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No. 95296 - Published 9 Jan 2010

Review of Phoenix Party of The Phoenix Club, The Ultimate Adults Club, London

Details of Visit
Author:Dr Steve
Location 2:Lancaster Gate
Type of Visit:Incall
Date and Time of Visit:Mon 14 Dec 2009 16:00
Duration of Visit:2 hours
Amount Paid:120

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Details of Service Provider
Profile Name:The Phoenix Club, The Ultimate Adults Club - click to view profile in a new window
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The Premises
Basement flat in Lancaster Gate area. On two levels - upstairs is lounge and kitchen, downstairs there are four bedrooms one with en-suite shower, a separate shower room and separate loo. Three of the bedrooms are pretty big, one is small. It's a while since I've been and the furniture seemed a little rearranged from my last visit. Overall it's a pretty good place for a party the main downsides being a lack of both mirror and natural lighting - which I always feel add to the experience a bit.
The Lady
Five ladies were entertaining at this MILF party.
A classic English MILF. Carol is a mature but attractive blonde with a fine figure for her age and she's delightfully dirty minded. Didn't get around to shagging her at the last party or this one but ... well read on and find out.

Very slim EE girl. Pretty with small tits but quite big nips and a lovely little arse. Friendly and very enthusiastic. Had a very enjoyable session with her!

Tall attractive black girl with big boobs, long legs and a lovely bum - perhaps a little extra weight around the middle but a glorious body for all that and god does she know how to use it! From the USA and a very friendly lass - rather quiet during sex but chatty otherwise, which makes the build up good and afterglow very pleasant too.

Tallish EE bottle blonde - attractive and friendly. I've seen her a couple of times at earlier parties before the MILF program was created. Had a good time with her at those and at these. She's determined to please and this time she managed to squeeze something out of me when I was sure I was empty. Not quite sure she qualifies as a MILF though I guess she is probably around thirty, but with a body a woman much younger would be proud of.

The star of the show on my first visit to a MILF party. Brazilian, very pretty, great body, friendly and keen as mustard. I'd guess in her mid thirties and definitely at her peak. Alas I didn't get a chance to play with her this time.
The Story
If you like it short and sweet:
Lady M's parties are generally regarded as the best parties in London. There are more expensive events - where you may get some more extensive services, and cheaper ones, which are generally hit and miss and can be spectacularly good or spectacularly bad. Lady M's are uniformly good fun and great value for money.

Parties are not for everyone, but if the idea of shagging several lovely ladies in an afternoon appeals and you don't mind sharing them with other like minded gents, they are awesome fun. Lady M's MILF events obviously involve slightly more mature ladies than the others during the week. If you ask me though these older wenches are more cock crazy that the youngsters and they will keep you busy for the whole two hours if you can keep up with them.

There can't be many more enjoyable ways of spending a couple of hours than a Lady M party.

For those who have time to burn:
I'm not nearly as frequent a partygoer as a few years back, when practically every other punt was at a party, and it had been several months since my last visit to Lady M's. That too had been on a Monday and so a MILF party.

I arrived a little before starting time, which is what the more experienced visitor to Lady M's does to ensure time to change and shower before the fun begins. Lady M - looking very svelte having lost a lot of weight since I'd last seen her greeted me and took charge of my valuables before organising me and the other guests into a queue for the showers. Then washed and attired in a robe I headed upstairs to have a drink and meet the ladies.

Only three seemed to be upstairs, Carol and Sabrina who I'd met at earlier parties and Nina. I'm not sure where the other two ladies were, but I encountered them later. Nina went get me an orange juice, which I just had time to have a sip at before Carol decided it was time for the girls and guests to go downstairs. I headed off with them and found myself in the back bedroom with Carol. One of the other girls - Sabrina I think - joined us with a couple of other guests, but I didn't pay too much attention as I was busy kissing Carol while getting off her bra so I could play with her ample tits. I got to my knees so I could tug down her thong and nibble at her pussy, then she suggested we move to the bed.

I would have been quite happy to indulge in some pussy licking and/or 69, but Carol seemed to have definite designs on my cock, taking it into her mouth and sucking it until it grew hard. Then just for fun she decided to swallow it whole - which while not exactly a startling feat is not something that happens to me very often. Her eyes met mine with an amused look as I groaned and writhed beneath her, gob smacked by her oral skills. It was clear what she had on her mind, she was going to milk me. I've not doubt if she'd wanted to she could have made me come in seconds, but this didn't seem to be part of the game plan, rather she took her time, amusing herself by driving me wild with pleasure, switching attention from my cock to my balls occasionally when it looked as if I was getting out of control. Then having toyed with me long enough, she moved up a gear bobbing her head up and down on my swollen rod working it with lips and tongue until with a roar I squirted out my load. With evident relish she gobbled the whole lot down. It's quite a while since I've had a CIM finish at a party and much longer still, since the lady in question has swallowed my offering - but Carol seemed to relish it. I lay back astonished as well as drained by the experience.

