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No. 118336 - Published 29 Oct 2014

Review of Cindy of London

Details of Visit
Author:Dr Steve
Type of Visit:Incall
Date and Time of Visit:Fri 10 Oct 2014 16:00
Duration of Visit:90 Minutes
Amount Paid:160

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Details of Service Provider

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The Premises
Cindy generally books a hotel room to work from. Always good quality, but it's always a bit of a mystery as to where you will end up meeting her. So far it's always been one somewhere on the West of London easily accessible by tube - this time near Hammersmith.

The room itself was comfortable, not huge, but certainly big enough for our purposes and well up to the standard I've been enjoying on recent business trips. It was up on the ninth floor so not exactly overlooked, but as with most escort encounters the curtains were drawn - pity as I always find natural light adds to an erotic encounter - but I must be honest I didn't ask Cindy if we could have them open. Some hotel bedrooms have mirrors strategically placed - alas not this one - but we did our best.
The Lady
Cindy is in her mid-twenties and has a mixed East European heritage involving Hungary, Russia and the Czech Republic, but she speaks perfect English with a subtle but sexy accent.

She is very pretty with a young and deceptively innocent face and long dark hair. Cindy may look innocent but her body is built for sin. Rarely have I encountered such a spectacularly voluptuous wench. She is quite petite, but her figure is quite glorious. Her large (32EE) enhanced boobs are beautifully shaped and the perfect blend of firmness and softness. Her waist is slim, her buttocks ample, round and firm and her legs are lovely too. The final little touch is she is shaven smooth as silk down below.

Her physical attributes are matched by her personality. Cindy is both friendly and sexy and knows when to talk as well as when not too. She is evidently intelligent and can hold a conversation, but when it gets down to erotic activities she performs with enormous enthusiasm and energy. And not least, she seems to enjoy her time with me almost as much as I enjoy my time with her, which always adds so much to the occasion.
The Story
The short and sweet version:
Cindy is very popular - booking a week or two in advance is a good idea. You'll understand why when you meet her. Very few girls look so good or deliver so well. GFE or PSE, energetic or sensuous, sophisticated lady or horny slut, she seems able to mix and match to whatever you desire. Definitely the find of the year for me!

And the long and chewy one:
This was my fourth visit to Cindy. I would have been to see her more often if it didn't require so much advance planning, my own schedule has been very erratic over the last few months, but for once I was able to plan ahead a couple of weeks and secure an appointment with the young lady. I've (rather timidly) tried a little role play with her on previous occasions, but this time opted to request a simple straightforward romp. I certainly got it!

Arriving outside the hotel I called Cindy for the room number, and headed in. I'm always a little nervous visiting girls in hotels - expecting to be challenged. Not so far though. Cindy greeted me in a little more clothing than I had requested, wearing a little black dress, which her boobs were threatening to burst out of the top of. She was also wearing spectacular heels - they must have been at least 6 inches since she is supposed to stand 5' 3", but was taller than me in them. We cuddled and kissed and I out slid my little gift for her. A bit more kissing and then I was sliding her dress up. Underneath she had on exactly what I'd requested, matching black lingerie and black stockings. Her thong left her ass cheeks bare and I groped them eagerly while she fumbled with my belt. Then she was sinking to her knees and pulling my cock out.

I was already growing hard, but after a quick suck, Cindy dragged me away from where we were by the window, to the hallway of the room so we were in front of the mirror, before kneeling down again and taking me in her mouth once more. It was good fun watching in the mirror as she sucked me hard. Bending forwards, I unclipped her bra and she shrugged it off. Now I could grope her splendid boobs, and leaning further forward stroke her arse. However one thing I really hate is having my trousers and pants bunched up around my ankles. I tugged Cindy back to her feet and shuffled back into the main part of the room before manoeuvring her onto the bed. She ended up on hands and knees and I bent down and pushed my face between her buttocks, tugging aside the crotch of her thong so I could lick her pussy and arse, while struggling to tug off my shoes and socks. It was a bit too much of a struggle and finally I tumbled over into a heap on the floor.

With a few pithy comments I tugged off my remaining clothes then scrambled back onto the bed. Cindy grabbed my cock and as I knelt up by her head, she proceeded to give me a vigorous blowjob, while I was able to reach over and rub her pussy through her thong. But I wanted more, and stretching over, eased her thong down over her hips, then down her thighs. In a moment or two we were in a full 69, with me on top, my cock deep in Cindy's mouth while I buried my face in her shaven haven. I slid off her shoes too, so she was left only in her stockings and suspenders - just the way I like it. We continued like this for a little, and then I straightened up a little, rubbing her soaking wet clitty while Cindy continued to work wonders on my cock. It was getting too much. I wanted to come. I rolled onto my back and ordered Cindy between my legs. With a wicked grin on her face she obliged and crouching between my legs took me deep in her mouth again, her head bobbing up and down eagerly urging me on. With moans and groans of delight I felt my spunk beginning to boil up and then with a roar I exploded, squirting out my lust against her tonsils. She held me there as my body shuddered and shook and my cock twitched and throbbed, then pulled away, favouring me with her oh-so-naughty grin before skipping off to the bathroom for a quick mouth wash.

