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No. 36210 - Published 9 Nov 2003

Review of Tia of Scarlett's, Manchester

Details of Visit
Author:Dr Steve
Location 2:Bury Old Road, Prestwich
Type of Visit:Incall
Date and Time of Visit:21/10/2003 14:15
Duration of Visit:30mins+
Amount Paid:65

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Details of Service Provider
Profile Name:Scarlett's - click to view profile in a new window
Notes:Formerly known as The Lodge
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The Premises
Aquarius is situated quite discretely behind the Turf Tavern. My entry would have been more discrete if there hadn't been half a dozen builders in the yard. I wasn't given a guided tour inside, but the waiting room, and the Jacuzzi room where I was entertained were very well furnished. Apart from the fact the TV wasn't working in the room, the overall standard of the fixtures and fittings was excellent. If I had to nit pick the lighting levels were a bit low - do most punters really like to do it in the dark?
The Lady
This will be my second report on a "Tia of Manchester". The other is a delightful little lady who was at the Toucan when I saw her. Tia of Aquarius is also an exotic coloured lady, built on a somewhat larger scale and of Afro-Caribbean origins rather than far eastern ones. She's described as 5ft 8ins with a 38dd-24-34 figure on the web site, which seems pretty accurate. I thought her body very sexy, her boobs are magnificent and her arse is a delight. She is also attractive and very friendly - but read on to find out why I wouldn't recommend going to see her.
The Story
When I was up in Manchester last July I'd visited Aquarius, been shown Tia and then had to duck out (see FR 32984). Back up in Manchester with some free time, I decided I'd try again. In July I ended up moving on and having a great time instead at Arabesque's in Bury. After this encounter maybe I should head up to Bury to start with.

I was greeted by Sue the manager, who told me Danielle was free, and that Tia would be available in about 15 minutes, and Karen in about 20. Danielle seemed a pleasant enough lass, but having had a glimpse of Tia before, I determined I'd rather wait a few minutes for her. To pass the time Sue suggested I go into the room and have a shower, and by the time I'd done this Tia would probably be ready to join me. I did as she suggested, and having undressed and showered, I sat on the bed looked wistfully at the blank TV and waited ... and waited ... and waited ...

Taking the line that Sue had probably meant at least twenty minutes rather than fifteen I was getting pretty bored with the wait, but tried to avoid being really irritated until the hand of the clock had drifted to 14:45 - so I'd been in the parlour half-an-hour and the room twenty-five minutes. Not wishing to run around naked though the parlour I phoned up and politely inquired what was going on. I'm not sure who picked up the phone - Danielle I guess - anyway after a couple of minutes delay Sue appeared, most apologetic, and told me Tia had been sent into the wrong room and was now with another client!

To say I was a little pissed off at this would be an understatement, but losing my temper was not going to help anyone, so I accepted Sue's apology and assurance that Tia would join me shortly. I didn't dare inquire what happened to the chap Tia had gone to see, but after another five or ten minutes Tia did actually appear. I had to say she looked worth the wait and way she promised she'd make up for the mix-up I was sure she'd prove to be so.

Things started off very promisingly as I slid the shoulder straps off her top to reveal Tia's glorious boobs. In no time she had skinned off her lingerie, leaving herself in just black thigh boots and hold-ups and looking divine. We moved onto the bed, and I had a nibble at her pussy, but decided to move north, thinking I'd give her a good licking out between sessions. Tia told me OWO would be an extra tenner. On the day I was on a bit of a budget with limited ready cash so I decided to forgo this. To be honest while I actually had a couple of tenners in my wallet, I always feel a bit uncomfortable about paying for extras on the grounds if the girl likes things like OWO she'll do it for free, if she doesn't I shouldn't be asking for the service.

