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No. 23766 - Published 25 Sep 2002

Review of Wicked Party of London

Details of Visit
Author:Dr Steve
Location 2:Kensington
Type of Visit:Incall
Date and Time of Visit:12/09/2002 14:30
Duration of Visit:4 hours
Amount Paid:300

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Details of Service Provider

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The Premises
Large and very upmarket apartment in the Knightsbridge area. 3 large bedrooms and one smaller one, a kitchen, dining room and living room + 3 bathrooms. Certainly the poshest place I've been to a party, and much nicer than the first Wicked Party I attended in Brentwood. I should say though that I'd have been quite happy to be back in Brentwood again as long as I could still party with the lovely ladies in attendance. A pal of Wee Wicked Willie (WWW) acted as caterer and we had a wonderful spread. He also did steak sandwiches to order, which were superb. I'd recommend him if you need some catering!
The Lady
Agggh - there were just too many of them!

Actually there were nine ladies in attendance, Louise was our hostess running around tiding up fetching drinks and generally looking after our 'pastoral' needs, and the other eight Alex, Natasha, Laura, Maxxine, Alexis, Jane, Emma and Amy looking after our other needs. Given such a bevy of beauties, for once at a party I fell well short of getting around to see them all (Emma, Amy and Jane being the lucky ones to escape my attentions). Another lady (Sarah?) turned up at some stage during the afternoon to see what it was like.

Before going onto descriptions, it's worth pointing out most of the ladies offer private appointments, which a lot of gents would probably find more fun and less stress than the madness of a party, so I've added contact details where I know them. I'd not just recommend them, I'd highly recommend them.

Alex: One of the regular superstars of the party scene. Tall, beautiful, with a glorious brown body, and an amazing talent for sex. Has several FRs under Alex of Southampton (+ Solent). Her web site is http://www.escort.alex.freeuk.com

Natasha: Another party superstar! An exceptionally attractive lady with the most incredible slim figure, glorious boobs and a peach of an ass. The web pics don't come close to the wonderful reality. Once more I didn't spend nearly enough time with her. Incredibly she only has a couple of FRs under Natasha of Norwich, though quite a few parties FRs are under her name. Her web site is http://www.escort.natasha.freeuk.com

Laura: Already well known as Laura and Lee of Reading, I'd read FRs about her before, and been intrigued. The Wicked Web site warns you, but this woman is voracious (see below). She is also pretty has a lovely body and oozes sex all over the place. Her (and Lee's) web site is http://www.blonde-escorts-uk.co.uk/lauralee.html

Maxxine: A pretty lass in her late twenties, with a slim figure, good-sized boobs, lovely legs and a fine ass. Not as uncontrolled and sex mad as Alex, Natasha and Laura, but very nice to get together with. She's based in the South West and her web site is http://www.sexxymaxxine.co.uk

Alexis: A very young (19) and very attractive coloured girl with a slender body, pert boobs and a perfect bum. Currently she works in a parlour (in East Anglia?), but Alex (whom Alexis treats as a bit of a mother figure) is trying to get her set up on her own. She seemed a little shy and uncertain of herself, but is a delightful sexual partner, and I was quite smitten by her.

Jane: A very friendly and pretty dark haired lass with a voluptuous figure. I had a fun session with at the last party, but (no doubt to her delight) I wasn't able to spend any time with her this time.

Emma: Louise's sister, a tall strikingly attractive buxom blonde with a lovely figure which to my regret I never had time to get close too. Still I guess it means I have something to look forward to. Emma is based around Norwich and can be contacted on 0790 3083271

Amy: Damn and blast. Amy looked just my kind of girl, but she always seemed to be occupied with several gents every time I tried to locate her. Not only very pretty but with a body to rival Natasha's. I suspect her boobs are not entirely natural, but they are certainly a hell of a lot bigger than the 'C' cup quoted on the web site, and looked absolutely gorgeous.
The Story
While I refrain from publishing multiple reports on individual ladies I visit, it's not the same with parties, every one is so different from the others, except in the important respect that I love them all. I know I go on too much, but hey no one has to read this nonsense!

This was a shorter party than usual, 4 hours rather than 5, but I seemed to get more crammed in than last time, or rather I got attacked more often. The parties I've been to before have started a little slowly. This one didn't. Once I'd got into the apartment Louise introduced me to the girls (and I promptly forgot half of them). Then Alex greeted me with a French kiss where her tongue seemed to get half way down my throat. Having noticed with some disappointment Natasha didn't seem to be there, I was then guided off to see WWW to hand over the party fees, hand over my valuables for safe keeping and to get undressed, as were some other guests.