We had a little cuddle on Cindy's return, but while it was going to take me at least a little while to recover, I still felt damn horny, so soon I had her straddle my face so I could lick her out. Cindy let me do this for a minute or two and then pulled away telling me she couldn't come like this. She rolled onto her back and spread her legs wide. Accepting the invitation I moved between them and started lapping at her quim and clit once more. I was down there for quite a long time, Cindy getting more and more excited. Her moans grew louder, her hips writhed and finally after long minutes she squealed and squirmed and pushed me away grinning in delight.

I had no intention of giving Cindy much respite though. While I'd been licking her, I'd been encouraging my cock back to life and was hard again. Cindy gave me a quick suck, but I was anxious to fuck that tasty little quim I'd been feasting on for so long, so I urged her to find me a condom. She obliged, complaining as she did so, that it was hard to find a condom big enough for my 'enormous' cock. I took this with the appropriate pinch of salt. My cock was certainly as long and hard as it ever gets - and I've no cause for complaint about it's size - but it is certainly not 'enormous'.

I lay back and despiter her comments it was no challenge to roll on the rubber. Once I was properly attired, Cindy took the initiative and swung her left leg over me feeding my cock up into her snug pussy. It felt wonderful. Once more she protested at my size. With anyone else, it could easily have been OTT, but with Cindy it was all too easy to fantasise I was ploughing her with a huge cock. Pedant that I am though, I still felt obliged to correct her. It was not the size of my cock, but the tightness of her quim that was the source of the awesome sensations as she began to slowly ride me. And then there the sight of her glorious big boobs bobbling gently with her movements! And to top it all that wicked smile of delight on her lips as she pleasured me and told me how wonderful I felt inside her. I reached up to cup and squeeze her breasts and pushed my hips up to meet her.

I let Cindy ride me for quite a while. But truth is I like to be in charge. I shuffled us over to the edge of the bed, and then sat up. Next with one hand under Cindy's bum and the other around her back, I stood up, lifting her with me. She gave a little squeak of alarm - as most girls do when I do this - but relaxed again as I turned and lowered her back down onto the bed. I now was standing by the bed and pushing her legs up onto my shoulders and leaning forwards to force them up over her head I was able to bury my cock full length into her tight little pussy. It was glorious, Cindy's amazingly sexy body was at my mercy as I pumped deep into her belly and she stared up at me admiringly gasping how my 'big cock' was stretching her open. It sounded a bit corny - like the dialog from a porn movie - but for all that added a great buzz to what was already an incredibly erotic situation.

I was in heaven. I set up a steady rhythm pistoning my cock in and out and grunting and groaning in delight. After several long minutes of awesome fun I took mercy on the beautiful wench who was contorted beneath me, letting her up. Cindy seemed to anticipate what I wanted without me telling her, rolling onto hands and knees. I clambered up onto the bed and moved around behind her. The sight of this gorgeous beauty, dressed only in her stockings and suspenders, crouching down waiting for me to mount her gave me a moment's pause it was so jaw droppingly sexy. I was on fire with lust now. Shuffling up behind her glorious bum I guided my cock into position and speared her hot little snatch with my swollen knob once more.

Then I was pounding away at her generous buttocks, holding her hips and watching in awed fascination as they quivered under my assault. Cindy urged me on telling me how much she loved me fucking her from behind. I hammered away until sweat was pouring down my body, altering positions as I did so, sometimes reaching under her to grab her heavy boobs, sometimes straightening up as she buried her head submissively in the sheets. Slowly I felt my orgasm creeping up, but I was in no hurry. It took several minutes of build up before finally got to the boil. Then after pumping away like a dervish I was roaring in delight as I exploded deep inside her.

