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No. 124642 - Published 29 May 2017

Review of Cindy of Central London

Details of Visit
Author:Dr Steve
Type of Visit:Incall
Date and Time of Visit:Fri 5 May 2017 15:00
Duration of Visit:90 Minutes
Amount Paid:180

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Details of Service Provider
AW Profile ID:1577083
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The Premises
Cindy generally books a room in a good standard London hotel to work from. They are of equivalent or somewhat higher than I get when travelling on business. This hotel was in the St John's Wood area and her room was rather nice. The mirror was visible from the bed, which is always good, and there was a bit more space around the bed than is sometimes the case.

While hotel rooms are okay, they do lack the extra touches an imaginative girl can indulge in when working from in a more permanent location and I do sometimes regret Cindy hasn't decided to rent a place and invest a little effort in making a herself a real boudoir to entertain in.
The Lady
Cindy is an EE mix. She's lived in the UK for many years so her English is perfect but she has a slight EE accent making her voice very sexy. As I recall she told me her parents were Hungarian and Russian, but she was born in Prague. Whatever her origins she is physically a spectacularly voluptuous wench. She is very pretty with a young and deceptively innocent face and long dark hair. She's in her mid-twenties I'd guess, but from the neck up could easily fool you she was no more than eighteen. Below the neck, her body is a bit too well developed - but in the nicest possible way - for someone quite so young.

She is only 5' 3" (I do prefer my ladies on the small side) and her figure is jaw dropping. Her large (32EE) enhanced boobs are beautifully shaped and the perfect blend of firmness and softness. Her waist is slim, her buttocks ample, round and firm and her legs are lovely too. Between her legs she is shaven silky smooth. Overall she is a wet dream personified.

Her amazing physical attributes are more than matched by her personality. Cindy is both friendly and sexy and knows when to talk as well as when not too. She is evidently intelligent and can hold a conversation, but when it gets down to erotic activities she performs with enthusiasm and energy and oodles of talent. To top it off she seems to enjoy her time with me almost as much as I enjoy my time with her, which always adds extra fillip to an encounter.

She is simply the consummate escort.
The Story
The 'Readers Digest' version:
'X PLATINUM x CINDY X' is a very popular young lady on Adult Work and with very good reason. I think Cindy is one of the most fun girls I've had the good luck to meet, and with nearly 1500 positive feedbacks its pretty obvious most of her visitors agree. Very few girls look so good or deliver so well. GFE or PSE, energetic or sensuous, sophisticated lady or horny slut, she seems able to mix and match to whatever you desire. You need to book a good way in advance to see her, but it's worth the wait.

And the 'War and Peace' one:
Cindy's big drawback is she is just so good, you have to book ages in advance and my schedule is usually too erratic for me to know what I am doing more than a week in advance. In the end I managed to do some forward planning and set up a booking, but then on the day unforeseen events forced Cindy to cancel. Fortunately we were able to reschedule for the following week. It was a lovely day and I arranged matters so I could take a long walk from the West End to her hotel so I could get myself into the mood - that worked out well as did the whole event. Once near the hotel, I texted Cindy to let her know and she texted back with how to find the lifts and her room number, so I was able to stride in confidently and head on straight up to her room.

As now seems traditional for our meetings I'd proposed a little role-play. Cindy was to be a secretary wanting a promotion - one she needed my recommendation for. To ensure she got her promotion, she'd come over to London and invited me to meet her in her hotel room. She'd followed my requests on outfit pretty well, jacket, blouse, bra, short tight skirt and knee boots. I'd wanted Cindy to be wearing boots you might actually see a woman in an office wear and she'd obliged nicely with a pair where the heels were not excessively high. I love her stratospheric thigh highs, but they wouldn't have fitted the fantasy. We moved into the scenario as I entered, with me asking why she'd wanted me to see her and Cindy's hand going to my crotch while she was telling me she really wanted her promotion and hope she could persuade me to recommend her. It was pretty obvious how she intended to persuade me!

