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No. 95295 - Published 9 Jan 2010

Review of Roxi of La Maison, Manchester

Details of Visit
Author:Dr Steve
Location 2:Bury
Type of Visit:Incall
Date and Time of Visit:Tue 22 Dec 2009 15:30
Duration of Visit:1 hour
Amount Paid:100

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Details of Service Provider
Profile Name:La Maison - click to view profile in a new window
Notes:Formerly Notorious Girls NW
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The Premises
La Maison is close to the centre of Bury and fairly easy to find and there is parking round the back - though due to the weather it was a little treacherous when I was there. The entrance is not exactly discrete, but it looks more like you are entering an office than a house of ill repute.

La Maison is based in what seems to be an old mill house, and is palatial in scale. Inside I felt more like I was in a small business hotel than a parlour. The atmosphere was excellent at the front desk and in the bedroom and there seems a more relaxed feel about the place than some other places I've visited. Due to problems with the heating and the fact it was very cold outside, I didn't get the grand tour but the room I used for my romp with Roxi was clean and well appointed with an en-suite shower and large bed. I'd like more mirrors - though we made good use of the one that was there.
The Lady
The web site is fairly accurate, in that Roxi is an attractive raven haired lady with a fairly slim size 10 figure. Her boobs are B cup - which is a little smaller than my fancy, but what the web site photos fail show is she does have a gorgeous arse. Her profile also indicates her extensive range of services. A friendly chatty no nonsense kind of lass, who evidently relishes her job. Not a young taut bodied wench who might, or might not, come across but rather a (very) horny MILF who's guaranteed to give you a good time.
The Story
The Edited Highlights:
This was not the right day to visit La Maison and probably any of the other parlours in Manchester. The weather had disrupted traffic meaning that girls were having difficulty getting in and then were reluctant to hang around for fear of being unable to get home. That said, I was made very welcome by the receptionist. The choice of ladies was limited, but from the web site I had already made a short list of who I would like to see and so was happy to wait ten or fifteen minutes before being led off to a room by Roxi for a splendid hour of fun including a fantastic session of oral to completion and then a long and exhilarating shag with a very responsive wench.

Roxi is apparent a fairly new addition to the La Maison staff, but if my session with her is anything to go by she is going to be a major star. She's may not quite be in the first flush of youth, nor does she have a super model's looks and figure, but she is certainly easy on the eye, has a body built for sex, knows all about how to treat a man well and is very keen and enthusiastic to demonstrate her skills. She's the sort of girl who will always make that extra effort to make sure you leave with a big smile on your face.

As for the parlour itself. Well its web site is excellent, the facilities are good, it seems to have a nice collection of girls working there and I get the impression the girls like the place too - which is the kind of thing you need to ensure good service. I've only been twice - the last time when it was still the NG House - but both visits have been exceptional. I've had good times at other parlours in Manchester, but at the moment, La Maison is definitely my first choice port of call.

The Full Match Report:
I had to go make a trip up to Manchester to deliver and collect both Christmas gifts and guests. I arranged my travel schedule with what I hoped would be two or three hours of slack time in which I could sneak in a visit or two to some Manchester parlours. I focused my attention on the parlours around Bury, because of easy road access and the fact I knew where several of them were. Then I scanned the relevant web sites. The line-up at La Maison - in particular Roxi, Cherry & Rian - looked very appealing so I tentatively planned an hour session with one of these ladies and then if I had the stamina a half-hour with one or maybe even both of the others.

This plan didn't alas didn't work out. First off I had to get up from the south of England to the North West and sleet, snow and ice were making for hazardous driving. The road did not prove too bad, a comination of conditions and other traffice made it rather slower journey than usual. Coming off the motorway in Bury there was a lot of snow and slush on the road, and the La Maison car park itself was under two or three inches of snow. The result was I got to my destination well over an hour behind schedule - which meant two sessions would unfortunately be out of the question.

Walking around to the entrance was a bit precarious and I was relieved to get inside and upstairs. I was greeted with a smile by the receptionist. She told me that things were quiet - since there had been difficulties in clients coming in, but also that several girls hadn't been able to make it either - because of travel problems and that two of the girls already there had decided to go home early because they were concerned about transport. Shortly after saying this these two ladies appeared in reception - one a very foxy looking lass who I understood to be Karla - and then departed. Rian and Cherry didn't seem to have made it in.

