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No. 84475 - Published 17 Aug 2008

Review of Isabel of Max's Angels, London

Details of Visit
Author:Dr Steve
Location 2:Victoria
Type of Visit:Incall
Date and Time of Visit:Tue 5 Aug 2008 16:30
Duration of Visit:1 hour
Amount Paid:250

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Details of Service Provider
Profile Name:Max's Angels - click to view profile in a new window
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The Premises
Top floor flat in a road near Victoria Station. Apparently not the usual place for Isabel to work from, but a fall-back because the normal location was unavailable. It was a pretty good - smart, clean and tidy with a reasonable amount of room. Ideally the bedroom could have been a bit bigger with a little more furniture (I like shagging on sofas) but certainly it was of a reasonable standard even for a top class agency.
The Lady
The pictures on Max's web site hint at what you are going to get - though Isabel has black hair at the moment cut quite short. I prefer the current style - it's sophisticated but sexy. Voted the most popular British actress in adult movies there are plenty of photos of Isabel dotted around the Internet and loads of DVDs around starring her if you want to get a better idea of what she is like before going to see her.

The photos and movies though are nothing compared to the real thing. You can see she is very pretty. You can see she has a delectable slender (and remarkably flexible) body, with great boobs, a slender waist a generous but firm bum and lovely legs. There are however many other pretty girls with great bodies. What marks Isabel out is her personality - she is an absolute darling, brimming over with enthusiasm and good humour and madly eager for sex. She adopts her approach to the person and the moment, smoothly sliding in manner from sophisticated escort, to the girl next door, to a wide-eyed innocent, to a cock crazy nymphomaniac and back again.

As well as being a star of the screen, she is pretty well the perfect escort. My only complaint is she doesn't treat me with the respect I deserve. She seems to consider me as good-natured but a buffoon - like a slightly slimmed down version of Boris Johnson. Still I suppose if I amuse her she probably has at least a little affection from me.
The Story
The Readers Digest Version (for those who like it short and sweet):
This was a first for me - an MMF encounter with Mo (MOJO) and I teaming up to take on Isabel. Mo's account of events is recorded in FR 84252. Note I have quoted the individual contribution (250) rather than the overall consideration (250 + 250 = 500) which Mo's FR gives. Also lest any one had any doubts, both Mo and I are completely straight - just two guys eager to try out some of those things you see in porn movies with an accommodating young lady.

Mo had originally been angling for an MMF session with Estelle also of Max's. Due to logistics and cash flow problems matters were delayed so the time we got around to booking, Estelle was temporarily unavailable. I suggested Isabel as an alternative since I'd met her on several occasions before and was sure she'd be up for this kind of thing and handle it very well.

I was not wrong! From the moment we got out of the shower to the moment it was time to get dressed she kept us fully occupied. We indulged in what might be expected from any aficionado of Isabel's career as an actress with masses of deep throat oral and lots of energetic vaginal and anal sex (the sex being with condoms of course). The highlight was my first ever (successful) DP which was fantastic for me and Mo and Isabel enjoyed it so much she came while we were pumping both her holes.

At the end of the hour we were both broken men but she looked as keen and fit as at the start. Utterly awesome!

The bottom line is if you go to see Isabel by yourself or with a mate (she needs to know at least one of you first) or indeed with one of her own mates you are guaranteed a great time. She is simply one of the very best girls around - expensive but great value for money for all that. If you need a special treat this is the girl to see.

Mo and I definitely had the PSE - which is what we were looking for - but Isabel is quite capable of giving you a GFE as well and would (if you so inclined) probably be quite happy to let you explore her more kinky tendencies (and she had plenty) if you ask nicely.

The War and Peace Version (for those with time to kill):
A few weeks back Mo sent me an e-mail looking for someone to participate in an MMF session with Estelle. I've read numerous rave reviews of Max's girls and recently Estelle has been the topic of many of these. Also I have been thinking that an MMF session is one of those things I ought to get around to doing before I am finally sent to the knackers yard. On the other hand Estelle's fees are significantly more than my punting budget generally allows for and times are hard. Eventually though I decided I'd have to splash out. There was a bit of a hiatus at this stage, agreeing in principle to spending money and actually being able to get hold of it was a bit of a problem during July for me as was getting up to London and Mo himself had to save up.

Eventually Mo and I had money in the bank and fixed on a date. Mo was handling the arrangements with Max and when they got in touch Max indicated that Estelle was probably not going to be around. So we arranged to see Isabel instead. I had already told Mo I knew Isabel and I was pretty sure Isabel would be comfortable about seeing two guys if she knew I was one of them on the grounds she knows I'm both polite and pretty harmless. I was also sure that she'd give us both a full on porn star experience neither of us would forget in a hurry.

Max told Mo we'd need to confirm the go ahead the day before, which we did and all was set. That evening, doing a bit of sorting on my computer I realised this was going to be my 250th punt. A bit of a milestone then - would the event live up to the occasion - oh yes it would!!

On the day of the meet, both Mo and I were so anxious to make sure we arrived on time we both got to Victoria Station way too early, which resulted in a rather frustrating period watching the clock run down to 16:30. As we hung around, I did feel we looked a bit conspicuous and wondered if someone might spot us and guess what we were up to. It turned out someone did.

