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No. 111537 - Published 26 Nov 2012

Review of Maria of Invasian Asian Escorts London, London

Details of Visit
Author:Dr Steve
Location 2:Lancaster Gate
Type of Visit:Incall
Date and Time of Visit:Tue 2 Oct 2012 16:30
Duration of Visit:1 hour
Amount Paid:150

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Details of Service Provider
Profile Name:Invasian Asian Escorts London - click to view profile in a new window
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The Premises
Basement flat in small block less than five minutes walk from Lancaster Gate tube. It seems very extensive downstairs. The room Maria was using was a good size with a nice big bed with mirrored wardrobes well positioned to view the action. Good place for a punt!
The Lady
Pretty but less Asian looking than some Thai girls. Masses of curly hair (dyed blonde) plus very plump lips, which she likes to make use of. Small but curvy body with a lovely little bum and large (enhanced) boobs which are a nice balance of firmness and softness. All in an excellent little package.

Personality wise friendly, bubbly and a little manic. She talks a lot, but I find Thai accents quite hard to make sense of at the best of times and Maria's rapid delivery and somewhat fractured English makes it difficult to make sense of what quite a lot of what she was saying. What does come across loud and clear though at all times is that she is very eager to please.
The Story
For those who like it short and sweet:
Aisha's site uses an adjective that catches the spirit of a visit to Maria in a single word - "intense". I've had several pretty wild PSE sessions, but an encounter with Maria is breathtaking. Unless you have the stamina of an Olympian it is maybe a bit too non-stop and energetic for everyday, but it is amazing and unforgettable fun. If you fancy a non-stop session of raunchy fun with a tiny but sex crazed little beauty, you can't really do better than making a booking with Maria.

For the sake of my heart though I will probably indulge in a (slightly) more sedate and sophisticated session with Nana or Aisha for my next punt. Just as much fun but not (quite) as exhausting.

For those who need a bedtime story:
It is a strange thing with booking Maria. Each time she is my first choice on an appointment I'm not able to book her. Every meet I have had with she has been my second choice. This time having already seen Maria recently (when she was my back up for Aisha), I decided I should see Nana. But Nana was not available, Without much thought I then asked about Maria expecting she would either be busy or taking the day off. I was a little disconcerted when Aisha told she was sure she'd be available. I was going to need to a bit more energetic than I had originally supposed!

I rolled up slightly early as usual and had to kill a minute or two before I wandered down to Maria's flat. I was admitted by the lovely lass wearing as usual her 'porn star schoolgirl' outfit, with long stripy socks and boobs bursting out of the top of her blouse. She started off sedately (by her standards), grabbing me, sticking her tongue down my throat and groping my cock through my trousers. There was a little break as she went off to get me a beer, during which time I disrobed, then I was tugged off to the bathroom (guess what Maria was tugging on). I had requested a shared bath in advance and Maria never one to do things by half had been a little overenthusiastic about filling the bath. I helped her off with her with her clothes not ignoring the chance to grope her curves a bit as I did so of course. Then I got into the bath. The water level rose up to the overflow pipe, Maria joined me and it was almost sloshing over the rim.

She let out a little water before giving me a wash involving a lot of bath gel being smeared over her body and her body been liberally rubbed up and down over mine, together with her fingers first washing my cock, balls and the crack of my arse before attempting to push up into my fundament. I arched up a bit at this and she slid her knees under my buttocks to push my groin closer to the surface of the water before fastening her mouth on my dick. I was needless to say bone hard by this time and Maria's avid oral assault on my swollen member was almost too much! I tugged her away from her lollipop and suggested we should head back to the bedroom. After another couple of eager slurps at my cock Maria agreed scrambling out of the bath.

We towelled ourselves dry and she put her high heels back on before heading back to her boudoir. Here she grabbed a bottle of body oil which she smeared over her back, her bum, her boobs encouraging me to rub it in as she pulled me close for some more Hoover like deep kissing. Then I was pushed onto my back so she could rub her taut little body up and down mine. Once more her mouth fastened on my cock her head pushing down until my knob head was pushing against her tonsils. Moaning and groaning in delight I feared I might come too soon so diverted her attention to my balls. She was eager to oblige rolling them around in her mouth before rolling me sideways and pushing my right leg up so she could start to tongue my anus. After lapping away at my bum hole for a little while she moved back up to my balls and then indulged in some vigorous cock sucking again.

I was then rolled onto my back with my legs pushed up and a pillow placed under my hips so she could dig her tongue into my arsehole again. I moaned with delight, my cock so hard it hurt, as she gave me a prolonged rimming. Sensing I was ready for release, Maria moved up, rolling my balls around in her mouth before fastening her lips over my swollen knob. Then her head bobbed up and down enthusiastically on it until I erupted in her mouth with a roar of delight.

Maria held my shuddering manhood deep until she was sure she'd milked out ever drop of my spunk then with a wicked grin moved up and kissed me, transferring some of my cum into my mouth. I know some guys love snowballing and others find in disgusting. I'm probably nearer to the latter camp than the former, but with Maria it seemed natural and highly erotic. Laughing at the look on my face as our lips parted, she skipped out of the bedroom presumably for a mouthwash. She wasn't gone long, but I heard her chatting with another girl before she got back. I know at least one other escort works from the flat, but it seems such a warren of rooms I guess there could be more.