Anyway since I had a nice hard on, I passed over the basket of condoms, and Tia selected a banana flavoured one and started to roll it on. At this stage I was struck by my old and all too frequent problem, and with the condom barely rolled over the tip, ejaculated. A bit embarrassing, and probably mostly a consequence of having to hang around for so long, but nothing I was particularly concerned with, I had, I thought, plenty of time left to enjoy myself. Pity I hadn't seen the script.

Since at least a brief pause was in order, Tia suggested we head into the Jacuzzi. Usually this is an extra tenner, but Sue had already told Tia I could have this thrown in as partial compensation for the time I had spent waiting. Since I'd already been strongly tempted to pay for this extra anyway, I agreed eagerly and soon I was helping her off with her boots as we waited for the bath to fill up.

At this stage I did something I've always made a point of not doing in the past - which was make a comment to the effect that I write reports on Punternet. I guess this was partly because barring deletions between this punt and posting this report, this would be my 50th report on line - a bit of a milestone - and partly because I getting overexcited, feeling that after now two false starts, this punt was beginning to lift off. I usually never volunteer this information except at the end of a punt to ask if the lady in question would object to an FR. I'm not sure if Tia took this as boasting, or me angling for special treatment, but afterwards I wondered if this had anything to do with the unfortunate turn of events later and wished I hadn't done it.

Anyway after a few minutes we were in the bath together. I told her of my 'near miss' with her a few months back, and Tia told me it was her first day back after a sojourn at Sandy's down the road. After some chatting and some fooling about with one another under the surface of the water Tia needed little encouragement to take up another condom (I'd made sure they were in easy reach) and to roll it on and start sucking my cock as it began to swell up ready for round two. I was a little surprised, but most gratified by the way she went at it, since the water level was pretty high now we'd stopped running the bath, and she had to push her face into the water somewhat to do this. It wasn't long before I was fully erect, and I soon was persuading Tia to stop sucking me and clamber aboard and impale herself on my dick.

Tia is not exceptionally tight, but certainly snug, and the sight of her glorious brown body bouncing up and down on my cock was one to savour. Moaning in delight I clutched at her big beautiful boobs. God this was going to be a wonderful session I thought to myself. After a while like this, Tia suggested we switch to doggy. Wow! Doggy is my favourite position anyway, and like all black girls I've been with Tia has an awesome bum, which always adds extra spice, plus those tits, all wet and slippery dangling beneath her. It gives me a hard on thinking about it again.

However sex in a bath has its drawbacks. In particular my knees were skidding about a bit, and after pounding away at Tia's posterior for a few minutes, I decided we might be more comfortable on the bed. Tia was amenable to this and after disengaging we towelled ourselves dry, and Tia bounded onto the bed splaying her thighs. I moved in and slid myself back inside her and pushing her legs up - she is nice and flexible - began to pound away, grunting in delight.

Quite close to my peak anyway, and knowing that we were no where near half way though our time, I decided I'd finish at this point, with the idea of having another lovely session after a massage, so upping my pace a little, I brought myself to a very pleasant orgasm, heightened not a little by some rather complimentary remarks from Tia.

We cleaned up and I asked Tia if she might give me a talc massage now. Smiling she agreed and started doing this. After a couple of minutes she made some comment about she'd enjoyed the way I'd fucked her, and I made some silly remark to the effect that when I was ready in a few minutes I'd try to do even better. Her reply disturbed me a little, and on further inquiry she made it quite clear that a third coming was out of the question.

At this stage it was perhaps twenty-five minutes after Tia had come into the room. I was frankly astonished. To be told that less than half way into an hours appointment it was effectively over! I protested completely truthfully I'd never encountered such an attitude in Manchester or indeed elsewhere in England. Tia was adamant an hour's appointment you get to come twice no more - anywhere in Manchester - even though I've never actually had an hour in Manchester when I'd not come thrice.

Matters became heated. I debated pointing out that in the first place I'd been kept waiting an inordinately long time, and in the second, since I'd come the first time with no effort on her part she could hardly claim she'd really given me a second "personal service" yet. Either should have been enough for her to be prepared to go a little further, but putting them together - surely she could see she was being unreasonable.

