, she's much nicer than described, and certainly much nicer than her pictures would indicate. I think Shanelle may be a little older than 24 though she has the body and energy of a teenager. I'd have guessed her boobs were more like a D than a C cup, and no way could I have towered over her the way I seemed to if she was really 5' 7" tall.

In fact physically she is damn close to being my perfect woman, very pretty, petite, awesome boobs, slim waist, a beautiful shaven pussy, lovely legs and a gorgeous bottom. Personality wise she was also an absolute delight, intelligent, good humoured, witty, friendly, and very horny.

Best of all she seemed to genuinely enjoy being with me.
The Story
I know I rabbit on forever so if you want a quick summary, Shanelle is worth all the praise heaped on her in previous FRs and more. Highly recommended!

For those who are expecting/want the gory details read on. I've probably muddled up the order of events a little as I usually do, but this is roughly what happened:

Fitz suggested to me a good long while ago that Shanelle would be the kind of girl I would like to see. However I rarely am around her part of the country nowadays. When I am it's either before seven in the morning, or I'm with company, so an opportunity had never arisen before to see if he was right. However I had a morning meeting up in Nottingham and would be passing by St Albans on the way home. Reminded of Fitz's advice by some recent rave reviews of Shanelle, I decided to see if I could set up an appointment. It was well worthwhile and I'm grateful to Fitz for the advice.

I phoned Shanelle in the morning and left a message asking if I could see her around 15:30, a minute or two later she texted back offering me a 16:00 slot. Obviously due to some late running she texted to push back the appointment another 10 or 15 minutes while I was driving south. This proved useful, because I managed to mess up my arrival time somewhat, leaving late, getting snarled up in local traffic as I took a diversion into St Alban's itself to visit an ATM, and then losing faith that I was still on the right road to get to her place.

I got there a little flustered, parked as instructed on her driveway and then gave her a call to let her know I had arrived. She told me to hang on a moment, then opened the door a little to summon me in. Inside I was led into a pleasant lounge and offered a drink. I ogled her unashamedly, she looked a beauty, and was very friendly to boot. I'm always very nervous at the beginning of a punt, especially the first time I meet a lady, but I could tell at once I was going to have a lovely time.

Shanelle said she just needed to get one or two more things ready, and in passing asked if I'd like her to put on some stockings. It was obvious from the look on my face what the answer to that was. Then she left me for a minute to two to watch a rather good porn DVD on her wide screen TV. Next I was summoned upstairs. Shanelle casually asked me as I ascended, if I would mind if she licked my arse and also if I'd like to do her up the bum. I spent a good few nanoseconds carefully considering these offers before answering in the affirmative.

Next I was told to go into the bedroom and get undressed. This was a bit of a disappointment, one of the upsides of seeing an escort, as opposed to a party or visiting a parlour, is you usually get to undress one another. On the other hand since Shanelle appeared in the bedroom a moment or two later looking very fetching in a matching set of bra, thong and suspender belt, I realised mutual undressing wouldn't quite have been the thing.

Anyway any disappointment was washed away at once. I was on the far side of the bed, just folding my kit up neatly by the bed, and Shanelle crawled across the bed on hands and knees and without hesitation fastened her mouth over my cock! I was already getting excited, and my cock was half up when she came in. A few seconds after her lips closing around it I was rock hard. Shanelle made some complimentary marks on the size of my equipment, which I took with a pinch of salt, but was grateful for regardless. Then I was taking off her bra, to reveal her awesomely lovely boobs. I groped these for a little while she sucked on my cock, then I felt I needed to take a more active part in things and so persuaded her to part with her thong as well.

Shanelle divined what I was after and in a moment or two I was lying on my back with her pussy pushing into my face in a delightful 69. Being as usual on a short leash, I was now hoping for a nice if brief session of OWO to completion. Shanelle's site clearly states she is up for CIM, and other FRs indicate this is on offer, so I was a bit disappointed when I warned her I was close, she pulled away and jerked me off over her tits. Shanelle clearly loves having spunk splattered over her body, but it's not really my thing, whereas coming in a girl's mouth is, whether with covered or uncovered oral.

After Shanelle and I had tidied up a little, she told me to roll over onto my belly so she could massage me. This seemed to largely involve her rubbing her lovely boobs up and down my back - the kind of massage I really love! She then pushed her face into the crack my bum and started licking my anus. This is as far as I can remember the first time I've been rimmed and have to say it was very pleasant, especially when she demanded I get up on hands and knees so she could get better access to her target. It seemed no time before I was hard again and taking the obvious hint, she rolled me over onto my back, rolled on a rubber and climbed into the saddle.

Shanelle squeezed me up into her snug quim and then began to ride. It was awesome, with her grinning down at me in evident delight as her delicious boobs bobbled about and she pumped my boner in and out of her warm depths. We went at it like this for a while, then I decided it was my turn on top. We rolled over, Shanelle let me push her legs up on my shoulders so I could go nice and deep, and then she encouraged me to go at it hard which I did with gusto.