Time passed and finally we wandered down the street, buzzed on the door and Isabel let us in instructing us to come upstairs. Isabel greeted Mo in friendly fashion - and me as an old and fondly remembered if rather dodgy acquaintance and then led us up another set of stairs to the bedroom. In the bedroom she asked what we wanted to do - apparently the agency hadn't given her any idea. I told her we were expecting the "usual" for an MMF and in particular hoping to try out a DP. Isabel frowned a little, as she hadn't "prepared" herself - but she thought there shouldn't be a problem. There were in fact one or two little problems over the DP but this was not one of them.

Isabel asked if we'd like a shower. Mo hesitated, so I suggested that what Isabel was actually saying was she'd like us to have a shower. A reasonable request. I'd had a shower around noon, but it was rather a hot day and certainly quite warm in the bedroom even though Isabel had opened the windows a little to cool the place down. I headed off to wash first and then while Mo was in the bathroom, took advantage of a bit of time alone with Isabel to reminisce a bit about past times as well as starting to get her out of her kit. She'd dressed in a smart but short and figure hugging red dress with black bra and briefs and black hold-ups underneath. Quite stylish and sophisticated and also very sexy. I'd got her dress off by the time Mo returned and joined in the fun. Soon we had her down just to the hold-ups and her high-heeled sandals.

I was particularly interested in getting hold of the contents of Isabel's bra. When I'd last seen her - over two years back - it was before her boob job. Her formerly pleasant but modest bosom is now full and generous, firm and upstanding but delightfully soft to the touch. My memory may be playing tricks, but she also looked more toned and a just a little slimmer than when I last saw her. Back then she looked really good. Two years on she looks fantastic!

With me sitting on the bedside, Isabel then moved between my legs and began sucking my cock, which was already getting hard. Soon I'd grown to full size. It's a major understatement to only say Isabel is good at giving head - she's an expert - and one of the highlights is her deep throat. I'm certainly not hugely endowed, but Isobel is one of only two or three girls I've been with who has swallowed my cock right down to the hilt. A couple of minutes of porn star cock sucking and I was about to explode. Meanwhile Mo was struggling a bit in trying to push his face up between Isabel's buttocks as she knelt between my knees. Time to swap around!

I tugged Isabel away from my cock and Mo directed her to lie across the bed on her back with her head hanging over the edge. I spread her legs and began licking her out, meanwhile Mo began to fuck her mouth. Mo is pretty well hung and it did look a bit rough but Isabel didn't object to this. We carried on like this for a while with me feasting on her pussy while Mo shoved his cock down Isabel's throat. After a few minutes though I though it would be nice if I enjoyed a bit more of Isabel's oral skills. Mo moved between Isabel's legs and grabbed a condom. Isabel checked things were okay and guided him into her pussy and then leant her head back again so I could push my swollen knob back down her gullet.

I'm not really into rough sex and was a bit nervous about fucking Isabel's mouth but once Mo started pounding away at her pussy I found I was pumping my cock in and out harder and faster too. Isabel didn't seem to mind at all. Mo soon gave a roar of delight as he shot his load. I too was getting very near and some 20 seconds later I was pushing my cock as deep as I could into Isabel's mouth and squirting my cum down her throat.

We pulled ourselves off the young lady, who emerged looking much less dishevelled than one might have expected. She admonished me for not giving her any warning I was about to spunk in her mouth but on the whole didn't seem too worried about it.

Time for a moment or two's rest. Isabel slurped on a glass of white wine. I partook of another and we all chatted a little. Although Max's Angels enjoys a high reputation, the organisational side of things had come a little unstuck it appeared. Isabel had only discovered she was seeing two guys at eleven the previous evening. Under normal circumstances she only accepts appointments with two gentlemen if she has met at least one before and she was only told she was seeing Mo - who she hadn't met - and some other guy the agency had no clue about. She told us if they had called when she was not out on the town and a little elevated she'd have probably said no.

As I mentioned earlier though we'd been spotted hanging around in the steet - by Isabel herself as she was heading over to the flat. She said she was rather relieved when she saw that one of her client's was me. I was a bit crestfallen to discover she'd seen us, but we'd not noticed her. I'm well known for being unobservant but surely I should have noticed Isabel out and about.

Then it was enough of the chit-chat and time to get back to the serious business of having fun. Mo lay down on the bed and Isabel knelt on it sideways leaning over him to suck his cock. The effect of this was to push her magnificent rump up into the air in a gloriously tempting manner. I moved in and started rimming her little bum hole. After a minute or two I decided to switch my attentions to her pussy. However the position she was in made this a bit of a challenge. I ended up squirming underneath her with my shoulders on the bed and arching my back in a crablike posture. Not the most comfortable position to adopt, but it probably looked a lot worse than it really was and it was certainly worth it to bury my face in Isabel's snatch. Isabel didn't seem to realise how I'd positioned myself to eat her pussy for a while, when she did she demanded I join her and Mo on the bed. I got the impression this was less because she though I was uncomfortable and more because she wanted to play with two cocks at once.