I was down to my shorts when Laura came into the bedroom saying something like "Oh you're all getting changed", "No" I corrected, "we are all getting undressed", and slipped off my shorts to prove it. I was then about to hang my clothes up in the wardrobe, when Laura got on her knees in front of me and started sucking my cock! Someone (Louise?) complained the party hadn't started yet, and Laura asked if she should stop. Definitely not!! I bunged my clothes away and then lead Laura off to the other bedroom with a double bed so we could get down to it. I'd been there less than 10 minutes definitely a record.

Laura wasn't planning to take prisoners, she gobbled at my cock like a mad woman. I did my best to try and keep up with her licking her lovely pussy. Laura is blessed with lovely big labia with are pure delight to nibble on. Down at the other end though she was devouring me. As usual I was on a bit of a short leash, and all too soon I found I could hold on no longer, and with a groan of delight I erupted in her mouth. Laura kept sucking away at me draining me of every drop of spunk and swallowing it with gusto.

Now I was pushed aside. Laura had her eyes on Michael a black chap who seemed a little out of place (ie he was young, good looking, well hung and with the body of an athlete, as opposed to many of the rest of us old, fat, balding and as ugly as sin). Laura was keen as mustard to get it on with this young stud, and he was soon giving her a pounding on her back which had the bed rocking, while she squealed with delight.

For my own part I was quite happy too, since we had now been joined by Maxxine who Laura encouraged to entertain me. She started off by skilfully sucking my cock. Then having liberated her lovely boobs, I quickly got Maxxine's knickers off too and buried my face in her pussy. Soon I was hard again, and moving over her, so she could help me roll on a cover. Then I plunged my cock deep into Maxxine's snug pussy. This turned out to be quite dangerous, because Laura's legs were flailing about in the air as she took a hard fucking, and the ludicrously long stiletto heel of her right boot nearly took my eye out a couple of times before Michael finally finished working her over.

Maxxine seemed to quite enjoy me servicing her with her legs over my shoulders, and I certainly did. After a while enjoying the lovely lady like this though I got her to roll over onto hands and knees so I could indulge in my favourite doggy style. Like all the girls at the party Maxxine has a lovely ass, and it was sheer delight to pump against it until I came hard.

My initial ardour sated, I thanked Maxxine, and made my way to the dining room to get myself a drink, and nibble at the food. It was no time though before I was ready for the fray again. I looked around the rooms, all the girls seemed busy. Then I came across a lass bending over one of the guests giving him a blow job. Unlike most of the ladies who were wearing various scanty but erotic items of clothing, this one was quite nude, and I had a wonderful view of her awesome bum, which looked deliciously familiar.

Getting closer, I felt a glow of delight as I recognised the ornate tattoo over her coccyx, it was Natasha - she was here after all. I moved in and kneeling down pushed my face into her pussy. Natasha turned around to see who it was who was interfering with her and the warmth of her greeting delighted me. Having said hello, she got back to work, and I squirmed underneath her so I could bury my face in her lovely pussy, twirling her pierced clit around with my tongue.

I was at this for a little while, but fortunately the guest Natasha was entertaining at the other end was happy to settle for her oral talents, and once she had satisfied him in this manner, she was quite happy to move onto entertaining me. We moved into a 69 so Natasha could get me hard, then I was insisting she roll on a cover. Natasha's oral is lovely, but her body is so beautiful I cannot understand how anyone can simply settle for that, surely given the chance one is obliged to have sex with this lovely lady. Certainly that's what I wanted, and I soon had her laid out on her back, with her legs hooked up over my arms and my cock plunging balls deep into her lovely little snatch.

In this bedroom there were two single beds, and on the other one Alex was going wild over that lucky bastard Michael. Having done some remarkable sword swallowing of his long black cock without apparent effort, Alex soon had him on top of her going hell for leather.

For my part I got Natasha to turn over on her hands and knees so I could fuck her doggy style. This was awesome. I reached under her to clutch at her glorious big boobs and shagged away at her for all I was worth. It was by now sweltering. The weather outside was very hot, and I was dripping sweat, and finding it hard to keep up my rhythm. Meanwhile Natasha decided she wanted me and another guest who was standing close to wank ourselves off over her tits. Pulling out from underneath me she rolled onto her back, and encouraged me to straddle her.

To be honest wanking over a girl's tits is actually something I don't think I've ever done, nor something I think I'd find particularly satisfying. On the other hand I was now ideally positioned to do something I really did fancy, so I asked Natasha if I could fuck her tits. Obliging she wrapped my knob in the lovely warm softness of her ample bosom and then I was thrusting away like a madman. Natasha was soon rewarded with a puddle of spunk on her throat as I exploded in an ecstatic release.

Thanking her profusely I struggled to climb off her, then partly with the heat, partly with post-orgasmic limpness, and partly with old age I subsided to the floor in a heap.

