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No. 112311 - Published 29 Jan 2013

Review of Cherry of Invasian Asian Escorts London, London

Details of Visit
Author:Dr Steve
Location 2:Bayswater
Type of Visit:Incall
Date and Time of Visit:Fri 4 Jan 2013 15:45
Duration of Visit:1 hour
Amount Paid:150

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Details of Service Provider
Profile Name:Invasian Asian Escorts London - click to view profile in a new window
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The Premises
Cherry work from a flat a few minutes walk from both Bayswater and Queensway tube stations. Typical escort flat, spacious bedroom, with a big bed, sofa and nicely positioned mirrors, though rather gloomy. The bathroom is a little on the small side and Cherry's case perhaps in need of a bit of maintenance, but clean and tidy. Nothing special, but perfectly pleasant and comfortable.
The Lady
Cherry's body is typical Thai escort and then some - i.e. very sexy. She's small and slim with large firm boobs (enhanced of course) and a taut little arse being smooth shaven down below but for a little strip. A feature, which has been made a point of in the past, is the elaborate tattoo on her back. Apparently some people find such things off-putting, but not I. Truth to tell if we were able to communicate better, I'd have been keen to understand what it's all about. She is IMHO very attractive although perhaps she tends to overdo the war paint.

Like most Thai girls I find Cherry's conversational English rather hard to follow - but I suspect this is as much my problem as much as hers. Instructions during sex (eg 'fuck my tight arse with your big cock') curiously seem to be easier to understand.

Cherry has been working in London for some time now so is I guess one of the more "mature" Orientals around. Broadly this means she not only looks and acts as hot as hell but also backs it up with plenty of know-how and experience.

Personality wise she is very accommodating and friendly, but her manner is eccentric and occasionally a little manic. As regards what is and isn't allowed she is pretty wild and extreme. Cherry generally pushes my boundaries and I always have very raunchy and energetic sessions with her.
The Story
The sound-bite version:
I've visited Cherry many times - this was my 11th encounter - but for some reason I've never got around to posting an FR - so time to remedy the situation.

In short and simple terms. Cherry is one of the great exponents of the Asian version of a PSE. She is one of the more mature Asian ladies in London, but she still has the body and more important the enthusiasm and energy of a teenager. Not for the faint hearted for sure, but if you take the risk you will have a mind-blowing no-holds, no-holes barred experience. Awesome but slightly scary fun.

And for fans of the Peter Jackson style where things go on almost interminably:
Mainly I guess due to being one of Aisha's many fans, Invasian is generally the site I consider first when trying to decide which of the all too many options in London to investigate. There is little harm in this as her site lists so many delightful ladies. Booking is invariably polite and usually very efficient. On this day however there was a small error - caused by a single letter 'e'. The result however was I was stuck on Queensway mid afternoon my plans for a session with one of Aisha's new lovelies gone awry. Aisha did her best to rescue the situation by setting me up with a meeting with Cherry for a little later on. This was a bit irritating as when we confirmed matters I was virtually outside her flat, but it would be a good half hour before she would be able to see me. Still it gave me a bit more time to get myself in gear for another tussle with the little lady.

When it was time, I headed over to the block of flats where Cherry holds court. As last time the intercom was not very convincing, but after a little while I was buzzed in (this problem is noted on the web site). I ascended the stairs - I don't like the lifts in these places - and was soon knocking on Cherry's door. She greeted me in a pink bra struggling to encompass her boobs and a matching little frilly thing around her waist, which seemed to serve little or no purpose, as well as the usual high-heels. She had no knickers on.