But it was clear though she was going to stand on her "rights". "If you've come twice that's it" was her line and she was going to stick to it. After a pretty bad start this punt was coming to an acrimonious conclusion. Did I want to call in the manager? Yes I did!

If I'd thought for a moment, I'd have realised this would be a waste of time. I was putting Sue in an impossible position - whatever she thought - she had to take Tia's part, after all I was not, nor ever likely to be a regular while Tia is (presumably) a valued employee. Of the two of us it was obviously in her interests to keep on the right side of Tia. Anyway it emerged that Tia was probably acting within the letter of her obligations, though quite outside the spirit of them.

A long conversation ensued with Tia making remarks as if in wanting to go for a third time I wanted to treat her like a piece of meat and complaining that at Sandy's she had been expected to see about 20 guys during a shift. While I was a rather shocked at the latter, I couldn't really concede it had much to do with the former. Both Tia and Sue seemed to be singularly ignoring the fact that the amount of physical and mental effort a girl has to put into a session has actually very little to do with how often the man comes. Someone who comes only once (or even not at all) can be far more trouble than one who comes several times. I admit I like to spend a lot of time during a session engaged in penetrative sex - so I am probably a more strenuous client to deal with than the average. Equally though, I like to think I am gentle, polite and hygienic, and vain as it may be, that most girls would have at a least a slight preference to seeing me rather than their "average" punter.

Both asserted that in every parlour in Manchester that you were only 'allowed' to come twice in an hour, and seemed anxious to deny my consistent and documented experiences to the contrary. Previously I've never had a girl even raise an eyebrow at me wanting to go for a third time in an hour (though one or two have raised an eyebrow at me being able to manage). Tia and Sue then suggested that some girls might allow you to come more than the 'permitted limit' for payment of more money - again this from my experience is just not true - no girl (at least in the UK) has ever even suggested this. Noticably Tia never suggested such an option before the whole situation blew up. In my experience the contrary is true - asking beforehand I've even on a couple of occasions (in Manchester) been allowed to come twice during a half-hour session (with no suggestion of extra cash - though I'd have been quite willing to pay).

It is true that during my visit to Mandy in July it had been mentioned in passing than in an hour session I was allowed two pops, but the way it was said almost implied this was a lower limit, and the lady in question seemed more than keen to oblige when I tried for a third time. I was damn sure I'd seen on Sandy's site a comment to the effect that you could come as many times as you liked if you paid for an hour and said so. On further consideration I ventured to say that I might be wrong and that this is what Angie Riley had to say about Sandy's on her own site. The mention of Angie's name to Tia and Sue was definitely a bad move - though I think she's sweet I can't deny Mrs Riley seems to have an alarming talent for annoying people.

Sue then recounted the tale of a recent customer who had booked in for an hour and (obviously suffering from far worse PE problems than me) came twice - simply with the girl touching him - inside the first ten minutes. "Service over" said Sue. The way she said it made it clear it was a waste of time to point out that it shouldn't have been service over, than a true professional would have taken this in her stride and carried on doing her best to ensure the chap in question got what he wanted out of the session even if meant him coming another half dozen times. Simply because he'd come twice didn't mean he'd had two "personal services" did it? From what had gone on so far it certainly hadn't cost the girl any effort. What I couldn't make out was why Sue had chosen a case, which so blatantly highlighted the flaws in her own argument to try and justify it.

After this long and rather fruitless chat Tia asked if I wanted to finish my massage. I was definitely not in the mood anymore. I certainly wasn't angry with her, but really very disappointed in her attitude. In a distinctly grumpy frame of mind I got myself dressed and made my way out. On the way Sue got Danielle to back her up on the two pops issue. She seemed unable to comprehend the problem wasn't about statistics it was about service.