After a little rest, in the midst of ongoing erotic activities, I managed to get up again, and head off to the dining room for some food, drink and a chat with one or two of the partygoers. After a while I felt more myself again, and acutely conscious there were new ladies to meet, I went in search of nookie once more.

Somewhere round about this point, there was a strap-on show. WWW (predictably, since BI shows are one of his fancies) had managed to find a completely oversized plastic pecker, which as far as I can make out someone used on Emma (I missed this) and then Emma used on Alexis. There was so much going on though I couldn't tell you exactly when this happened with relation to my encounter with Natasha, but what happened next is pretty clear in my memory!

Being fascinated by the exotic, I really wanted to have a session with Alexis, who looked absolutely lovely if perhaps a bit young to be indulging in this kind of mayhem. I hunted around and when I found her on a double bed kneeling up on the bed and giving a chap a blowjob I resolved to hang around until I got my chance.

Then Emma appeared in a PVC nurse's dress and wielding a razor. With Alexis taking breaks from cock sucking to urge her to be careful, I watched goggle eyed as Emma proceeded to push apart Alexis buttocks and shave the youngster's ass!

At this stage Maxxine appeared, decided I was in need of attention, and went go down on me. Maxxine is very good at cock sucking, and under other circumstances I would have been delighted. I felt enormously guilty, wanting to blurt out that it was Alexis not Maxxine I wanted to be entangled with at that moment.

However luck was with me and things worked out very nicely. By now Alexis was on her back being fucked hard by her partner. Just as Maxxine got me nice and hard and looked as if she might suggest we move onto the next stage, Alexis complained she couldn't get her bloke to come. Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth I suggested we swapped partners.

To my surprise and delight everyone agreed. Fresh condoms were produced so Maxxine could climb aboard the other guest, and Alexis could get to work with me. Alexis was going to start with oral (which she only gives covered - not that I mind), however after Maxxine's delightful efforts, I wanted to get straight onto fucking the beautiful youngster.

I lay back on the bed and Alexis mounted me, and then proceeded to ride me energetically while I clutched her lovely boobs and wailed in delight. She seemed a bit worried something was wrong, and I had to reassure her everything was so wonderfully right.

After a while it was time to change position. I rolled us over so I was on top, and started to fuck my lovely partner as energetically as I could manage with her legs hooked up so I could plunge deep into her tight young snatch. To finish it had to be doggy, especially as Maxxine was currently bent over the bed taking a stern pounding from behind. I had this vision of Alexis and Maxxine snogging as they both got fucked from the rear, but alas by the time I had Alexis on her hands and knees, and I had pronged her once more, Maxxine had turned around to give her paramour a vigorous blowjob. I assume this did the trick for him, but by now all my attention was focused on the delights of rogering the lovely lass crouched in front of me.

I pumped away at Alexis' taut butt as hard as I could manage for what seemed an age. Having already come several times it took a little time to work up to things, but at last I reached an earth-shattering climax.

I staggered out of the bedroom, my legs barely able to support me, and met Alex. Alex had made it clear she was expecting me to have a no holds barred session with me, but I begged time for a little breather. I would need all my stamina to survive a round with her.

Grabbing a bite to eat from the buffet, I was offered a steak sandwich. Feeling in need of red meat as rarely before I accepted gratefully. While I awaited its preparation, I mooched into the lounge and soon found myself snogging on the sofa with Alex. After a while Alex had raised my passions to the point I couldn't resist her anymore. Pulling her into my lap, I managed to pick her up, and started to carry her off to the bedrooms. Alex seemed a bit nervous about me carrying her around though, and said she was quite capable of walking. So I put her down and we headed off to the middle bedroom where Natasha had earlier had her wicked way with me.

As is her want Alex started off with a noisy wet blow job which involved her swallowing my dick whole again and again even when it had swollen to what seemed well beyond its normal dimensions. Then Alex moved on to have me experience her party trick, as before I'm not telling, but it certainly caused some very interesting sensations. While trying this out I was taking Alex on her back her lovely long legs pushed high up in the air as I pumped at her tight pussy for all I was worth.

Unfortunately at this stage things got too much for me. It was now incredibly hot in the bedroom, and with sweat pouring off me, my knees seemed to be sliding off the bedclothes, and despite the fact I felt as randy as hell, my knob decided to go soft on me. I had to call a halt.

Alex wasn't worried, she wanted a shower - not surprisingly, so she suggested I take a little rest, and we could carry on once I'd recovered a bit.

So while she headed back to the shower I headed back to the food, and was presented with my steak sandwich. It had got a little cold while I had been cavorting with Alex, but I turned aside the offer of having a fresh one and tucked in. It was delicious. In the lounge Alexis was standing bent over with her hands on the arms of one of the sofas being fucked hard from behind - predictably by Michael. Somehow I found myself sitting on the sofa with Alexis' tits bobbling almost in my face while Alex sat the other side of me complimenting the youngster on her performance, while Alexis moaned that Michael was making her come.