Having recovered my breath, I thanked Carol - who was already turning her attentions to another lucky guest - and staggered off to the bathroom for a little wash and spruce up. Then feeling more the thing I investigated the front bedrooms. In one Patrice and Karen were entertaining the troops - and looked very busy. I wandered over to the other to find Nina in reverse cowgirl bouncing her taut little rump up and down on some fortunate gent - but obviously busy too. Back to the other bedroom to watch as Patrice was given a good seeing to on her back while Karen rode one guest and sucked a second. I was standing by the door and looking across to the other room I saw that Nina's paramour seemed to have finished, so I headed over there hoping I might be able to hook up with her. Nina seemed amenable, though quite reasonably she wanted to nip to the bathroom before turning her attentions to me. I was only waiting a minute or two and then she returned.

I slid off my gown and Nina her undies and we moved onto the bed. Things started off a little awkwardly as she took hold of my cock and popped it into her mouth. I was still a bit sensitive after my session with Carol, but usually this is not a problem. However whether it was something she was doing or maybe an over powerful mouthwash, far from arousing me, Nina's efforts were irritating the tip of my dick. Gently I pulled her away and instead moved between her legs to lick her pussy. Nina seemed to like this, and I certainly did. After a while she asked if we could move into 69. This we did, but her oral was still a little uncomfortable, so I encouraged her to sit up a little, so her pussy was pushed firmly into my face and gave myself a bit of a wank. This had the desired effect and my cock sprang to life with gratifying speed. Pushing Nina's butt off my face I gasped that I wanted to fuck her. Nina obliged by grabbing a condom and rolling it on, before applying some lube and then clambering over me and impaling herself on my cock with her back to me. Her pussy was delightfully snug and she rode me energetically - so the effect was quite delightful. She leant back over me so I could pump up to meet her while grabbing hold of her boobs and gently squeezing her nipples between forefinger and thumb.

Having bounced herself up and down on me for a while Nina decided on a change of position. At this point she also decided that the condom was not properly in place. I made an effort to roll it back down my cock, but this was not working so we tossed it aside and with a little effort made rather a better job of covering me up with a new condom. Then it was back to fun and games with Nina climbing aboard again but this time facing me as she pumped her taut little arse up and down forcing my cock in and out of her snug little pussy. Fantastic fun, but while girl on top is nice for a while, I prefer to be in the driving seat. After letting her ride me for a little time, I sat myself up and bounced us over to the edge of the bed, so I could stand up, lifting Nina up with me, and then turning lower her down onto the bed, so I could take her on her back. I began pumping away with her legs out wide, but soon gathered them in pushing her ankles up on my shoulders and jack-knifing her body over so I could thrust deep into her warm tight snatch. This is one of my favourite positions and Nina seemed quite happy to let me hammer away for as long as I liked. To ring the changes a little I pushed both her legs over my right shoulder for a little while. Then feeling the need to come, I thought to try out one more variation and asked her if she could roll over so I could take her from behind. No problem, indeed she managed to roll over without us disengaging. Then I was frantically pounding away at her tight round rump until with a roar of delight I exploded deep in her pussy. Panting and sweating I collapsed onto the bed and let her fuss about me. A splendid shag.

I needed a little rest to recharge my batteries now and headed upstairs for a drink and something to eat. Moss had turned up and there was a general natter with him and one or two other guests. After having had something to eat and drink though it was not long before I was feeling the call of the ladies downstairs and decided to head back to see if I could engage the attentions of one of them.

Heading down to the main front bedroom, I found Karen entertaining and a couple of other guys hanging about, but seeming more interested in watching than participating. In the other front bedroom Nina was busy again.

I was about to explore what was going on in the back bedroom when Patrice emerged from the bathroom. I was gob smacked! So far I'd only seen her pinned underneath someone in the (far too dim) lighting of the front bedroom. The pictures of her on the website are not at all flattering. Now at last seeing her properly and in good lighting, I was able to appreciate how gorgeous she is, beautiful of face with a glorious curvy figure. I generally prefer my ladies to be small rather than tall, but my knees went weak with desire at the sight of this magnificent wench. God I wanted her! And to my utter delight she seemed quite eager to follow me back to the front bedroom for some fun and games. I'd had a good time with both Carol and Nina but what followed was undoubtedly the highlight of a fun filled couple of hours.