I finally left having been in the Parlour over an hour and a half, and having had a session, which in effect lasted half an hour, involving only about ten minutes of sex. In serious need of cheering up I got back into the car, visited a cash machine and made my way up to Bury and Arabesque's, where in half the elapsed time but for the same money, I had a delicious forty minutes of rumpy pumpy with two lovely young ladies - but that's for another FR.

I dare say many will think I've got no right to complain. But Tia's attitude was so contrary to my past experience and therefore my expectations, it was a real shock. Customer service in the UK is usually a bit of a let down, but my experience in punting has been to get such excellent customer service almost all the time, that when it falls short it hurts all the more.

No one will be surprised to see I've said I would not return. After this experience I'd not see Tia again in the unlikely event she'd see me. I have to say though that Aquarius looks a nicely turned out parlour with competitive pricing and a roster of attractive looking ladies with generally favourable reports. Assuming the organisational cockup was an isolated event I'd might consider visiting again - with another lady an hour in the Jacuzzi room could be really good fun.

I've had to think about the recommendation rather harder. Tia is a friendly girl, has a magnificent body and while sex with her was certainly not earth shattering it was still damn good fun. However she showed a 'jobsworth' attitude to things that lets her down very badly. In a profession where customer satisfaction is all important she is too focused on her wants and needs and not those of her clients. If you're happy to work within her limits fine, but from my (admittedly quite limited) experience the vast majority of girls in Manchester - and indeed in the rest of the country - are far more flexible. I'd recommend you go and see one of them instead.
Service Provider's Rebuttal
The establishment writes, "Dear all..... I remember this guy extremely well. Yes he did end up waiting longer than he should have - totally my mistake and I did try to make up for it by offering the jacuzzi for free which he readily accepted. This guy actually "came" several times. He had the attitude that he could pummel the girl for as long and as many times as he wanted within an hour (not caring wether he hurt her or not) and tried to justify it by saying that every other parlour in manchester allowed him to do this (he even gave Sandy's as an example saying that they actually advertise this on their website (?) I actually brought up Sandy's website and asked him to show me where this was advertised. He then claimed WFB, Toucan Club and Marcia's also offered the same we ended up being told that EVERY parlour in Manchester allows him to do this. He was in the room approx 55 mins before he started to complain. Tia is an hard working lady who always tries to give the client a good time and I know she went out of her way to ensure this guy had a good time. All our clients are told they will be offered two personal services with the hour booking. Standard practise. Some of my ladies allow OWO without an extra charge - some don't - Again standard practise throughout Manchester parlours. It's the girls choice. Some parlours inflate thier prices to cover this to make it seem like the punter is getting something for nothing - I don't choose to do this. It is not Tia's fault if this guy has a problem with premature ejaculation (by his own report she allowed him several goes) and he should be honest with himself and the girl. The builders have been on the premises because we are expanding to include an annexe for parties and toally re-vamping the place. They are now near completion. The noise was bad but unfortunately there was nothing I could do about it. I always strive to ensure the clients are looked after and enjoy themselves but just now and then you get the one who can't be pleased and won't be pleased - no matter what. I find this report unfair. Sue"

The lady writes, "Hi Tia here...... Ive been a working girl for several years and this guy is bang out of order putting on this report. I tried my very best to ensure he had a great time, it is not my fault if he ejaculates to quickly and even though I agreed to let him come several times within the hour (he was in the room with me for approx 50 mins) enough was just never enough. He then tried to make out that all the other parlours allowed him to do it as many times as he likes he even claimed Sandys (and I worked there) allowed him to come 6/7 times within the hour. Yeah right !!!!! I have never had a bad punternet report previously and he even conceeded he enjoyed himself. Sue tried her very best to meet him halfway but he just kept threatening a bad punternet report and then said all other parlours offer him this. He even asked if another girl would be offered for free by way of making it up to him - Huh? Nine out of ten punters are really decent nice guys who appreciate the work we do unfortunately this guy was number 10 !!!!!! Its a pity we cant have a webpage to put reports on about punters from the girls - maybe then guys like this wouldn't get away with this sort of nonsense."
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