Inside she was her usual slightly manic self and even more giggly than usual. She was eager to show me the antics of 'Gangham style' while giving me some Thai equivalent to Red Bull to drink (good idea when you are with Cherry!). I had a moment of panic locating my 'gift' before remembering I had tucked it in the book I'd been reading in the park waiting for my appointment. Having handed this over, I did my best to admire her 'Gangham style' video while I got my kit off and also divested Cherry of her minimal clothing - the better to grope her boobs and bum. Tearing herself away from her computer she led me off to the bathroom - to have a shower. I was puzzled that the head of the shower was missing (I later found it in the sink). Cherry explained this made it 'easier clean my ass'. Though not the conventional arrangement it proved adequate for my purposes. Then back to the bedroom, where Cherry did something too outrageous to go into, before taking my cock, now very stiff deep in her mouth.

After a moment she broke off to scamper around the bed and adjust the fan, I followed and having finished fiddling with the fan she dropped back to her knees so she could give me a good suck. I let her go at it for a while before I moved her down to my balls, and then put my leg up on the bed. Cherry took the hint and ducked under to tongue my arse. This was very nice, but the position a bit awkward for both of us and after a little while we decided to move onto the bed, me on my back, legs apart and Cherry between them first sucking on my cock before moving down to my balls and then pushing my legs up high while lashing my arsehole with her tongue. In a moment she was grabbing a cushion to push under my hips to give her better access. Not content with this she then grabbed her narrow headed anal vibrator and started applying this to my anus while lapping at my perineum and balls. On previous occasions she has endeavoured to push it up my arse, but on this occasion she seemed content with external stimulation.

The effect of all this was to make my cock so hard and swollen it felt as if it might burst, and have me gibbering with delight. She moved up to give my shaft a suck and then moved back to licking my arse. It wasn't long before I could bear this kind of thing no longer and urged her to move back to my cock. Taking me deep and bobbing her head up and down with gusto, Cherry brought me to a peak and with a shudder and a roar I exploded in her mouth. She held me between her lips until my body and my cock stopped convulsing grinning at me with her eyes. Finally she pulled away and giggling spat out my offering into some tissues. She bounced off the bed, fiddled with her laptop a bit to alter the background music and then rejoined me on the bed.

I encouraged her to move over me so she was sitting on my face allowing me to devour her pussy. Cherry pulled a new one on me, grabbing up her little vibrator and then carefully positioning it between my thighs and buttocks so it was buzzing against my asshole before resuming her position astride my mouth. Rather to my surprise this proved rather effective. The fun of lapping at her quim, the vibrator against my bum and a little judicious wanking of my cock and I revived far more quickly than I might have expected. Looking over her shoulder and seeing I was getting stiff, Cherry decided to get off me and take over. She fastened her mouth over my cock and sucked hard until I was hard too. She moved astride me once more, but now across my groin rubbing my cock between her pussy lips. I suggested we get a condom on. Cherry obliged without hesitation and in a moment or two was easing my swollen cock - now primly covered up - into her snug pussy. In a moment or two she was on her haunches bouncing herself up and down on my groin. This was a bit much for me, possibly for her too as soon Cherry moved so she was kneeling astride me after a little, but still riding me energetically.

This was pleasant, but generally I prefer being in the driving seat, so after a little while I rolled us over so I was on top. Pushing Cherry's calves up onto my shoulders I leant into her and began pounding her into the mattress. This was awesome fun and Cherry seemed to be enjoying herself too! The icing on the cake was I had an almost perfect view of the action in the big mirror on the wall at the foot of the bed. After a little while Cherry asked me to pause and scrambled off the bed to turn down the fan again. Then she returned and we continued where we had left with me pinning her legs back and pumping deep and hard into her warm snug snatch. We went at it like this for some while. Then Cherry eagerly rolled over so I could take her from behind. She placed her feet outside mine, I eased my cock back into her pussy and started pummelling against her taut buttocks. Glorious fun!