It would be a little while before I was ready for round two. With another girl, I might expect to have been offered a massage, but caught up in her mood I was keen to continue with erotic activities as soon as she returned, getting her to sit at the edge of the bed while I knelt between her legs and lapped at her pussy. Maria seemed to enjoy this, indeed after a few minutes she was wriggling and writhing about and holding my face firmly against her crotch as she moaned in delight. However Maria seemed keen on getting at my cock again, so after a bit I was pushed away so she could give it a good sucking. Then I moved over her so she could lick my arse a bit while I wanked myself to full hardness.

Time for sex - but first a little dressing up. In addition to asking for a bath with Maria I'd asked if she could have some boots to put on. I wasn't sure if the message hadn't got through or not, but earlier I'd spotted there were a suitably kinky pair among the pile of Maria's footwear, so I dug them out and we spend a minute or two getting them on her. Usually this kind of distraction has an effect on my erection, but I was as hard as ever at the sight of the little wench in her long black boots. Then it was on with the condom and Maria rolled onto her back and opened her legs invitingly. I moved between them and eased my swollen knob into her warm tight pussy.

Soon I was pushing her legs upon my shoulders and pinning them back as I began pumping away plunging deep into her belly with each thrust. Maria did her best to rock up to meet me, moaning in delight. Glancing sideways I had a perfect view of her little body trapped beneath mine, her legs pushed up so the toes of boots pointing at the opposite wall. Looked great - felt even better! I enjoyed her lovely little body like this for a while before pushing both of her legs up over one shoulder. While Maria seemed to enjoying what I was doing she decided that she could improve on matters, grabbing a vibrator up off the bed and having activated it and with her legs pressed close together endeavoured to push it up into her pussy to join my pistoning cock. For me the sensation was interesting, but it seemed to drive Maria wild. She urged me to up my pace, which I did and in a moment or two she was writhing about beneath me going wild as my cock and her sex toy pushed up into her love tunnel. It was obvious she was going to come. It needed a major effort on my part both to keep up with her frantic rhythm and also hold back my own climax. I managed both though it was an effort.

After her shudders subsided a bit and the vibrator was removed I suggested it might be time for me to stop fucking her pussy and try out her tight little rear entrance. Maria gave me a quick grin and made a grab for the lube. This was smeared around liberally and then she pulled her knees back so that I could guide my cock up to her little rosebud. Pressing firmly against it I gained admittance and with a mutual gasp I slid deep into Maria's bottom. Tucking her legs up over my shoulders again I began pumping away, slowly to start then with more vigour as she opened up for me. It felt awesome and Maria gave every evidence of enjoying herself too as my cock plunged balls deep into her fundament. I sodomised her for some minutes like this with long deep strokes. But I hadn't had her from behind yet and my favourite way of finishing a punt is with a session of doggy anal, so eventually I disengaged asking her to roll over. Maria eagerly obliged and I remounted her easing my cock past her tight little ring and full length up her rectum and began to ride her taut little rump hard. Maria's firm round buttocks rammed back into me and the grip of her sphincter began the work of milking me. It took a little while, every moment ecstasy, until with a final roar of delight I spunked up inside her.

We remained locked together for an age until the throbbing of my cock began to subside. Eventually I pulled myself off little Maria and bubbling with cheerfulness she helped dispose of the condom and clean up a little. Then we cuddled on the bed for a bit before she suggested we have another bath. I agreed and off we went to the bathroom again. The bath seemed fuller of water than before now and Maria seemed more eager to get my cock to rise again rather than to wash off the sweat we had built up. Had I let her I was pretty sure she would have succeeded. This despite her telling me she had another appointment quite shortly and needed to get ready.

It seemed I needed to be the one to act responsibly and get us out of the bath and to the point of getting dressed. It was hard to resist her imprecations, but with iron resolve I heaved myself out of the bath and grabbed my towel. Maria gave me a peeved look as she continued to lounge in the bathwater, and then with a little shrug told me I should head back to the bedroom and she would be with me in a minute. I did as I was told and started dressing. She joined me in a minute or so and it took her little time to pull on her own clothes. I watched as she covered her body up again in her sexy schoolgirl outfit. It was hard not to feel jealous that someone else was going to be enjoying that lovely little bundle of fun in a short while. Once we were both suitably attired and after some cuddles and kisses I was conducted to the door and stumbled up the stairs into the early evening with a big grin on my face and wobbly knees.

Awesome and exhilarating but occasionally exhausting to keep up with. Maria is a dynamo of lust. For all the amazing fun you have during a visit, she seems to enjoy herself even more and you feel you are letting her down if you don't try to keep up.

If you want the exotic eroticism of the east in a punt I think are better off with the slower burn of a visit to the likes of Aisha or Nana or Shakira (the finish can be as frantic as you like, but the build up is part of the fun). However if you are feeling energetic and want a non-stop wall-to-wall PSE Maria has few peers. Slower burn for me next time, but I'll be back for non-stop soon!
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