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No. 95551 - Published 23 Jan 2010

Review of Eva of London

Details of Visit
Location 2:Bermondsey
Type of Visit:Incall
Date and Time of Visit:Sun 6 Dec 2009 12.00
Duration of Visit:3 hrs
Amount Paid:270

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Details of Service Provider

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The Premises
Easy to find very Flat in Bermondsey, about 5 min walk from Bermondsey underground Station. Out side the Flat is a block of Flats look like Council Flats, in side is clean and tidy and nice.
The Lady
Eva is friendly Girl from Poland, Mid/Late 20s, about 5' 5? tall, slim build and good sexy shape body, friendly and nice girl
The Story
Eva is not the girl in the photo on that time. However, she was friendly and nice girl, so I stayed with her and I don't want upset the situation.

Not the experience I expected due to the fact of confusing and false advert.

Eva is one of the girls who is for working for the well known Flat in Bermondsey. This is just a basic experience and nothing special. started with nice OWO and little bit Reverse Oral and Reverse massage and sex in missionary position. Eva is very friendly and and nice girl, but she has her limitations and No Kissing etc. According to my experience about this flat seems to be cater for short appointments due to the fact that the girls seems to have a certain routine. I booked for three hours but left 30 min earlier due to the fact that everything is limited and no intimacy. I am sexually adventurous, so vanilla sex not suit me well.

Eva is nice and lovely girl and I think that Eva is ok for shorter appointment to have a simple and straight forward experience. All the confusions are nothing to do with Eva, she is just doing what she can that's all.

You can find the details of Eva on that site. This is the one of those Flats that has many adverts on that site with multiple profiles as independent girls with various photos and locations. Because the advert on that site has fake photos, when you visit, you might see another girl under the name Eva. Because you may see a different girl under same advert, so this report become null and void. I am moving on to explore more.

Even though Eva is ok girl for just for simple service type experience, I cannot recommend her because, when you go there, you may see a different girl under the same avert..

Even though advertised as independent, but actually, Eva working for the Flat. Even when I phoned, the remote receptionist pretended to be Eva.
You can see the full details of how the Flats operates in the Important Note section in the FR No: 94028, FR No:94612
Eva's public photos on that site not real (but I don't know about private photos - to see the private photos, you have to pay for it !!)
The price charged was higher than stated on the web site (one hour price is fine, but 2 and 3 hour prices are higher !!)

I have met Diana, Ela, Samantha and Laura in this flat and I had great time with these girls. Seems to be the management has changed or moved hands

Having gone through all the confusions, even though that other site has many false and confusing adverts that put you off, but I must say that other site has lots of fabulous girls as well. Therefore, we have to sort out and find the gems by various ways of eliminating false ones

I have spend some time to research the internet and chatting with girls etc to find out how to find the false adverts and how the systems operates. However, even in tricky situations, some girls are very nice, all to do with the girls personality and attitude etc.

The following information is to indicate the loopholes in the systems. This might not 100 person fool proof,
but, give some clues about how to avoid false impersonators

False Adverts

As you know that most of the Flats who advertise in the Local paper that don't have websites
always have maids who is job is to persuade the prospective punters to the Flat by telling all sort of false information
about girls and their age and look and the services offers.

On the Other site, similar technique is used by the business who manage the girls.
The business put false adverts about the girls with false photos and false information about services offered and confusing pricing structure.
In some cases, one girl have 4 or 5 false advert on that site with different phone numbers and areas and prices etc. Look like these girls are working independently in different areas. But all of them are for a one girl working a same flat

When you call to this adverts, then you got the answer with very friendly girl who speaks communicative English with very friendly manor and very excited to see you soon as possible. This girl is employed by the business who work from remote location and act as an impersonator for many girls.

When you ask where you located, then you will be told to come to the particular Station and asked to call from there. This Station might be far from the area that you seen in the advert and the they never tell you the Street or Flat number.

Once you got there near the station, then you will be told to go to the particular street and asked to call from there and they never tell the flat number

Once you get to the street and call again then they tell the Flat number.
When you get into the Flat, the girl will be different and the price will be different and the services offered is very basic.