Cherry I know is somewhat more mature than the rather optimistic age attached to her profile on some escort sites. However with her hair tied up in bunches, today's especially giggly demeanour and her tiny body crouched in front of me, pumping back to meet my every thrust it was disturbingly easy to imagine I madly shagging a barely legal teenager. I pumped away long and hard - before asking Cherry if we might indulge in some anal. Knowing my perversity, I expect Cherry was probably waiting for this. There was certainly no hesitation. After lubing up - and this time tucking her legs between mine - I was encouraged to guide my knob head up to Cherry's posterior portal. After the application of some firm pressure I squeezed though her ring and deep into her fundament. Bliss! The Invasian site identifies Cherry as an 'A level expert' and they are not kidding!

Soon I'd moving up the gears and was pounding away at her bottom with gusto with Cherry going "Oo!" and "Ah!" in rhythm with my thrusts and grunts of delight. I continued pumping away hard for what seemed an age. Then Cherry urged me to pause a moment wriggled out from under me and dashed over to the fan again. We were too hot now. Giggling she scrambled back onto the bed and I took advantage of this little break to encourage a change in position, getting her to lie on her back and to let me pin her legs up as I had done earlier, only this time I was pistoning my cock deep into her arse not her pussy.

Cherry once more endured a firm reaming with me grunting in delight at the pleasure of her tight ring and velvet soft rectum. However she seemed a little less comfortable like this then when I had been taking her from behind. She urged me to disengage again, slipped from under me and scurried around the bed indicating I should follow. Then standing on the floor she bent over the bed supporting her weight with her hands. I moved around behind her and after she'd applied some more lube carefully squeezed up into her bowels again. I began pumping away but after a moment or two, Cherry urged me to fuck her pussy some more. I obliged by swapping holes before carrying on pistoning away.

I felt the sap rising, but wanted an anal finish so asked if I could put my cock back in her arse again. Cherry didn't have a problem with this, so yet again I eased up into her entrails. This time I set too with a will, hammering against her taut round buttocks as hard and fast as I could. A lot of guys don't seem to last very long fucking arse, but I generally find even a very tight ring takes its time to milk me - but the sensation is deliciously drawn out and so different from the way a pussy makes you come. Having pounded Cherry's bottom for what seemed an age I finally hit my peak and erupted deep in her fundament. It was awesome!

My cock was still twitching madly as my legs seemed to turn to jelly. I slumped forward over the little lady. As I slowly regained my senses I managed to pull myself off her and flop down on the bed beside her. Cherry seemed none the worse for being energetically sodomised for the last fifteen minutes or so. Giggling and grinning in delight at the state of collapse she had brought me to with her tight little bottom, she fussed about cleaning up and then she sat herself down at her desk and spent a minute or so making jottings in a little note book of some sort. Accounts? Notes on my performance? A shopping list? Who knows?

This brief interlude over she came back to me and checked I was okay. She suggested I might like another shower. This seemed a good idea, my time was up and I sensed she might have another customer due. Still on shaky legs I followed her back to the bathroom. A bit disappointingly I was left to wash alone. Returning to the bedroom, I started to get dressed. In the meantime Cherry slowed down a little. It seemed she thought she needed to rush a bit for her next client, but in fact due to the slightly odd time of my visit had a bit more time than she had originally believed. Anyway it was a change from a (gentle) hurry up, to a no hurry at all. However I was pretty much ready to go now anyway, so after exchanging hugs and kisses and a few gropes I suggested I should be on my way and Cherry led me to the door. A little dazed and very definitely with a warm glow I headed down the stair and out into the early evening.

As a coda I sent a text of thanks to Aisha, and got an apologetic one back from Tom. We all make mistakes - but it is nice to do business with an agency that admits to them.

Although I suppose I was rather disappointed and a bit let down not seeing who I had hoped to, Cherry certainly made up for it. The sex was as always an intense and delightful experience. She provided an all service workout, which was truly spectacular and provided me with lots of energetic shagging and two shattering orgasms. Her quirky and somewhat manic manner is not for all and even for me only in relatively small does, but it is mind-blowing if you summon up the courage to indulge. Caveats in place I'd highly recommend a visit.
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