Michael and Alexis' performance had me turned on again, and soon I was nagging Alex to go back to the bedroom with me. Probably sensibly she took her time, but once back in the bedroom she attacked me like an animal again. Once she got me hard, I had her kneel on the bed while I took her from behind. This didn't work too well, since Alex was too tall (or I was too short depending on your perspective), so I got her to stand up and lean over the bed with her legs spread wide so she was at the right height. Pounding against that glorious brown bum was heavenly, but annoyingly I started to get soft again.

Once more Alex gave me one of her awesome blowjobs to get me hard again. While she was doing this we were interrupted a little - Alexis came in to ask Alex if she was getting on all right, to model some lingerie she was thinking of wearing in the evening, and generally for some reassurance. She seemed to be treating Alex as a kind of surrogate mother. 'An older sister' Alex insisted.

Once Alex had me nice and hard again I urged her to climb aboard and ride me. Alex on top is not for the faint hearted, she rode me hard, and this was just what I needed, soon I was bellowing in delight I could feel my sap rising and Alex herself was making a fair bit of noise as she pumped me in and out of her snug quim. We attracted an audience, who seemed to find my grunts and groans highly amusing. They were laughing out loud as I finally roared out as Alex brought me to a long awaited and exceptional climax.

It was a while before I felt up to anything else, but wandering around I came upon Laura, Natasha, Larry and another chap all lying about on one of the double beds, chatting rather than having sex, and I got drawn into their conversation which really came down to that old chestnut of why is the attitude of men and women towards sex so different.

After a while I decided I'd not much more in add to this age old debate, but that Laura looked good enough to eat, so I decided that's what I'd do (actually so did Natasha but she was less accessible). Once I'd started licking Laura's pussy, it took a little while to distract her from the conversation - she being more heated about it - but eventually she seemed to come round to my point of view - which is we'll never work it out, so why not have some fun instead.

It certainly wasn't my intention, but the others slowly moved away as Laura and I got down to it leaving us with a lot more room on the bed. After some delicious oral from her had brought me back to attention, we rolled on a condom and Laura lay on her back so I could mount her. Soon I was pronging her on her back with her legs pushed up in a gentle rhythm. Laura it turned out wanted a little more. She has a nice line in dirty talk while having sex, and after telling me how working with Lee is so good because she likes DPs she almost casually she asked if I liked anal sex. She didn't have to wait for my answer, the look on my face told all.

I should point out that A-levels are not something I've found on offer at parties before, most of the girls don't offer it anyway. Laura said herself she only indulges at the end of a party, so that none of the other ladies feel pressured, but she loves it. So do I.

We started off in traditional doggy style, with me sliding my cock in Laura's tight bum hole, and then giving her a firm pounding from behind. Laura was keen to try different positions, so after a few minutes of this, we moved onto mish style. The party was drawing to a close, so quite a few people were coming in and out of the bedroom to gather their belongings. Laura was keen to tell all and sundry I was fucking her in the arse. I found this a little embarrassing - though the fun I was having certainly made up for it, however the coming and going was a bit distracting, and by the time I encouraged Laura to come on top, and pump herself up and down with my dick up her fundament, I began to lose it a bit.

Laura suggested we take a little break, which seemed a good idea. She nipped off to one of the bathrooms then when we got together again positioned a chair in front on one of the mirrors, and knelt on it, her lovely bum facing backwards, and encouraged me to mount her from behind once more and fuck her arse hard. I found this very erotic, and suddenly my cock was stiffer than it had been all afternoon. Once more I squeezed it into her little bunghole, and then with loud encouragement from Laura began pumping it in and out of her bowels for all I was worth. It took quite a while to work up to my climax, and as much though fatigue as excitement my legs were quivering uncontrollably as I finally reached the point of no return, then I came very hard, deep in Laura's entrails. This one was the best of the day!

Laura helped me stagger over to the bed, and thanked me (she thanked me!!), then as even as I tried to gather enough strength to stand up again, was already encouraging some another guest to prong her rump.

By now it was about time for the party to wrap up, so with my remaining reserves of energy I managed to get dressed, and then went around thanking all the ladies for the lovely time I'd had. I found Alexis curled up naked on one of the bed's looking worn out, and charmingly innocent, Amy naked to the waist and making me drool over what I had missed, Jane fully dressed looking very prim and proper, and the others in a gaggle in the living room. Before I got out of the door, Alex once more gave me a kiss, where her tongue seemed to end up halfway down my throat. Half of me was thinking I was barely escaping with my life, but damn if the other half wasn't wishing I could stay for the evening party too!

They're not for all, but I think parties are great, and this was probably the best I've been too so far. Thanks WWW for organising it, and thanks to all the ladies for really making it rock!!
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