There are lots of adverts like this on that site. However, these adverts are put by the business and the girls work for the business and pay 50% to the business which is standard practice for Flats. Most of the girls prefer to work like this due to the fact that they don't have to manage adverts, renting places and paying bills etc. In most cases, the girls who works in these flats have no clue about how they have been marketed in the other site. Most of them don't work in a same place or same location for longer, they move around, sometime work for few moths and go back to home and come back after few weeks and work for someone else with different name photo etc. Business know this, that's why they rotate the girls and keep the adverts. At the end of the day, we are the ones who pay to get some nice time with girls end up with nothing. Business moves on and girls moves on to make money by all means of deception, but we lose.

One can ask, why then these false adverts are still going..for ever and ever... that is the question ... girls pointed out that whatever they put out there, always guys call ask lots of questions etc etc, so they put all sort of lies.. in other words they are pointing out we are complete mugs... and may be true in certain extend due to the fact that if we are smart enough then these false one never exists at all

Expectation Mismatch

When you go to the independent girl, then both knows how much for an hour and so on and girls knows what to provide and the guys know what to expect. But in improvised Flat situation that the guys think that they are paying to the girls and for example 100 and hour and expect something for that 100 pounds. However, the girls point of view, she only gets 50 pounds an hour, so she provide less. there is a mismatch in expectation that leads to unsatisfactory ends

Flats operation

In the conventional Flat operation, the business normally advertise in the Local paper and there is fixed land line number
and may another mobile number.
If you call the flat then, the maid tell you the prices and services and description of the girls
When you go to the flat, the maid will open the door and introduce the girls and you pick one girl and you pay the money to the maid
The Flat take 50% of the earning and 50% goes to the girls

Flats that operate using other site ( improvised )

a) You see an avert in the other site and look like the girl working as an independent
and all the wording seems like she love to do the job and love to meet you.
b) You call the the number and you her very nice friendly girl who love to see you
c) you go to the flat, and the girl open the door and directed to the bedroom and you pay the girl
and girl goes out and come back to the room.

The above scenario seems like you are meeting an independent girl. However, the reality is, that there are many hidden layers

d) The advert is put by the business and most of the cases that girls have no clue what they are putting or changing about them in the advert.
If you ask the girl about any issues regarding the advert, then the girl will tell you that she doesn't put the advert
but her friend put the advert so she doesn't have the knowledge what is in there (told by the business how to handle the clients)
These adverts are sometimes managed/edited from different countries (you can see IP location in the the bottom of the advert) . Some have number of business in different countries and the girls are rotated within. Some uses WAN, Roaming networks, IP cameras and Video conferencing etc for global management and communications.

Profile Swapping

All the profiles that are created for the girls who for the business is managed by the business.
These profiles are belongs to the business including phone numbers. so the girls have no control of it.
Therefore, any feedback on that profile can be kept by the business.
If the girls leave or move on, then the business will change the new girls photos and you see
the old feed backs that left for the old girls. You can cross check with the guys who left the feedback and
some of them who left feedback for girls saying that they did not see that particular girl.
Hence, number of feedback sometimes not for the girl who currently on that profile.
Also, the business keep the description and activities provided by as same as before
and the new girl may not have the clue what she is providing

Feedback (for girls)

Some of the feed backs are real, but most of them are very cleverly managed to boost the feed back numbers
If you cross check the feed backs, then you can find out what is going on.. some times, different names mentioned and this
an indication the profile swapped many times to boost the ratings.. feed backs left for different girl passed on to the other girl etc

I have met girls with more than 10 glowing feed backs and turned out to be very simple service. meanwhile, I met girls have no feed backs and they are good VFM and I had great time.

Reverse Feedback (for punters)
Only the real independent girls will leave the real feed back on guys, but most cases, the feed backs left by the business. you can see by looking the wording that very general rather that specific for that appointment. in some cases, the guys put notes on the feed backs saying I never seen this girl and so on.. our egos will be rubbed by the business (usually written by man) saying how they enjoyed ...... yum yum !!!!