Still on duty were Jodie, a nice looking lass, but a little slim for my taste, who was in the waiting area wrapped in a dressing gown, Michelle - who sounded delicious from the description on the web site and the phone - but who had just started with a client and Roxi who was just finishing with another. I decided to wait for Roxi to become free and took a cup of tea while waiting. Making the cold weather worse were heating problems inside, so only reception and a few of the rooms were really warm enough to work in. Roxi appeared for a moment to conduct her guest out and then vanished for a moment to "freshen up" meanwhile the receptionist (I didn't catch her name) "booked me in" for an hour, taking a thirty pound fee (the rest to be paid to Roxi in the room).

After a few minutes Roxi (like Jodie wrapped in a dressing gown for warmth) led me off to the room and suggested I take a shower. She then disappeared for a minute or two (this mystifies me - at every parlour the girl always disappears having got you to the room - where do the girls go? what are they doing?).

When Roxi returned I was out of the shower. She'd taken off the dressing gown now and looked pretty damn sexy in halter necked dress with a very short skirt together with high-heeled sandals. She joined me on the bed and asked what I fancied: Oral to completion? - no problem (Roxi added with some relish that she likes to "swallow"); A-levels? - that too should be okay I was assured. I know it's not everyone's thing, but A-levels are something I really do enjoy and it's something I get around to with most escorts I visit. However although I've been with around a dozen parlour girls who supposedly offer this service I've never actually persuaded one to let me try it out with them. Perhaps things would be different this time.

Having sorted out what was wanted Roxi moved in on me, and after some kissing, tugged the halter neck of her dress over her head to let her boobs out. She rubbed these over me kissing my body and moving south until she found my cock, which was getting stiff. I'd kind of expected a little more cuddling, but Roxi didn't mess about and started to work on my cock with her mouth almost at once.

I'm can't quite say Roxi is the best cocksucker I've had the experience of, but she certainly rates in the elite. Like all the best, she has her own style - in this case slow and sensuous, with lots of shaft licking as well as working on the tip and when she moved down to roll her lips and tongue over my balls it was divine. She got me to a rapid simmer very quickly and then held me there for an age, not letting me boil over until having moaned and groaned for what seemed an age I could bear it no longer and begged for release. Roxi obliged fastening her mouth over my cock and began sucking and bobbing her head up and down until I shot my load. Then as my cock stopped twitching she gave a firm squeeze to make sure she had got all the cum out of my cock and gave a gulp. Having swallowed it all down she pulled her head away and gave me a wicked grin. I collapsed back onto the bed speechless.

She said she'd like to pop out to give herself a mouthwash and would I like a drink. I asked for a beer or an orange juice and she slipped out. She was away what seemed quite a while - at least five minutes - and I was getting round to wondering if I should send out a search party. The doors to the rooms are not sound proof, and I could hear fragments of a conversation, which had sprung up down the corridor between a man and a woman. As I was just steeling myself to go hunt for Roxi, the conversation ended, there was a click-clack of heels down the corridor and Roxi appeared back in her dressing gown with a glass of orange juice and an apology for being so long this being due to her braving the cold of the bar upstairs to find my drink.

I was fully recovered from Roxi's oral ministrations, so after a sip of the juice I was persuading her back onto the bed. I soon my hand up the short skirt of her dress and discovered that she'd not got on any knickers. I also discovered she had a lovely arse, with plump firm buttocks that seemed to demand a squeeze and a slap. She told me she loved being spanked. I obliged with some playful wacks to her posterior before getting her to skin off the dress so she was naked except for her sandals. I suggested she take these off too, but she said she liked keeping them on. I wasn't too fussed although this was a minor problem during the grand finale.

I pushed apart her legs and leant over her to tongue her pussy and clit. She seemed to enjoy the attention and after a while twisted around so she could suck my cock and suggested a 69 with me on top. We tried this for a while, but it didn't really work very well, so instead we tried it with her on top, which was rather more successful. While she tried to persuade my cock back to life I buried my face in her pussy and clit and licked and slurped away until she began wriggling and squirming on top of me moaning and groaning until she seemed to come. She pushed me away as I tried to continue licking her pussy and dismounted so she could focus her attentions on my cock. In no time at all her skilful mouth and hands had my cock standing stiff and proud.

It was time to fuck! Roxi had already mentioned she liked it best from behind and suggested I shag her doggy style. I had other plans and told her we'd start with her on top and get around to that later. She obliged, flinging a leg over and feeding my swollen knob up into her hot wet pussy. Then she settled down on me and began to ride. This was lovely. Maybe it was a particular compatibility of physique, or maybe just Roxi's skill, but we seemed to fit together like this delightfully. Her quim gripped my cock in a delightful manner as she easily rose and fell pumping it in and out. I played with her tits, grabbed and occasionally slapped her ass, and grunted and groaned in sheer delight.