I slumped over Cindy soaked in sweat and limp as jelly, my cock still throbbing inside her. After a minute or so I rolled off her back. Chuckling she helped dispose of the condom then snuggled down beside me. We chatted a little, of this and that. Before long however I was succumbing to temptation, and playing with her amazing boobs again. Then I rolled her over onto her back to unclip her suspender belt and roll off her stockings. After a bit of sucking I got her to move up so I could play with her boobs and give myself a bit of a wank. In remarkably little time I was growing hard. Cindy grabbed a condom and rolled it on and we got off the bed and moved over to where wardrobe was opposite the mirror. Cindy expressed a desire for us to try fucking in front of the mirror. Bracing herself across the narrow entrance corridor into the main part of the room, she lifted a leg up high and I attempted to slip in from behind. Unfortunately this didn't really work out too well, not least since I wasn't quite fully up. To get this kind of position to work you need to be really hard.

At this point Cindy had to confess she'd forgotten to bring along something I'd asked for. I was a bit disappointed, but not really distressed. However she apologised so profusely, I felt obliged to threaten her with a spanking for her careless omission.

At this point however Cindy had me so horny at this point I was really just keen to get my swollen member back into her snug little pussy. The randy wench positioned herself on hands and knees in the middle of the bed and waggled that magnificent arse at me. In doing so she short-circuited the idea of me putting her over my knee. I was suddenly as hard as bone and desperate to fuck. Leaping up onto the bed to join her, I wasted no time sliding in from behind. Then I was hammering at those resilient round buttocks, thrusting as deep as I could into her hot warm snatch. I landed some firm whacks on the cheeks of her bum as I pounded away - not the stern spanking the lovely wench had escaped - but the best I could manage given the urgency of riding her as hard and fast as I could. Cindy urged me not only to pump her hard (with my 'huge' cock) but to smack her arse too. I did my best to oblige!

After what seemed an age of this wonderful activity. I paused for a moment, but only grab a quick breather as I rolled her over onto her back. Then I was pinning back her legs with my shoulders and getting back to pounding away at the voluptuous minx. Splendid fun, but I was getting a bit tired now and after a couple of minutes lost it a bit. I withdrew, kneeling up and giving myself a bit of wank to try and stiffen myself up. Cindy splayed her legs wide, rubbing her pussy and talking dirty. The sight of this amazing beauty playing with herself and begging for me to get hard and fuck her some more had the desired effect after a little while and in a few minutes I was once more as stiff as iron.

I moved over Cindy pushing her legs up high and pronged her once more. Then I was pumping away hard, doing my best to pound the poor girl through the mattress. Slowly my sap was rising, but my goodness it took some time and effort to get me to the boil. I didn't mind - rarely have I had so much fun - and if Cindy was not quite having so much fun being on the receiving end, her enthusiastic gasps of encouragement didn't show it. Finally after what seemed ages, I was on the brink. Cindy gazed up at me laughing with delight as finally with a roar my orgasm hit and I exploded deep inside her.

After long seconds, I finally began to come down and the mad throbbing of my cock buried in Cindy's quim began to slow. My back was cold as the film of sweat on it began to evaporate. Suddenly exhausted, I struggled to pull myself off my bedmate, to withdraw my cock and to slump down beside her. I was muttering "Wow!", and giggling inanely. Cindy chuckled to see what she had wrought.

Slowly we wound down. The condom was tidied away and we snuggled up to chat. We discovered further intersections in our international travels. On an earlier visit she was surprised to find I was familiar with a town in the Czech Republic where she is planning to buy a house. Now we found she likes to shop in another Czech city, where I have relatives, and the Dutch city where I had been working all summer.

Alas all too soon it was time to be going. A minor disappointment in that Cindy did not join me in the shower. And a bit of a disappointment too that it was not until I went to the bathroom, I realised the shower was so big. If I'd known earlier, I would have been tempted to suggest we try shagging in there too. Emerging I found Cindy had covered her spectacular body up with a black satin robe, but her ample charms were still apparently eager to jump out. Having spent 90 minutes with her I felt fantastic, but utterly shattered. But tired as I was, I knew Cindy would have had no problem in tempting me back to life at a moment's notice - and she knew it too! Thankfully she restrained herself and allowed me to get myself dressed as we continued to chatter. Then with cuddles and kisses she allowed me out.

With wobbly knees I stumbled down the corridor to the lifts. I trust no one paid too much attention to the silly grin plastered over my face as I made my way past reception and down the road to the tube station.

A spectacular time with a spectacular young lady. I've been with lots of great girls and have lots of great punts, but few ladies ignite quite such a level of pure lust in my heart as young Cindy. Some like a romantic GFE and I'm damn sure Cindy does this very well, but I love energetic, lust fuelled romps and in this Cindy fulfils my desires to the hilt.

Her enthusiasm, her keenness to please and that glorious body - what more could a man ask for? Well perhaps a couple of hours in an oxygen tent afterwards to recover!!

Definitely recommended - even if it means the waiting list to see her will get even longer.
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