We got onto the bed and I started groping and sucking on Patrice's awesome boobs, in an attempt to return the favour she went down on me, but seemed to have similar problems to Nina in that my cock seemed to be hypersensitive. Instead I got her to sit on my face, smothering me with her pussy while I nibbled away at it and reaching up played with her lovely tits. Meanwhile I gave myself a wank until I was nice and hard. Patrice certainly seemed to enjoy my attentions, but equally she seemed eager to let me fuck her when I suggested it. So on with a condom and then she lay back and pulled her legs up and apart and allowed me to slide my cock deep into her tight brown twat.

I began pumping away. God it was wonderful wallowing in the delights of her lush body as it bounced up off the bed to meet me. Patrice had drawn her legs up so her knees were practically up to her armpits so I was going really deep into her. The contrast in colour between my pink dick and the dark brown of her pussy into which I was plunging it added to the visual delights of her lovely tits bouncing around. I pistoned away with long firm strokes at an even pace savouring every second. Patrice who had been fairly chatty so far became quite except for the occasional grunt. It seemed she was concentrating on enjoying herself. I hope so because I kept at it like this for what seemed an age.

I could easily have finished like this, but as yet I hadn't had a chance to admire Patrice's arse. Lots of white girls have very sexy bottoms, but not all. Every black girl I have been with seems to have an awesome arse. Sometimes it is small and tight, other times it is big and lush, but black girls always have great bums. I asked Patrice if we could finish in doggy. She seemed to think this was a wonderful idea and as soon as we disengaged got on hands and knees. Her rump did not disappoint. Two beautiful dark brown hemispheres firm, round and resilient. I paused admiring them for a moment and thinking this was going to be the best fun of the afternoon so far. And so it proved. I fed my cock back up inside Patrice's snug quim again and started banging away at those juicy buttocks and could scarcely hold back from yodelling with delight. Patrice moved eagerly beneath me encouraging me to fuck her hard and we got into a perfect rhythm. Awesome stuff! Being round three, it would have been an effort to come quickly anyway, but this was so delightful I wanted it to last, and certainly I seemed to be pounding away at Patrice's delightful backside for ages and ages and harder and harder before finally with a loud groan I came deep inside her.

I could have quite understood if Patrice decided she'd had enough of me after than, but no she made the whole session seem perfect by cuddling up next to me and chatting for a quite long while afterwards. I'd noted a distinct transatlantic twang to her voice and on inquiry she confessed to being American by birth, having come over from Chicago. I didn't inquire too much on how long she is staying over here - but I hope it's for a good long while.

Eventually I dragged myself up off the bed and headed upstairs for a little more refreshments. Pretty soon though Lady M was insisting I head back downstairs again because there was only half an hour left. In the past I've always been able to manage four sessions at a two hour party, but I've noticed it's become more of an effort over the last couple of years and I wasn't any too sure I could manage another round. However I obeyed orders and headed down and scarcely had I got to the bottom of the stairs than Sabrina was taking me by the hand and leading me off to the front bedroom again.

I started off licking her pussy and then she got us into a 69. I was not responding though. Sabrina seemed to enjoy me licking her pussy, but her oral attentions to my cock while very pleasant didn't seem able to arouse my reluctant member.

Then after what seemed an age, my cock woke up and with some vigorous wanking and a firm bit of sucking I was hard. It would have been simplest I suppose to let Sabrina finish me by hand, but that seemed like cheating. I called for a condom, and got her to bend over the bed so I could mount her from behind. Then I started hammering away at her lovely taut arse. It was a wild ride. Pumping away as hard and fast as I could I could feel my orgasm slowly building. I could well have understood Sabrina objecting to this, but not at all, she took her pounding like a trooper and encouraged me on. I was beginning to see spots before my eyes, would I collapse with a seizure or would I come? At last panting for breath I reached my peak and with a bellow of triumph finally reached my climax. Panting I collapsed on the bed. Sabrina fanned me a bit as I was obviously overheated, and then Karen appeared and seemed to have designs on starting a session with me even though it was really time to be wrapping up. She seemed most disappointed when I said I was completely worn out.

After a while I staggered to my feet and managed to have a shower before dragging my weary body upstairs to say farewell, to thank the ladies and to wish all and sundry a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Splendid fun with a lovely bunch of ladies. There are few more delightful ways of spending a couple of hours than at Lady M's and after one as much fun as this, I have to ask myself why I don't do it more often. Of course my punting activities are rather curtailed at the moment for financial reasons, but I think I'll make an effort to do more of this when current problems are resolved.
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