While I generally like to start off with girl on top, I usually move pretty quickly onto positions where I am in charge of matters. Roxi was riding me so nicely I let this carry on for longer than usual, before deciding to ring the changes. At last though I decided I needed to be on top. Sitting up I swivelled us around a little so I had my legs over the edge of the bed, then stood up lifting my companion with me still nailed on my cock before turning around and depositing her down on her back on the bed, so I could continue fucking her. She may have just been trying to be polite, but Roxi seemed impressed this manoeuvre. She also seemed quite keen on me getting to work with a will, urging me on by saying "make me moan" as I hooked her legs up on my shoulders, pinning them back as I began to pump away at her vigorously.

Soon as requested she was moaning - loudly and appreciatively. I too was making a fair amount of noise - grunts, groans and the occasionally yodel of sheer delight - as I pounded Roxi into the mattress. Her body pushed up to meet me seeming even more eager than my own. Again we seemed to be at it for ages. But eventually I wanted to move on firstly for some doggy action and then the big finish.

I suggested the change of position to which Roxi agreed with enthusiasm. We disengaged and moved further onto the bed and in a moment or two she was on hands and knees presenting me with her glorious arse. I mounted her sliding my cock back deep into her pussy and began banging away with a will, Roxi urging me to fuck her even harder. After going at it like this, Roxi's knees slipped from under her until she was practically lying on her belly with me stretched over pumping down into her. Pausing for breath and slowing down but not stopping thrusting away I suggested now would be a good time for us to try out her A-levels. Roxi seemed to hesitate, and then commented I was "rather big" (I wish!). I expressed disappointment. She prevaricated a bit more then said she was "scared" but we could try if I really wanted to.

I got the strong impression if I'd been insistent Roxi would have let me take her up her bum - and from considerable past experience despite her fears I think we would probably have had a mutually enjoyable session. But she'd had a trying enough day already and her use of the word "scared" really meant I couldn't in all conscience be pushy about it. Swallowing my disappointment I quickly came up with an alternative way to finish off which was energetic and a little unusual if not quite as kinky.

She agreed what and had in mind sounded fun, and so we disengaged and got off the bed and moved around to its foot. Then I had Roxi stand legs slightly apart and to bend forwards, putting her hands on the bed frame to balance herself and presenting me with her lovely backside again. Since she still had her high heels on and I'm not exactly tall, I needed to stand on my toes to get to the right height to slide my cock back up inside her tight pussy.

Standing sex is a bit of a change and with Roxi firmly braced against the bed I knew I'd be able to really hammer away at her. However the real reason for moving to our current setting was so that we had a clear view of ourselves in the mirror. Roxi agreed with me we looked good as we watched ourselves and I began pounding away at her plump arse, driving my cock deep into her pussy. Roxi bent over further putting her left hand down on the floor. I urged her to put her other hand down, so she was now bent over double in front of me. She was being a bit brave, I was pumping away as hard as I could and if I hadn't been holding firmly onto her hips she have tumbled head over heels.

I admired myself and my fuck mate in the mirror again. It looked great and felt better. Then after a few minutes of vigorously thrusting away at Roxi's glorious arse I reached my peak and with a roar of delight exploded deep inside her. After a few moments my legs began shaking uncontrollably and I was obliged to disengage rather quicker than I'd have liked. Still Roxi probably was getting a bit dizzy too having been head down for so long. Laughing like children we stumbled round the foot of the bed and flung ourselves down on the mattress in a tangled heap to get our breath back.

After a while we dragged ourselves up again. I had a quick shower, got dressed and dug out my wallet to settle up (60 for the hour and an extra 10 for the CIM finish). Then another kiss and cuddle from Roxi before heading out into the snowy evening.

I'd only got a few miles to go to my final destination, but it took me a couple of hours - with an hour and a half for the last four miles. It didn't matter. I was on such a high after my session with Roxi, I was just replaying it my head and smiling all the while as my car slowly crawled along.

Overall: Okay this didn't go quite as I had planned. The weather not only curtailed the time I had to play, but the choice of partners. Problems with the heating at La Maison only made things worse. Then of course there was Roxi chickening out on the A-levels that I'd been looking forwards to.

Even with these problems though my punt with Roxi was delightful - one of the best I've enjoyed in Manchester. She combines skill with a wonderful attitude to work. Her oral is divine and having sex with her was awesome fun. I'd certainly recommend a visit to La Maison and to Roxi in particular.
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