If you ask the girl about the advert in the other site that is showing like the girl concern is an independent escort and all the activities that she enjoys etc etc. This will always turned out ( in most cases) to be that the girl has no clue about that site and no clue about what is saying about her in the advert. The whole process is managed by the people who runs the business and the girls don't have a clue about what is going on out there. They share the money (50/50) with the business and this is a usual practice in the normal flats that usually advertise in the local news papers

So, I have done some research on the other site and I have found that most of the girls are on that site advertises as independent is actually working for the Flats and only few are real independent girls. The Business employ the receptionist who works from remote location and if yo call a girl on their group then the receptionist answer the call and pretend be the girl that you are calling. Once you booked then the receptionist send a text message to the girl saying that a customer coming at certain time, that's all. The girl has no clue about the conversation you had with the receptionist who pretend to be the girl and you thought you spoke to the girl regarding about the booking. If you ask any queries regarding about anything you seen in the advert such as money, enjoy list etc, the receptionist always says yes to everything you ask and to make your that you go to the Fat. This technique is well known in the Normal Flats who advertise in the Local news papers that the maids job is to lure the customer to the Flat by saying everything under the sun to convince the prospective customer to come to the Flat.

you can check this. when you are with the girl, then call the number that you called before, and you will not hear any phone ringing in the flat
but some other girl will answer the phone from the remote location. Also, if you ask the girl to extend the booking, then she has to call someone to make sure. Now you know what is going on..

Scenario 1

I have seen an advert and very tempting and good value for money and nice looking girl.
Call the girl and booked the time and went to the address
Completely Different girl open the door saying that the Girl I supposed to see cannot make it due to some reason
and the girl who opened the door saying that she is free now and you can stay with me. However, the price will be higher
and the for higher price and nothing offered as you expected. This well known technique is used by some group of girls to make sure that the customers are coming to the door (most of the time the girls are successful in this type of well planed operations)

In this situation I waked out and I felt this is a rip-off

Scenario 2

I have seen an advert and very tempting and good value for money and nice looking girl.
Call the girl and booked the time and went to the address
The girl open the door who is the same as you seen in the web, but the price bit different and most the enjoy list that you have seen in the web not available. But the girl is very nice and sweet and lovely so I stay with the girl and having nice time regardless of all confusions

In this situation, I stayed with girl and had nice time because the girl was very nice and friendly even though some issues on initial booking.
However, if the girl is not I expected and she provide nothing in comparison then I will walk out.

At the end of the day, the girls makes the different. If the girl is happy to do what she is doing, then I am happy pay and stay longer with that girl.

Most of the these misleading adverts for targeting unsuspecting punters who have least experience or new to punting.

Also they put false adverts in various mediums such as message boards and listing sites.
For one girl, there will be many type of adverts in different mediums with different names, different prices etc.

Most of the girls working for the business, do not care about whether the punter comeback or not, because most of the time they don't, and the business knows about this, so the girls can getaway with just about anything and they don't bother about bad report etc, because they will be working in different names and different photos and different areas and so on. Even the business also like to move around the girls often to avoid the girls making regular clients whom they may have out side contact or moved to another business or go independent. hence, the business and the girls one way or another find a way to carry on doing what they do, and the punters are the losers.

Luckily, sometimes, we meet girls in these kind of situations, and due to the girl's natural friendliness and unique personality and attitude, we find real gems, but it is rare occurrence.

We assume that the girls who work from hotels are more likely to be independent, however, in reality, they also working for the business(not all of them,but many). What we see as a punter, is the tip of the iceberg, the real situation is very complicated and has many hidden layers and we don't have clue who is working their own, who is working for someone or are they working willingly and so on...

They are so deceptive in operating the business in cunning way, some guys convinced that the girl they see is a virgin girl who just see him and no other guys and what he pays her goes to her university education.. and she is very traditional girl who does not engage on anything other than just normal sex... I don't know what sort of guys are these.. .. this is why there are still all the con artist out there..

in my experience, if the girl is bubbly and happy and smiling and chatty and actively engage on the various sexual activities, then I assume that girl is happy to be a working girl whatever the situation is. meanwhile, if the girl not talking and avoiding eye contact and avoiding closeness and just behave like a lifeless person, then there will be many questions about what is going on here ...