I found myself almost trembling with lust already. Keeping to the script I told Cindy she was very naughty. She pressed on being very forward and in response I found myself sitting down on the bed and tugging her over my lap. I gave her bottom a few wacks - not too hard, then stroked her bum and commenting I could feel her suspender straps under her skirt. I tugged up her skirt hem - to find a bit of a deviation from the scenario - the naughty wench hadn't got any knickers on. I punished Cindy with a few more wacks to her bare arse. Then I tugged open my trousers and ordered her to suck my cock. I promised Cindy I'd recommend her for her promotion - but only if she worked hard enough to persuade me! While she sucked on my cock we got her blouse off then her bra so I could play with her enormous tits. Then I was struggling out of my shirt. I tugged Cindy to her feet and then pushed her onto her back on the bed. Kneeing down on the floor I buried my face in her pussy while I kicked off my shoes, my socks my trousers and my boxer shorts. Now I was bollock naked.

Cindy wanted to suck my cock, I clambered onto the bed and she fastened her mouth over my boner. I was really steamed up now and I was so hard it hurt. After a bit of oral Cindy lay back and let me straddle her so I could fuck her awesome tits. Some more cock sucking before I got Cindy to take off her skirt so she was dressed only in her suspender belt, stockings and boots - just how I wanted her. At this point Cindy grabbed a condom wanting me to fuck her.

I have to admit to being a bit of a slave to routine on punts - round one oral to completion - round two lots of hard fucking. This is mainly because I generally come very quickly during sex first time around. However meets with Cindy are not quite like the rest of my punts and Cindy just had me feeling so horny, I fell in with her plan at once. We got the rubber rolled on - it didn't take more than a few moments - then she rolled onto her back and spread her legs, with me moving between then to spear her with my straining boner.

Cindy requested I take her slowly to start to let her adjust to my 'enormous' cock (no, it's not 'enormous', but you can't help but believe it the way Cindy says it). I obliged, easing myself carefully up into her snug wet quim and then fucking her slowly in conventional mish for a minute or so before pushing her legs up onto my shoulders so I could get really deep and then upping the pace somewhat so I was giving her a good pumping. I found that for once I was in good control of myself, able to bang away quite eagerly, but without losing control. I worked myself up until I was nearly ready to blow. Cindy could see I was close and encouraged me by begging me to come in her pussy. I had other plans though, telling her I wanted to spunk in her mouth. Cindy seemed eager to oblige, so I pulled out, stripped off the condom and moved up so she could take me between her lips. She set to work sucking my cock vigorously, alternating with wanking it while licking my balls. Then finally she fastened her mouth over my bell end, her head bobbing back and forth rapidly until I exploded in her mouth with a roar of delight. She seemed pleased with herself, but commented she'd never seen me quite so horny. She was right. It is rare I get quite this fired up.

After popping out to the bathroom for a little mouthwash, Cindy returned and we chatted a bit, but like she said, I was feeling very horny in her presence today and soon I indicated it was time for more fun and games. To encourage me, she started playing with her vibrator, probing her pussy while I watched and wanked. Soon I was growing hard again. It was not long before I felt ready and we found another condom. This was rolled on and in a moment or two I had Cindy on her back again, her legs up on my shoulders and my swollen cock pumping deep into her tight quim.

This was delightful. I pistoned away for quite a while before Cindy seemed to be feeling the strain of being almost folded in half beneath me and suggested we change position with her on top. I was happy to oblige, but rather surprised when she mounted me facing my feet. It seems a very long time since I had a girl ride me like this. Not that I had a problem with it. It felt divine, and the sight of Cindy's glorious rump bouncing up and down on my swollen cock was awesome. After some minutes we decided on a change of position, Cindy turning herself around to face me. The visuals were arguably even better now, with Cindy's glorious boobs bouncing about and in easy reach if I wanted to squeeze and caress them, and then there was that wicked grin of enjoyment plastered over her face.