After a few minutes like this, I intimidated that I'd like to take her up on her offer of trying out her bum. I do particularly enjoy anal sex, and with a lady like Shanelle it promised to be an especial delight. Shanelle was agreeable, but seemed concerned with my size, and said we'd have to do it in a 'special' position. After finding some lube and liberally smearing herself and my cock with it, Shanelle rolled onto her back and carefully guided my cock up to her posterior portal. It was a little difficult to gain entrance, since I was doing my best to be gentle, and in this position it was a bit awkward to keep my balance. However with a little sustained pressure Shanelle opened up and I slid slowly up her delightfully tight bottom.

Shanelle smiled up at me I began gently probing her fundament with long slow strokes. It had been a good long time since I'd had a session of anal sex, but this was reminding me why I like it so much. We went at it like this for a few minutes, then I determined that I'd really like to get her on her hands and knees so I could examine back passage from behind. Alas Shanelle was not keen on this. However she was more than keen on the idea of me fucking her pussy doggy style.

I disengaged, and Shanelle assumed the position, facing the foot of the bed and the large mirror on the wall. Now I love sex in all sorts of fashions, but there are some combinations of things which really do it for me, and this had it all. The lady I was with was beautiful; she was busty; she had a perfect body; she was dressed only in stocking and suspenders; we were posed in front of a huge mirror so I could watch all the action; and she was laughing in evident delight as I pounded away at her gorgeous rump doggy style. I was I have to say still a little disappointed that Shanelle was not letting me take her anally like this, but after one attempt to persuade her to change her mind I settled in to having a stupendous session.

It was all so perfect I could hardly hold back, but then it was too good to rush too. With remarkable restraint I managed to keep control of myself, so I could enjoy several minutes of having the most glorious sex with this lovely lady. Finally though it was too much and pumping away like a mad thing, I let out a roar and erupted inside her. Amazing!

Shanelle seemed to have enjoyed things almost as much as me, and was quite happy to indulge in a post coital cuddle for a few minutes. Then I began to feel a little frisky again, and decided to go down on her. I spent a good long while buried in her pussy, and while I'm not sure I managed to really get her to the boil, Shanelle seemed suitably appreciative. I persuaded her to reciprocate. She went down on me and low and behold I rose to the occasion once more. Shanelle said she was surprised, not many guys can get it up for a third time in an hour. I guess am rather lucky in this respect, but then it balances out some of my other shortcomings in the performance stakes.

Shanelle now got off the bed and urged me off too, then squeezing into the narrow gap at the end of the bed, lay down on the carpet on her back encouraging me to stand astride her. It took me a little moment to really cotton on what she was after, that I jerk off and spunk over her face. I know lots of guys find this really exciting and Shanelle seems to be really into it, but it isn't really my thing. I have to say standing astride her wanking away was damn erotic, but since third time around I usually only produce one or two drops of joy juice, I was of the view that Shanelle might be disappointed and I would certainly be a little embarrassed if we continued with this. Besides there was something I'd find a whole lot more fun.

"I want to fuck you again", I told Shanelle. She shrugged, grinned and got back to her feet. We quickly found another cover, rolled it on, and then Shanelle, got back on the bed, facing the mirror on her hands and knees again. Now I'm generally a chap who likes variety, but I was in just the mood to shag her doggy style once again. Second time around it was just as good as the first, except now my brain was fogged with lust, and the only rational part of my brain was telling me time was running short. There was no restraint this time. Having mounted her, I pounded away at Shanelle's lovely arse as energetically as I could manage until in a remarkably short time I build up to an ecstatic orgasm.

Amused, though apparently impressed Shanelle gave me a little while to recover and then urged me to have a shower. My knees felt rather rubbery, but I staggered around to the bathroom, had a quick wash and spray down. Then I carefully eased my wobbly legs down the stairs to settle up. A kiss and a cuddle and I was back out into the sunshine of a Hertfordshire suburb, feeling on top of the world.

Overall: Shanelle is undoubtedly a star. She has a wonderful personality, an awesome body and has a great enthusiasm for entertaining gentlemen. I had a quite delightful time. That said things didn't go quite according to plan. While Shanelle and I certainly got along fine, we weren't quite on the same wavelength, with what she expected me to want, not necessarily what I actually did want. Then there were a couple of specific things I had been really looking forward to, which didn't actually happen.

I don't know when I'll next be passing by, but I'd love to see her again and if I do, I trust we'll work together just a little more smoothly.

If you are looking for a beautiful woman with a kick ass body, brimming with intelligence, invention, energy, enthusiasm and sheer raunchiness, you'd have to look hard to find anyone better than Shanelle. Highly recommended!