I usually recover fairly quickly after coming for the first time and Isabel had already got Mo pretty well ready for round two. Maybe it was the heat, or maybe I was a bit too conscious that not only Isabel but also Mo wanted me to get ready too I got a bit of performance anxiety and Isabel had to work quite hard to persuade me back to life. Still I enjoyed the process. Eventually I rose to the occasion and we ready and eager to try a DP. So on with some condoms and generous application of lubricant all round.

We started off with me on my back at the edge of the bed and Isabel straddling me with my cock in her pussy, while Mo stood behind trying to gain admittance by the tradesman's entrance. It looks so easy in the movies - and Mo said he had done a DP before with no problems. Surprisingly since she herself has lots of experience Isabel seemed a little bemused at the problems we were having but it seemed trying to get a second cock in always seemed to dislodge the first. It didn't help that I was definitely getting performance anxiety by this stage.

We disengaged and tried again, I gave myself a wank to get hard again while Mo lay on his back and Isabel straddled him "face up" this time. Once she had his cock up her bum, I manoeuvred myself between her legs and we managed after one or two false starts to get my cock in her pussy. We started pumping away, but the position was a little awkward as I'm short in the leg and the bed was a fraction too high. One over hard thrust and I managed to push Isabel too far up Mo's body and dislodged his cock. We tried to get sorted again, but now I went soft. Isabel sensing I was getting a bit too anxious suggested we stop trying for a while. She got me to get back on the bed on my back and gave me a blowjob, while Mo took advantage of her being bent over to take her up the bum from behind.

It took a little while but Isabel tempted my cock back up to full hardness and we were ready to try again. Isabel suggested some alternative approaches, but it seemed to me that what we needed to do was to move right onto the bed. So that is what we did. Mo lay on his back, Isabel sat astride him his cock impaling her pussy and I stood on the bed astride her bum and squatted down behind her. Again it wasn't quite as simple as it looks in the movies but with assistance from Isabel I managed to guide my knob head up to her bum hole and as my feet slid back on the bedspread so I ended up kneeling behind her, my cock also was pushed deep into her rectum.

Everything in place at last Mo and I started doing our best to shag Isabel into the middle of next week. I obviously had the easier part of than Mo. He seemed to be having fun down below but I was having the time of my life holding Isabel's hips and pounding against her firm buttocks and skewering her bottom with my cock.

I don't know how long we were at it like this, but it seemed ages. Isabel seemed to be having as much fun as we were and was continually urging us on. She then wailed she was going to come encouraging us to fuck her harder still. This was very definitely porn star sex. Finally her squeals reached a crescendo with her crying out she was coming and I felt able to slow down. By this time I was panting like I had run a marathon and dripping sweat. God knows how poor Mo pinned beneath the pair of us was surviving.

Having recovered her own breath, Isabel reluctantly indicated the clock - time was running down and she'd already mentioned she had an appointment not too long after ours was due to finish, so overrunning was not an option. How did we want to finish off? Mo wanted to cum all over her face. Isabel suggested he come in her mouth instead, having a dread of getting spunk in her eye (very uncomfortable). For my part I was keen to fuck her tight little bottom a little longer.

We re-arranged ourselves, Isabel on her back leaning round while Mo stuffed her mouth, me standing by the bed ready to take my chance. My erection had subsided somewhat so I had to give myself a vigorous wank to get myself ready again. Meanwhile Isabel was giving Mo the business. Then I was hard again, and spreading Isabel's thighs eased my cock back past her sphincter and deep into her entrails again. Now I began pumping away while Mo fucked her mouth. It wasn't long before Mo could hold back no longer and shot his wad. Isabel swallowed the lot and Mo moved back a little way so Isabel and I had more room. Moving onto the bed and leaning over her I pushed Isabel's legs up and back so her knees were nearly pushed up to her armpits. I moved up the gears until I was really hammering away at her poor little arse desperate to come. When my orgasm finally hit it was incredibly intense. Isabel stared up at me with some concern worried for a moment or two I was about to have a seizure. The mad twitching of my cock slowly subsided, slowly my heart rate fell. I managed to pull myself off her. Wow!! The perfect end to a great encounter.

Rather slowly we managed to get ourselves dressed again and then it was time to go. A kiss and a cuddle form Isabel and then with grins on our faces Mo and I went back out into the sunshine.

For my limited financial resources frightfully expensive - but Isabel is one of a kind. My 250th punt was certainly something very special.

I had a great time, Mo had a great time and Isabel gave every impression she'd had a great time too. Of the alternatives of having a one-on-one encounter with a girl, or having an encounter with two girls at the same time, sharing a girl with another guy is probably the least obvious option it's certainly different, but proved a hell of a lot of fun. There are a quite a few very nice ladies who offer this kind of service but while you might find a few who can do it nearly as well as Isabel, you'd have to look very hard to find a lady who can do it better.

I'd certainly entertain the idea of doing this kind of thing again. Not with Isabel though - next time I see her I want her all to myself. It's good to share - sometimes - but in Isabel's case I think from now on I will just be greedy.
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