I let her bounce up and down a while longer, and then rolled us over so I was on top again. I was feeling really horny now and set to work trying to pound her right through the mattress. After a bit I felt I was getting close, but there was one position we hadn't tried yet. Tugging myself off her, I got Cindy to roll over onto hands and knees so I could take her from behind. Moving in I pronged her and set to work hammering away at those lovely round buttocks grunting in animal lust as I build myself up to a big finish. It took a bit longer than I expected and probably Cindy was beginning to feel the strain when I finally got to the point of no return and with a suppressed roar of delight exploded balls deep inside her. Awesome!

After a little while the room stopped spinning and I managed to pull myself off Cindy to collapse into the sheets laughing in delight. Cindy complimented me on my performance - though in truth I felt it was she who had done all the hard work. God sex with this woman is just amazing.

I was in need of a rest now and I had in mind a little diversion, namely getting Cindy to model one of her swimsuits. Alas the one that I really wanted her to wear has gone missing. She thought it had got put away in her loft at some stage. Instead she modelled her turquoise bikini, which also appears in several places in her Adult Work gallery. Very nice, if not quite as spectacular as the one I'd had in mind.

After a bit she skinned off her bikini pants and sat in the armchair playing with herself while I wanked myself hard again. It took some time, I'm not as young as I was and getting it up three times in 90 minutes is probably my limit. I did have some reinforcements though.

A few months back while visiting a stunning Polish lady called Maggie, she'd produced a cock ring to assist me when I was having a little difficulty keeping it up at the tail end of our meeting. I should perhaps say Maggie occasionally does duo sessions with Cindy - a dream combination - but I'm not sure one I could actually emerge alive from! Anyway I'd come across some Durex cock rings in Sainsbury's (of all places) a couple of days earlier and thought 'why not?' so I'd brought them and I'd tucked one in my jacket pocket when setting out to see Cindy.

I produced it now, and with a little difficulty got it in position. It seemed to do the trick. We rolled on another condom, Cindy bent herself over the bed and I moved in behind her and slid up inside her snug snatch yet again. At this stage in proceedings it was evident that fast and hard was the only way to go, in order to keep myself stiff enough and so I banged away with gusto. Far from objecting Cindy gave a stream of encouragement begging to me keep pounding away at her lovely bum and fuck her with my 'huge' dick. I did my best to oblige, my body protested but I was crazy with lust now and carried on pumping away. Eventually I had to pause for a moment or two. But this just gave me the chance to move us both onto the bed, so we were in the classic doggy position. I started up again, hammering away at those firm round buttocks, letting Cindy's tight little quim work its magic and after a few more long delightful minutes I finally hit my peak again and erupted inside her once more. Damp with sweat and panting for breath I slumped over her gasping her praises. Then I slid off her in a heap. She cleaned up, we cuddled we kissed, we chatted.

"So do I get my promotion?" she asked. I told her I would have recommended her anyway. But since she'd seen fit seduce me, I suggested she do it again when it came around to her performance review.

Eventually I staggered out to the bathroom for a shower. One little downside to Cindy is she isn't too keen on sharing the post event shower, which with many other girls is a fun way of winding down. However the chat and banter we had after my wash, while I was getting dressed, is something Cindy excels at. She encouraged me to take a couple of chocolates to get my blood sugar back up and then with a regretful kiss and cuddle it was time to leave - with a very big smile on my face.

Another amazing session! I'd struggle to say this was one of my best encounters with Cindy, but only because they are all so very good. Certainly it was all I was hoping for and more. She oozes sex in a manner very few other women I have met do, and I just feel incredibly randy in her presence. And then she is so eager to oblige. I regard her as a bit of an indulgence - but only because I usually see her for an hour and a half, while almost everyone else I see only for an hour. I need to stabilise my diary so I can go visit again soon.
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